Elliptical Machine or Treadmill?


Are you looking for cardio fitness equipment for your home?  If you’re thinking about purchasing an elliptical trainer or a treadmill but not sure which one is better for you here’s some information to help you decide.  Both treadmills and elliptical machines can give you a good cardio workout and burn fat and calories in the security and convenience of your home.

Most elliptical machines provide a total body workout exercising both the arms, legs and glutes with little impact on your joints.  The upper and lower body movement involves several muscle groups during exercise, resulting in less perceived exertion for calories burned.

Treadmills are less intimidating due our familiarity with walking, jogging, and running.  Exercising on a treadmill forces you to keep moving due to the motorized belt.  Treadmills also provide impact to your body which is offers bone density benefits.

The Bottom Line is that both elliptical machines and treadmills provide superb cardiovascular workouts.  It really comes down to personal preference.  The best choice for you is the one for they will use!

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