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Whether you are self-employed and working at home or part of a large corporation, LifeSpan Workplace Solutions™ can help you increase physical activity while you work without taking time out of your busy schedule.

The entire Workplace Solutions line is designed to bring physical activity back into the workplace with safe, quiet, and reliable activity stations that are proven effective to improve your health and the health of your employees.

The Need

For years physical activity has been engineered out of the workplace with the objective of improving employee productivity. Automation has replaced manual work, and advances in information systems and computing have made us more productive and sedentary at the same time. According to the Mayo Clinic, occupational related daily activity now burns 23,000 fewer calories annually than in 1960. This is equivalent to 6.5 pounds of weight gain per year simply from moving less while at work.

Research results associated with inactivity have become increasingly clear that our sedentary lifestyles and general lack of physical activity is unhealthy and leads to obesity and many chronic health conditions. In fact, inactivity has been labeled as the new smoking for our generation.

It’s time we start “Rethinking How We Work.” LifeSpan Workplace Solutions has products that bring physical activity back to the workplace simply by walking at slow speeds or pedaling during the work day.

Everyone Can Participate

Most everyone has activities during the day that can easily be performed while walking or pedaling. Phone calls, email, reading, webinars and conference calls are easy places to start. You will find that getting 6,000 – 10,000 steps a day is easier than you think just by starting with these simple tasks.

You can add treadmill desks or bike desks into your personal office. Place them in common areas like lobbies, cafeterias and meeting areas to be shared by groups of people or add them to a fitness area as a light activity option.

If you already have a corporate wellness program, LifeSpan Workplace Solutions products can help improve participation levels. Our treadmill desks automatically count steps walked using a patented technology called Intelli-Step, and our bikes count pedaling revolutions in the same way, with each revolution counting as the equivalent as a step. Both activities can easily be incorporated into your wellness program. Results can then be easily tracked with an online account, since all of our consoles include integrated Bluetooth communications.

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