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James LoweHey there! I’m James, LifeSpan’s health and fitness coach. I’m a literature/writing/exercise science fanatic. I received my undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Utah and my master’s degree in kinesiology from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). Most of my days are spent scouring academic journals for cool new articles to help improve the overall health of members of Interactive Health Partner and the LifeSpan Fitness Club. If something can make you stronger, faster, more disease resistant, or even simply a happier person, I’m interested in knowing more about it.

I probably made about 10,000 lattes during my undergrad. Working for a coffee shop, like most jobs, had its perks and its setbacks. All the free caffeine I could handle was great, but also necessary to combat the 4:00 am start time. By clocking out at noon I was able to get a great workout completed prior to my first class and before most professionals were even back from their lunch breaks.

At that point of my personal development I had no true comprehension how other people were unable to fit exercise into their daily lives. Due to the limited nature of my perspective I had no understanding of the hindrance of having a traditional occupation; let alone having children or other obligations demanding my time and attention.

Long story short, different people have widely diverse obstacles standing in the way of their health and fitness aspirations. What comes simply to a naïve 19-year-old kid might merely be a pleasant fiction to someone else.

The American College of Sports Medicine has identified seven common activity barriers that can make it difficult, if not impossible, to fit exercise into your day. This research has been utilized by the LifeSpan Fitness Club to create the Barriers to Activity assessment. Regardless of your current life stage or the unique obstacles that might be in your way, this assessment calculates individual susceptibility to these hurdles and presents recommendations for overcoming them.

This assessment is located at the bottom left-hand corner of your LifeSpan Fitness Club profile. Take a few moments to complete this quiz and see how you can better achieve your goals. You will receive detailed insight into lifestyle changes that can assist in the completion of your aspirations and expedite your results. Regardless of the life phase you’re in or the things that make your circumstance unique, these insights can help you along your way.


Your still-jittery LifeSpan Fitness Club coach,


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