Three Things You Can Do To Lose Weight Today


The human body is capable of wonders, but idleness has taken over.  From the bed to the breakfast table; from the car to the office chair and back home on the living room couch. Today, a lot of work is desk-bound; a lot of work requires the running of the brain, but not of the body. This keeps us tied to our chairs, tables and computers for long hours everyday!

As the saying goes “What you don’t use, you lose.” If we stop using the physical ability of our body, we will one day find ourselves never being able to use them anymore. This sedentary kind of lifestyle will only do our bodies harm. The human body was designed to be more active than this.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, this lifestyle also creates problems with our sleeping habits and our diets. Going to bed late and getting up early and eating fast-food meals in the car or and at the office are only hurting the situation.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle our society has created presents all kinds of challenges to our health. This lifestyle causes our health to slowly decline a little bit each and every day, usually unnoticed. Sadly, by the time we become aware of it, it’s usually too late.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things that you can easily do every day to lose weight, improve your health and prevent the negative impact this lifestyle can have on you. By following these general principles, you will feel better and go a long way in preventing many of the chronic diseases and health problems which are all too common in our society.

1.  Do Something Physically Active

We’ve all heard about the importance of maintaining fitness and regular cardiovascular exercise. However, many of us don’t get nearly enough activity to stay fit, due to our sedentary jobs, lifestyles and busy schedules.  Regular moderate daily physical activity goes a long way to help us maintain and improve our fitness as well as our sense of well-being. Here are a few ideas to help you find ways to stay active every day:

Integrate little walks into your daily routines. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for fat loss and almost anyone can do it. Walk to work if you can.  Walk to lunch. Walk after each meal. Park in the far corner of the parking lot when running your errands or going to work and walk to the front door. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalators in multi-story buildings.

Find a recreational-type activity you really enjoy doing. Choose an activity that matches both your ability and your interests – something you can stick with. Go out dancing.  Join a community sports team. Go rollerblading, ride a bike, play golf or go swimming. You can even participate in fitness classes to improve your health.  Many local gyms and fitness centers offer classes such as step aerobics, yoga, Pilates and spinning.

2.  Get Sufficient Sleep

Insomnia and sleep problems are major complaints from people these days and is a significant contributing factor to weight gain. Approximately 70 million people in America are affected by sleep problems with approximately 60% of the population suffering from some type of chronic sleep disorder.

During sleep your body and brain perform certain physiological functions that are essential for the body to operate efficiently. Getting sufficient sleep therefore means that you can be more productive during the day and your body’s metabolism will increase allowing you to burn fat all day long.

One of the most effective behaviors to guarantee sufficient sleep is to go to bed at the same time and to wake up at the same time every day, no matter what. By keeping regular sleep hours, we strengthen our natural sleep rhythms and keep our stress hormones in balance which help us sleep more sufficiently and keep our body fat to a minimum.

3. Eat Healthy

Americans are perhaps the most overfed yet undernourished people on the planet. Sure, we eat. But the nutritional value of our meals and drinks are not sufficient. All the pre-packaged foods and beverages at the grocery store are full of useless calories and are void of essential nutrients. A number of studies have even suggested that the cardboard packaging of some of these foods have more nutrition than the food itself.

Essentially, everything that we put into our mouths eventually becomes part of our bodies. In effect, we really are what we eat. As such you should choose foods that are “alive” and full of nutrients. So you should emphasize vegetables in your meals, and choose fruits for snacks and desserts. At meal times, half of your plate should be filled with vegetables. Choose fruits and vegetables from a variety of different colors. The brightest and deepest colors indicate the highest levels of nutrients.

Implement these three simple things to improve your health and fat loss results today!

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