Getting Ready for Summer Sports: Supplementing Your Exercise Routine


With May already underway and the weather warming up, it’s time to get ready for summer outdoor activities! By making efforts to be more active in spring you can set yourself up for better success in your activities for summer. Plus, who doesn’t want that nice beach body?

Male Golfing

LifeSpan not only makes treadmills, exercise bikes, a rowing machine, and a stretching machine to help with your overall fitness, but we make equipment to help you stay active all day. This is our Workplace Solutions line. We make treadmill desk and bike desk configurations for your office, so you can easily work and walk/bike at the same time!

Bringing activity into your workday boosts your metabolism, reduces your risk for diseases, and can make you more productive and creative. By using our treadmill or bike desk, you aren’t “working out” during the day, but simply, supplementing your workout routine by adding consistent movement throughout your day.

Treadmill Desk in Home Setting

We carry various options to fit in any office environment, and you can do single or multi-user workstations. When using the desk, you pedal or walk slowly, about 1.5 to 2.0 MPH while working. This increases blood flow to your brain and activates muscles. You may recall our past blog on Workplace Health & Productivity that reviews research on the effects of sedentary lifestyles and the benefits to adding activity into your workday.

You can check out our various features and desk configurations here. We know you’ll love the way you feel and the results you’ll see when pairing a treadmill or bike desk with your spring workout routine! Feel free to contact us via our online chat on our site at the bottom right, Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions or want to learn more!


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