The TR1200-DT5 from the “Ground Up”


Treadmills are designed with a drive motor that is connected to the front roller via a belt.The pulley on the drive motor is much smaller than the pulley on the front roller to create a mechanical advantage. In other words this allows the motor to spin multiple times around for every time the front roller spins. This works like the gears of a car. The higher the ratio between the front roller and the motor, the more power the motor can transfer to the treadmill belt and the easier it is for the motor to pull you as a user while you’re walking on the belt.

One of the challenges in designing a quality treadmill is having strong torque at low speeds without then causing the motor to run too fast at high speeds. Most treadmills typically have maximum speeds in the 10 and 12 MPH range. If the gear ratio is too high, this will cause the motor to spin at an rpm that will wear out the motor quickly and this is where the discussion on treadmill quality is often centered. Better quality and larger motors will typically be able to have a high torque at low speeds and then more easily run within its recommended RPM at the maximum speed.

So when we say the TR1200-DT5 is designed from the ground up to be a Treadmill Desk, mechanically it means that we focused on optimizing the torque of the motor at low speeds by increasing the pulley ratio between the motor and the front pulley. In return, we reduced the maximum walking speed to 4 MPH.

The result is a treadmill that can easily operate for hours at a time at low speeds without over heating or creating excessive stress on the motor and electronics.

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