10 Things to Do with Your Mom this Mother’s Day


Most moms have enough “stuff” and would rather simply spend time with their children, no matter how young or old. Here are 10 fun physical activities you and your mother can enjoy this Mother’s Day, without filling your closets with gifts or your stomachs with treats.

  1. Enjoy nature and take a hike. When you stop to rest, enjoy the view and take a few memorable photos.
  2. Play a family game of ultimate Frisbee or flag football at a local park.
  3. Pick out flowers at the garden store then enjoy each the company as you plant them together.
  4. Go to a Zumba class together. If you’ve never been, you’ll both have lots of laughs.
  5. Hit golf balls or play 9 holes.
  6. Take a long walk and enjoy your mother’s conversation. Bring the dog along too.
  7. Play a tennis match or just have fun hitting the ball around.
  8. Rollerblade or take a stroll along a greenbelt trail.
  9. Shoot around or play a game of ‘HORSE’ on the basketball court.
  10. Take a family bike ride. Make sure to let mom pick the route.

Getting a little physical activity will make you and your mom feel better before you go to brunch, picnic in the park, or have dinner with friends or relatives.  You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy the company and the memories you’ll make too!

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