Stay Motivated by Creating a Walking Team Today


Being part of a team will help provide you the support you need to be successful in a walking program. Good news! The LifeSpan Fitness Club has a tool that allows you to create a team or join an existing team. It’s called the Team Builder and is found under the Account Information on your LifeSpan Fitness Club account home page.

To create a walking team or join an existing walking team, simply click on the Team Builder link on your home page. From there a new window will open up and will give you the option to start a new team, join an existing team or cancel your team membership. If you want you can create a new team. The team option is an opportunity for you to participate with family or friends or other colleagues that you know who are also members of the LifeSpan Fitness Club.

If you create a new team, you’ll have the opportunity to name it whatever you want. After naming your team, click on continue and you will get a unique number for your team. With this team number you can now share it with other people who you would like to be on the team with you. The people you send this number to can then log into their LifeSpan Fitness Club account and “join an existing team” by clicking on that option and entering the unique team number. Once you are part of a team you will be able to see your team’s total steps and minutes of exercise each day by looking at the Participation section of your LifeSpan Fitness Club.

At any time, if you no longer want to be part of a team, you can always cancel your membership just by clicking on the button next to “cancel your membership” and clicking the continue button.

So start or join a team today and get started walking your way to health.


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