Tips for Staying Active During the Holidays



  • Wear workout shoes.  Airports have nice long hallways for walking while waiting for a flight.  If you have time, walk between terminals instead of taking a train or moving sidewalk.
  • Before you go, look online to find parks, running tracks, pools and gyms at your destination.
  • If staying with family, ask about your options ahead of time and plan, plan, plan.
  • Get your family involved in a group activity such as a walk, hike or snowshoe, it’s a great time to connect away from the food.
  • If you are staying in a highrise hotel, you can always climb the stairs.  Throw in some lunges every 5 landings and you’ve just enhanced your workout!  Throw in some pushups too for bonus points!
  • If you are in a new city, get out for an early morning walk.  There’s no better way to see a city come alive than by having your “feet on the ground”.  Have you been to Chinatown at 7am?
  • Walking is always a great option, even if you take two, twenty minutes walks (after dinner is always good) it’s better than sitting!

As I always say, “something is better than nothing”!  Plan ahead, look forward to activity and enjoy!

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