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Hour 6… Mile 10.8… Step count 22,896… I’ve just finished reading How to Obtain Your Fitness Goals This Spring. I glance over at my coworker as he treks along on his treadmill desk. His brow furled with the fan blowing in his face, he carefully crafts his future sales presentation. It’s month two of this quarter’s walking contest. Each quarter our employees break into teams. The team with the most steps each month gets to put their name in for a drawing and at the end of the quarter one lucky employee wins a trip. It’s a great incentive to keep everyone happy and healthy (and since every employee has access to a treadmill desk it is easy to incorporate into our workday.)  I have yet to be the big winner but the mountain of health benefits that I receive is a pretty great consolation prize.

Step count 23,178…


Intelli-Step IconI use LifeSpan’s–Intelli-Step™–step counting technology every day, whether it’s counting my steps for our contest or just tracking the calories I’ve burned by being active throughout the day. It’s so easy to track and record steps that I don’t even have to think about actively doing it; it’s just a daily habit like brushing my teeth or driving to work.

So which of our products have the Intelli-Step feature? It would probably be faster if I listed the products that don’t have it, considering that all of our fitness treadmills and treadmill desks have Intelli-Step built right in. What I find so interesting about Intelli-Step is that the treadmill actually senses your foot strike. This means that you can’t trick it by stepping onto the side rails for a minute (not that anyone would try to cheat a few extra steps in.) This not only guarantees an accurate step count but if the treadmill doesn’t sense your footstep after 20 seconds then the computer will automatically stop the belt for safety (we’ll save this feature for another blog sometime down the road.)

So what do I do if I want to track my steps ALL DAY, including the time spent walking my dog or chasing my baby? That’s where our MyStride Activity Monitor comes in. I clip this on the moment I get out of the shower in the morning and I don’t take it off until I’m ready to hit the hay. The MyStride acts like a pedometer in which it tracks my steps (using the same motion sensing technology as the Wii remotes,) miles walked and calories burned. You don’t have to upload it every day as it stores data for 7 days, plus, it has a built-in USB stick to make it convenient to upload into any computer.LifeSpan MyStride Activity Monitor

The MyStride can be purchased for a great bargain, especially considering that it comes with one free membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club, our online health and fitness-tracking program. It’s a great way to set goals, track your progress, and even get advice from coaches.

Step count 25,422. Not terrible for being “stuck” behind a desk all day, huh?


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