Benefits of a Stretching Machine


There are many benefits to stretching the body. However, many athletes skip it, do it incorrectly or just don’t do enough of it. With the LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner, you no longer have an excuse to skip it.

Stretching correctly allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, thereby increasing your overall physical ability. It improves your range of motion and increases the blood flow to your muscles, thus improving your circulation. For an athlete the benefits are even greater. Stretching helps condition the muscles and joints, thus helping to prevent injuries and reduce recovery time and prevents muscles and joints from seizing up and improves elasticity, allowing better posture and technique.

For a lot of elderly people, maintaining mobility can be problematic to achieve. Muscles and joints weaken and range of movement deteriorates as we age. Stretching helps develop and maintain strength in these areas and can significantly provide greater quality of life.

Stretching should be part of every workout regime and the SP1000 can make it simple and more effective.

  • The Stretch Partner supports assisted and unassisted stretching.
  • Assisted Stretching is at the core of the Stretch Partner design by leveraging each user’s gravity regardless of body type and level of flexibility. The benefit is a deeper stretch for assisted stretches.
  • Unassisted Stretching is aided by properly positioning the pelvis and knees so that the back is properly stabilized.
  • The Stretch Partner provides muscle isolation and leverage. By isolating the muscle that you’re stretching you have greater control over the stretch and less resistance to overcome. Leverage allows you to easily control the desired intensity.
  • The Stretch Partner supports balanced flexibility. Being flexible in particular areas or joints does not mean that all areas are flexible. Often people are more flexible in one joint than the other. The Stretch Partner provides consistent positioning allowing the user to focus on specific joints, or areas of the body to obtain balanced flexibility and range of motion.

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