Prolonged Sitting Leads to Heart Disease

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You may already know that if you exercise regularly you can reduce your chance of getting diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, low metabolism, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes and some types of cancer. Research shows that prolonged sitting leads to greater risk of heart disease, and suggests that 30 minutes of exercise a day may not be enough to keep diseases at a healthy distance. A study on sedentary behaviors effect in men at the University of South Carolina showed that men who spent more than 23 hours a week sitting, have 64 percent more risk to die from heart disease than the men who spent less than 11 hours a week sitting.  All men exercised routinely.

It’s time to start integrating more movement into your daily life, simply by taking short breaks and taking a walk, or walking slowly while you work using a treadmill desk.


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  1. I know I spend way too much time sitting in my office at work. I wish the management would get us treadmill desks. What a great idea.

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