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In a recent article in the LA Times, the author asked three trainers what high-tech gadget or device they’d recommend above all others. Gina Lombardi, respected LA-based personal trainer, recommended a vibration plate and demonstrated the LifeSpan VP1000 Vibration Trainer. Below is the excerpt from the LA Times story.

“I’ll ask someone to keep their legs straight and touch their toes and they can’t do it, but they’ll get on the vibration plate for 30 seconds and they’ll be able to do it. Most people are inflexible in their hamstrings and lower back. I’ve also had people get on there and do fairly easy yoga poses and it tremendously increases their flexibility.”

“I recommend using it just twice a week to start and beginning on a low frequency — don’t do it with every workout because you have to get used to it. Ideally you should first try it with a trainer who knows how to use the machine. The most obvious improvement people usually see is in flexibility. Second is strength. I had one female client who couldn’t do one regular push-up after weight training for a couple of months. After I put her on the platform, she could do ten push-ups after one week. Women are always the underdogs when it comes to upper-body strength, so it’s nice to get the upper edge.”

Studies have shown that people who used the plate increased their power output and their strength. That’s huge, and it can apply to the average Joe who goes into the gym and wants to get more flexible and get stronger. Just by doing a few 30- to 60-second intervals on the platform they’re able to increase their strength and power, and it gives them that instant gratification that everyone wants.

Also, a lot of my clients do their own stunts, and it’s tremendous for getting them in top shape in a short amount of time. These are lasting effects but just like anything else, if you don’t use it you’re going to de-train.”

LifeSpan Vibration Trainer Key Features

  • Three-Way Vibration — Experts recommend buying a vibration plate with three-way vibration. The LifeSpan VP1000 platform design provides multi-directional vibration, with movement up and down, side to side, and front to back.
  • Versatile — In addition to achieving whole body vibration by simply standing on the VP1000 Vibration Trainer, you can also use it while it is vibrating to enhance several exercises. You’ll get a more intense workout as you perform lunges, squats, calf raises, pushups, situp twists and more. Exercises are easy to perform, yet you’ll feel the difference doing them with the VP1000.


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