About LifeSpan

Our Mission

LifeSpan is dedicated to helping people live healthier, more active and longer lives. Our name speaks for itself. We are committed and passionate about delivering products and services to over40 countries focused on living a long and healthy life.

We don’t limit our thinking to the traditional definition of exercise equipment. We believe that supporting an active lifestyle means providing products that work indoors, outdoors, at home, in the office or in the gym.


Our Products

At LifeSpan, we believe the best products are the ones that get used.

The LifeSpan brand conveys high value, superior quality and useful innovation — from our award winning exercise equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers, to health monitors including weight scales and blood pressure monitors, to our USB MyStride Activity Monitor.

When it comes to Fitness Equipment and Health Accessories, our design philosophy is simple: design and develop products that are easy to use, durable and innovative, keep the focus of design on the user’s safety and comfort, and maximize the health benefits of the workout. With creative console features like our Intelli-Key™ smart lighting system that steps you through console operations, and our Intelli-Guard™ safety feature that automatically pauses the treadmill when you step off, we aim to make our equipment simple and user-friendly. This approach goes beyond our equipment and into our customer service. We back up our products with strong warranties that will keep your LifeSpan equipment running for years to come.

Our Treadmills offer large, simple, one-touch buttons. Once you’re moving, control your speed and incline while your hands are on the handlebars, walk up and down hills just as you might outdoors, and use one of many workout programs. We haven’t designed a one-size-fits-all treadmill, but rather a complete line-up of choices to ensure that there’s a solution to your needs. From treadmills designed for competitive runners, to ultra-compact units for a small footprint.

If you enjoy biking, LifeSpan Exercise Bikes offer maximum comfort and durability. Oversized plush seats, tilt consoles for optimal viewing, and adjustable features on LifeSpan bikes make them ideal for every user, whether you’re short, tall weigh 100 or 350 pounds. Our recumbent bikes are ergonomically-designed for correct body positioning to support your back, knees, and joints with minimal impact. The uniquely-designed drive system on LifeSpan bikes is the best in the industry and gives you an ultra-smooth, quiet ride as well as long-lasting durability.

Our indoor cycles offer the strength and stability needed for rigorous and intensive gym-style workouts, yet are compact enough for use in any room.

We round out our line of fitness equipment with our popular LifeSpan Indoor Rower, and unique LifeSpan Stretch Partner.

We take a common sense approach to fitness and understand the importance of simplicity. Our products integrate with the LifeSpan Fitness Club, a unique online health and fitness solution which allows each consumer to understand their health measurements, set personal goals to improve those health measurements, participate in appropriate exercise programs and track their progress automatically. Real certified coaches are available online to provide assistance and motivation.


Our Commitment

We pride ourselves in providing health and fitness solutions that enhance our customers’ lives and improve their health. Understanding current health challenges and efforts in community responsibility are vital to our success. By partnering with leading health and fitness organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Diabetes Association, and supporting initiatives such as The Heart Truth®, LifeSpan’s commitment extends beyond products to making a real difference in the health of Americans. Everything we do, every day, is intended to help our customers achieve their health and fitness goals. We truly believe your success is our success!


Awards & Recognition

The LifeSpan brand was introduced in 2002 and quickly earned a favorable reputation from consumers and industry experts. LifeSpan products consistently receive awards and recognition from independent product review groups and health and fitness experts such as Treadmill Doctor, Runner’s World, Health magazine and the leading consumer products magazine. LifeSpan products have also been featured in: the Washington Post, SparkPeople, Yahoo!, FitBottomed Girls, Health, and the Financial Times amongst others.

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