LifeSpan Fitness Club: Start with Health Metrics


LifeSpan Fitness Club Health Metrics ScreenWhen it comes to health and fitness, health metrics (vital stats) are the starting point for making these changes. Your first step in using the LifeSpan Fitness Club is to establish a baseline of health metrics.

The findings from a simple assessment benefit you by:

  • Providing a snapshot of your current health
  • Identifying early signs and symptoms of chronic diseases
  • Assisting you in establishing meaningful health goals that can be tracked and measured
  • Providing a baseline that will be used to compare your progress to your goals

There are numerous health metrics maintained in the LifeSpan Fitness Club, including those which measure weight and body composition (weight, waist measurement, hip measurement, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index), and those that gauge cardiovascular health (blood pressure, resting heart rate, percent body fat, glucose level, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol). Color coded reports and graphs visually show members what range they are in for specific vital stats, from green (normal) to red (high risk), as identified by health professionals and exercise physiologists.

Establishing a baseline not only reveals metrics such as body weight and ranking compared to the general population, but more importantly reveals the health and fitness of your body’s composition from the inside. Often when an individual begins a health and fitness program they expect to see immediate changes on the outside of their body and never think about the changes taking place on the inside of their body, which are the most important changes. Beginning at the cellular level, the human body immediately begins responding to healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise. The LifeSpan Fitness Club allows you to see the changes taking place in your body, and provides the data needed to celebrate success or to better diagnose where adjustments are needed.

Producing changes in health metrics takes time, and requires consistency and frequency in diet and exercise habits. The more metrics you monitor, the more valuable, detailed and accurate assistance the LifeSpan Fitness Club can provide to help you reach your goals.

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