Exercise and Weight Loss Training Tips

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To achieve success in your weight loss exercise program focus on the following easy-to-implement goals:


  1. Enjoy Your Exercise. Ease into your exercise program every day when you are a beginner so you enjoy your exercise as much as possible. The most exciting phenomenon will then occur — once you are committed to maintaining your exercise program, you’ll feel so wonderful that you’ll actually start looking forward to exercising!
  2. Know Your Exercise Target Heart Rate. Ask your physician for a detailed exercise prescription, including a customized Target Heart Rate, so you will know exactly how hard or how easy to exercise on each of your workout days.
  3. Give Yourself a Break. If you’re not feeling well one day or if you find yourself not looking forward to your exercise program anymore, it may be time to take a break. Taking a few days off from your exercise routine and doing other nourishing activities will rejuvenate you so you can get more benefit and enjoyment from your exercise when you return.
  4. Change Your Exercise Routine. Exercise that will give you weight loss results needs to be constantly changing so your body doesn’t become bored and reach a “fitness plateau”.
  5. Exercise with a Buddy. Having a regular exercise “buddy” will not only give you someone to talk to, bu t will also keep you on your toes and gently remind you if you need a little encouragement to keep exercising.
  6. Move as Much as Possible. In addition to your regular exercise program, remember to move as much as possible each day of your life! Studies have shown that overall calorie burn is greatest achieved if you workout regularly using a variety of exercise programs.

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  1. #5 is the reason why I joined a boot camp fitness club. It really helps in every aspect of your workout routine when you are doing exercises with another person.

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