Week 3: Finding Success With the Treadmill Desk


This week I had a little trouble fitting in time to use my treadmill desk, between the long holiday weekend and meetings; I wasn’t able to get in as much walking time. I did still lose one pound but that was half of my target loss. Over the four day week, I walked for 12 hours, took 80,622 steps, burned 2,178 calories and walked 28.63 miles  My goal for this next week is to walk for 20 hours.

I’m continuing to use the LifeSpan Fitness Club to track my progress. Every day I enter the amount and type of exercise that I’m getting. I used the Exercise Reference Library to select some exercises that I worked into my daily routine. From the strength section, I added bicycle ab crunches, bicep curls and dead lifts. My goal was to work muscles that I tend to ignore in my regular workouts. The descriptions and videos that accompanied each exercise were very helpful to make sure my form was correct and I was targeting the right muscles. I plan to add another three exercises in this upcoming week focused more on flexibility and balance.

I also will be using the MyStride Activity Monitor to keep a record of all my activity for the week. More than a simple pedometer, it uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure movement to more accurately track steps taken, calories burned, minutes exercised and distance traveled. The integrated flip USB makes it easy and convenient to sync my activity progress with my LifeSpan Fitness Club account.

In the next week I also plan to make a change to my diet as well. Right now my focus has been on eating fewer calories, this week I plan to avoid processed foods and eat more whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

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