Treadmill Desks from a Writer’s Perspective


The May 20, 2013 issue of the New Yorker Magazine recently ran an article titled “The Walking Alive.”

The Author Susan Orlean had been an avid runner as recently as 2009, but after having a baby and unexpected back surgery found herself shifting to walking for her exercise. As part of this lifestyle change she states that, “the thing with walking, though, is it really does take a lot of time” and of course we all know that in today’s world, people are very time constrained.  Her conclusion was that “You have to convert chair time to walking time.”

She ended up buying a LifeSpan treadmill desk that worked with her stand up desk. At LifeSpan we know this as one of our three “DT-3” models where the console is tethered to the front of a LifeSpan treadmill. The console can then be placed in a convenient location on a standing desk with minimal impact on usable desk space.

Susan goes onto say that she set up her office to use her treadmill desk for walking and also have the option to sit and work, but as of the writing of this article she states “I have yet to lower it, because I haven’t had the urge to sit and work.” In fact she states that “I would like to have it known that I have walked while buying shoes online; while Photoshopping pictures of my cats; while e-mailing my son’s soccer coach; and while paying bills.”

Speaking from personal experience, I can add that Walking and Working is easier than most people think. I started with tasks that were easy for me starting with phone calls and webinars.  I then moved to reading, and emails.  I’m writing this review while walking on my treadmill desk but on occasion still opt to sit when writing.

The New Yorker article is not available as a link but if you’re interested NPR did an interview with Susan discussing her treadmill desk experience.

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