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C3i/R3i Exercise Bike Troubleshooting 


Problem: Unit is unstable or rocks while in use.

Solution: Make sure unit is on a solid, level surface. Adjust the front adjustment feet until all 4-feet are sitting solid on the floor.


Problem: No console power.

Solution: Try using another outlet or testing something else with the outlet to make sure it is receiving power. If the outlet is in fact working and the console continues to receive no power please contact LifeSpan Customer Support.


Problem: Rough feeling in pedals while in use.

Solution: Check to make sure everything associated with the pedals is tight, if problem continues, contact LifeSpan Customer Support for replacement pedals.


Problem: Excess movement in the handlebars or frame movement.

Solution: Using the provided assembly tools, go over the bike to make sure all assembly hardware is tight.

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