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Here at LifeSpan, we have talked about how a sedentary lifestyle is bad for you, but just how bad is it? We will dive into the toll it takes on your body–from head to toe! Just make sure you stand up for this one.

Research shows that most people spend 11 hours a day sitting between driving to and from work, sitting at work, eating dinner and probably reading a book or watching TV in the evening. This is why LifeSpan has taken such a big role in changing this habit for our customers. We want people to be more active–it’s human nature and you feel better when you are active.

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The health hazards associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time, affect the entire body. Starting with being linked to several types of cancers, to problems with organs such as your heart and pancreas, issues with brain function, neck and back problems, and difficulties with leg circulation, abdominals, and glutes. With all of these body parts affected we wonder why businesses aren’t doing more to get their employees moving throughout the day.

We know sitting will always be part of our daily lives, but here at LifeSpan we are trying to make people aware of the amount they are sitting and help them make positive changes to increase their activity and overall happiness each day. This is why we created the treadmill desk, to provide a way for you to walk and work, making you more active, productive, and healthier!

Here are some simple changes that you can make in order to improve the health of your daily life.

  • Get a healthier alternative desk solution (such as a treadmill desk, bike desk or standing desk)
  • Have walking while meetings
  • Stand or walk on conference calls
  • Print documents on a printer that’s across the office or on another floor
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk or bike to work

When you do need to sit, just make sure you follow these tips, so you are sitting properly and reducing as much risk for health hazards as possible:

  • Don’t lean forward at your desk
  • Your shoulders should be relaxed
  • Keep your arms close to your sides
  • Bend your elbows at 90°
  • Keep feet flat on the floor

LifeSpan is dedicated to helping you throughout your life, finding your rhythm and being the healthiest you can be. We have years under our belt in the fitness arena and we’ve moved into workplace equipment because we have the expertise and we wanted to give our customers the chance to keep active at home, work and in the gym. The treadmill desk is meant to supplement your exercise routine, not replace it. We are thrilled to see so many people use our equipment and becoming healthier along the way.

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