Gym Source Staff Picks: Our Favorite LifeSpan Technology


We asked our retailer Gym Source what their staff would pick as their top LifeSpan product and feature. This was their response:

Here at Gym Source, we stay in close touch with our customers—from individuals setting up their home gym for the first time, to commercial facilities seeking the best equipment available for a range of users.

That’s why we love selling fitness technology from LifeSpan. With LifeSpan, our clients get premium technology and a workout experience that’s second-to-none. What’s even better? The innovative technology integrated into every LifeSpan product shows an attention to engineering detail that we—and our clients—appreciate.

Take the TR5000i. As one of the most popular LifeSpan treadmills sold by Gym Source, the TR5000i is prevailing with technology that sets it apart from mass-market treadmills. Some of our favorite features include:

  • The auto-stop feature or “Intelli-Guard”. This feature is completely unique to LifeSpan. Plenty of people with children or pets have praised the exclusively simple idea that if you step off the treadmill to answer the phone or get the door, the belt stops.
  • The USB option. The simple way the TR5000i captures basic body data like heart rate and weight while working out (with the contacts cleverly integrated into the handles) and transfers it onto a USB drive for analysis is genius, and our customers love it.
  • The whisper-quiet operation. The TR5000i is pin-drop quiet when being used, allowing for early-morning or late-night workouts that won’t disturb other members of the household.

Our clients appreciate LifeSpan technology, and so do we. The TR5000i is one of our top-sellers – for obvious reasons! Get to Gym Source, and experience the TR5000i for yourself.

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