December 11, 2012
by LifeSpan

Benefits of the Stretch Partner SP1000

There are many benefits to stretching the body. However, many athletes skip it, do it incorrectly or just don’t do enough of it. With the LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner, you no longer have an excuse to skip it.

Stretching correctly allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, thereby increasing your overall physical ability. It improves your range of motion and increases the blood flow to your muscles, thus improving your circulation. For an athlete the benefits are even greater. Stretching helps condition the muscles and joints, thus helping to prevent injuries and reduce recovery time and prevents muscles and joints from seizing up and improves elasticity, allowing better posture and technique.

For a lot of elderly people, maintaining mobility can be problematic to achieve. Muscles and joints weaken and range of movement deteriorates as we age. Stretching helps develop and maintain strength in these areas and can significantly provide greater quality of life.

Stretching should be part of every workout regime and the SP1000 can make it simple and more effective.

  • The Stretch Partner supports assisted and unassisted stretching.
  • Assisted Stretching is at the core of the Stretch Partner design by leveraging each user’s gravity regardless of body type and level of flexibility. The benefit is a deeper stretch for assisted stretches.
  • Unassisted Stretching is aided by properly positioning the pelvis and knees so that the back is properly stabilized.
  • The Stretch Partner provides muscle isolation and leverage. By isolating the muscle that you’re stretching you have greater control over the stretch and less resistance to overcome. Leverage allows you to easily control the desired intensity.
  • The Stretch Partner supports balanced flexibility. Being flexible in particular areas or joints does not mean that all areas are flexible. Often people are more flexible in one joint than the other. The Stretch Partner provides consistent positioning allowing the user to focus on specific joints, or areas of the body to obtain balanced flexibility and range of motion.
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December 4, 2012
by LifeSpan

Sedentary Lifestyle: Couch Potato Meets Cubicle

office-cubiclesAs someone who has spent the last 15 years sitting at a desk during work, a total of 31,200 hours, I can definitely say my body is starting to feel it. At 44 years old I’m still very active, but regular daily exercise often takes a back seat to other obligations.

Not to mention in my youth I could get away with hours spent sitting studying at the library or in class without getting up to shall we say “stretch out my legs.” Don’t get me wrong I do find myself getting up to get the occasional cup of coffee or use the fax machine, anything to wake myself up at the office.

We all know a lack of physical activity can create an onset of many health risks and diseases, but if you’re at all like me there just isn’t enough time in my week to devote to this. Now that we at LifeSpan have introduced out new Treadmill Desk were finding an increasing amount in the benefits a little more activity can bring and the harm of living a sedentary lifestyle (aka “couch potato”).  Societies lack of movement has literally brought on a new field of medical research termed inactivity physiology, focusing on the effects of prolonged periods of inactivity. Basically, until recently we as human beings have been nomadic and therefore this is the lifestyle our bodies have evolved to maintain. When you throw in high fructose corn syrup, online shopping and forty-plus hour work weeks our bodies don’t know how to adjust.  According to Marc Hamilton, a PH.D associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri, when you sit for prolonged periods of time, your body begins to shut down at a metabolic level. When muscles meant for large amounts of activity are sedentary, circulation will slow and you will burn fewer calories. If you’re picturing images of walrus’s laying on a sheet of ice or hippos basking in the sun, you’re not that far of base visually.

All in all while hours spent at the office may be great for your pocket book, they are taking a toll on your on all of our bodies and there are many things you can do to get you up and moving in the workplace. Beyond following my example of making regular drips to the coffee machine you can try getting up and talking to a coworker rather than taking the easy way out and emailing them, taking the stairs to your office or spend some time standing at your computer.

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November 29, 2012
by LifeSpan

Why Stretch?

Many factors impact flexibility. Lifestyle, age, gender and individual physical characteristics such as bone structure and muscle mass all affect our level of flexibility.

Regardless of these factors, stretching can have significant benefits to quality of life, including flexibility, balance, posture, back pain, and human performance.

The Basics of Stretching

Strength Training, Cardiovascular Exercise and Stretching are all key components to a comprehensive exercise program.

The two basic types of stretching are assisted and unassisted stretching.

•  Assisted Stretching uses outside assistance such as body weight, a strap, leverage or gravity as an aid to improve the stretch. This is the most common form of stretching.

Unassisted Stretching stretches one muscle by actively contracting another muscle. Unassisted stretching requires more effort, but can be very helpful for improving movement in everyday life and sports performance because it develops strength while building flexibility.

Both types of stretching can be used statically, where the stretch is held for a short period or dynamically, where the stretch is done in motion and repeated multiple times.

To get the most out of stretching there needs to be a balance between assisted and unassisted stretches.

For those over 40 it’s important to know that subtle changes begin to occur in our muscles and joints that make them progressively stiffer, less functional and more prone to injury. While this aging process can’t be stopped, it can be slowed down by remaining fit, active and flexible. Research shows that regular stretching can significantly improve flexibility for individuals in the second half of life and up into the eighties and nineties.

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November 26, 2012
by LifeSpan

Fox News Showcases LifeSpan Treadmill Desks

Fox News Houston and Dr. Cecilia Valdez, an infertility specialist working at Texas Children’s Hospital at Baylor College of Medicine, dive into the benefits of staying active throughout the workday with the LifeSpan Treadmill Desks.

Based on previous findings by the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Valdez concluded that the best way to include some exercise into her busy day would be the addition of  a treadmill desk in her office. Previously, Dr. Valdez had been more active when she was seeing patients. Once she began sitting at her desk all day she had difficulty staying awake and was worried her metabolism would drop and she would start putting on weight.

Recently there has been an increase in research findings centered around the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. As mentioned above, the Mayo Clinic was at the forefront of the research being done on these effects. As Dr. Valdez mentions, the Mayo Clinic concluded “The difference between thin people and obese people is how much they move, how much fidgeting the thin people do”.

Research also suggests that staying active while you work may increase productivity. Where movement increases the blood flow to the brain significantly, increasing productivity as well as helping prevent dementia and alzheimer’s.


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November 20, 2012
by LifeSpan

LifeSpan Adds the TR5000-DT3 and TR5000-DT5 to the Product Line

The TR5000–DT3  and TR5000-DT5 have been designed specifically for situations where high use and low maintenance is required. While our other treadmills require periodic belt lubrication to keep the friction between the walking belt and deck low, the TR5000 treadmill offers a maintenance free belt/deck combination. This, coupled with a 3 HP AC motor, makes it perfect for multiple-user settings.

Like other LifeSpan treadmill desk options the TR5000-DT5 and TR5000-DT3 features independent shock absorbers to isolate the walking deck from the frame. This creates a more comfortable walking surface and makes the treadmill extremely quiet during operation. The TR5000-DT5 comes standard with LifeSpan’s trademark features. Intelli-Step™ counts and records the number of steps you take and displays them on the console. More accurate than a pedometer, Intelli-Step automatically detects the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt. Intelli-Guard™ automatically stops the belt if you step off during your workout for added safety and is a major development in protecting treadmill users and those around them.

LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 base and console

LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Treadmill Desk

The TR5000-DT3 is perfect for users whom already own a standing desk or are looking into purchasing one separately. The treadmill and console compatible with most standing desks.

TR5000-DT5 Desk with Treadmill

LifeSpan TR5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk

The TR5000-DT5 includes a sturdy work surface measuring 46.5″ wide and 31″ deep to easily support your laptop, printer, computer display and other electronics devices. The large armrests create stability as you type and write and the cable slot in the desktop along with the cable tray beneath the surface provide a secure place to stow extra cords and cables from your electronic office.

The digital display on both models show steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled and walking belt speed. In addition, both consoles are Bluetooth-enabled so you can connect wirelessly to your Windows or OS X computer to automatically track results while you exercise. Once you’re done walking, sync your data with your LifeSpan Fitness Club account to retain your exercise history online.


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November 14, 2012
by LifeSpan

LifeSpan VP1000 Whole Body Vibration Trainer

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a form of exercise where you work out while on a platform that vibrates at a high frequency causing your muscles to contract and stretch to maintain balance. The rapid involuntary reflex intensifies even the simplest exercises. The fast repetition of your muscles reacting along with the controlled, low impact to the bones improves bone density and muscle strength.


What are the Benefits?

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Strengthen Bone Faster
  • Improve Joint Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Build Bone Density
  • Improve Muscle Movement
  • Improve Balance and Mobility


Uses of the LifeSpan VP1000 Vibration Trainer

The primary use of a vibration trainer requires the user to stand on the vibration platform in proper position while the vibration platform moves. In addition to standing in an upright position, users can perform exercises on the VP1000 vibration trainer such as lunges, squats, pushups, tricep dips, sit-up twists and calf-raises to increase physical activity and improve overall strength.

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November 13, 2012
by LifeSpan

LifeSpan Treadmill Desk App – Now Available

The LifeSpan Treadmill Desk App is the perfect way to view and track your results for steps, calories, distance and time directly on your Windows or Mac computer while you walk.

The App works with all Bluetooth-enabled LifeSpan Treadmill Desks, allowing you to connect wirelessly to your computer and automatically track results while you walk. Once your “workout” is complete, you can then sync your data with your LifeSpan Fitness Club account to retain your exercise history online. You can track your progress and success as you walk to better health.

The App is available for all Treadmill Desks (TR800-DT3, TR1200-DT3, TR800-DT5, TR1200-DT5) and is completely free through your LifeSpan Fitness Club account. All you need to do is login to your account, click on the green apps icon in the upper right hand corner of your homepage and start downloading.

The App is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and displays both standard and metric measurements. Currently the App is available in English, Chinese, German and Russian.

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November 1, 2012
by LifeSpan

Which LifeSpan Treadmill Desk is Right for YOU?

In line with the growing movement of remaining more active and less sedentary throughout the workday, LifeSpan has created a series of treadmill desks allowing you to walk while you work. But what you may be wondering is which treadmill desk is right for you? Currently LifeSpan carries four different models of treadmill desks, the TR1200-DT5, TR800-DT5, TR1200-DT3 and the TR800-DT3. While the models may look very similar there are differences between them you’ll want to consider prior to making your purchase.

The TR1200-DT3 and TR800-DT3 Treadmill Desks

These two models are perfect for those users whom already own a standing desk and are just looking to add a treadmill to it. Both models come with a treadmill and console that are compatible with most standing desks. Just simply slide the treadmill underneath your standing desk, plug in your console and you’re ready to start walking while you work. It’s that easy!

But what is the difference between the TR1200-DT3 and the TR800-DT3? The TR800-DT3 treadmill is four inches shorter in length than the TR1200-DT3. So if you plan on putting your Treadmill Desk in a smaller area the TR800-DT3 is what you’re looking for. Also the drive motor on the TR800-DT3 is 2 HP where the TR1200-DT3 is 2.5 HP. Meaning if you plan on walking while working more than three hours a day you should go with the TR1200-DT3.

Both models come with a 4-month LifeSpan Fitness Club trial and with the Treadmill Desk App available for both Windows and Mac users.

The TR1200-DT5 and TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desks

For those who don’t already own a standing desk the TR1200-DT5 and TR800-DT5 both come with their own standing desk. The desks are large enough to hold all of your electronic devices and still have ample room for a drink and notepad. The desk also comfortably fits users from 4’10″ to 6’8″ tall. Even at the highest setting, this table will remain stable since the desktop frame is unattached from the treadmill and stands alone, ensuring that any movement of the treadmill stays isolated and is not transferred to the desktop.

Just like with the TR1200-DT3 and the TR800-DT3 the main difference between these models is the size and the horse power of the motor. The TR800-DT5 treadmill is four inches shorter in length than the TR1200-DT3. Also the drive motor on the TR800-DT5 is 2 HP where the TR1200-DT5 is 2.5 HP. Meaning if you plan on walking while working more than three hours a day you should go with the TR1200-DT5.

Both models come with a 4-month LifeSpan Fitness Club trial and the Treadmill Desk App available for both Windows and Mac users.

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October 29, 2012
by LifeSpan

How Exercise Can Help Breast Cancer

We all know a lack of physical activity, whether it be running, yoga, zumba, or something as basic as walking has negative effects on our health. But what you may not know is a lack of physical activity may lead to an increased risk of breast cancer, amongst other forms of cancer.

According to research done at the University of North Carolina, women who exercised anywhere from 10 to 19 hour per week lowered their risk of getting breast cancer by 30 percent. The reasoning behind this is exercise lowers the production of estrogen, which is a hormone that promotes tumor growth.

In a similar study, published n the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was found that walking as little as an hour a week can increase the odds of a breast cancer recurrence. However, for the best results it is suggested to meet the recommended minimum of 30 minutes of activity per day. According to Claran Devane, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support: “Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing their chances of having to go through the grueling ordeal of treatment all over again…”


AICR infographic explaining the association of sedentary hours and cancer risk


Physical activity can also help lower other side effects that come along with cancer treatment, such as:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Manages stress
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves appetite
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight

While increasing activity levels are found to be beneficial in the prevention of breast cancer it is important to remember there are many factors involved. It is always best to live a healthy lifestyle as well as get yearly mammograms from your physician.

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October 25, 2012
by LifeSpan

Unhealthy Food Alternatives

I like to think in terms of trade-offs instead of eliminations. For example maybe you love chocolate and you always choose a milk chocolate, well, how about trying a dark (70% cacao or higher) chocolate instead. You are gaga for pasta? A great alternative is using spaghetti squash in place of noodles. Do you hanker for French fries? Try baking up some sliced sweet potatoes instead. Do always have a sandwich for lunch? Try wrapping your sandwich in lettuce leaves instead of bread; you probably won’t miss the bread at all! Maybe you enjoy salad but are used to eating iceberg lettuce, throw in a handful of spinach and a sprinkle of nuts or seeds too. Instead of that late afternoon latte, opt for a steaming mug of green tea.

A good way to get a lot of healthy “bang for your buck” is to drink a nutrition rich protein shake for breakfast.  You can “hide” a lot of nutritious food in a smoothie. Start with almond milk, rice milk or other dairy alternatives, add a good quality protein powder, throw in some spinach, berries, almond or peanut butter and maybe some flax seeds and you’ve created a delicious, healthy start to your day!

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