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Treadmill Lubricant

Keep your treadmill or treadmill desk in optimal condition using LifeSpan's silicone lubricant. Proper lubrication between the deck and the running belt is essential for good maintenance and years of use. Reducing the friction between the deck and belt reduces wear on the motor and motor controller board.




We recommend you lubricate your treadmill belt every 40 hours of use or every 3-months, whichever comes first. For other brands, check your owner's manual to see if your treadmill uses a non-petroleum based lubricant.

  • 100% silicone

  • Contains no harmful solvents, petroleum distillates or propellants. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic and nonflammable

  • Good for any brand of treadmill or treadmill desk that uses a non-petroleum based lubricant

  • Pump action spray bottle

  • 4-ounces, good for four applications or one year normal use

A picture tutorial of how to spray your treadmill belt properly.Treadmill Belt Lubrication Instructions

Apply the silicone to the underside of the running belt. Do not apply to the walking surface. This can be accomplished by folding the treadmill and applying the silicone to the back of the belt from each corner. Spray the silicone down and across the belt from each corner. Rotate the belt one-half of the circumference and repeat from each corner.






  1. works Review by Luke Tembreull

    What can you say, this is exactly what I ordered. I sprayed it under the treadmill belt and it did its thing. The pump top is a little putzy, but what can you expect? (Posted on 1/28/14)

  2. A must have for hardcore treadmill users. (Posted on May 20, 2013) Review by Robert P.

    It's easy to use and spray on.
    It helps lubricated the walking belt and prevent motor overheated when in operation. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  3. Works Very Well (Posted on May 31, 2013) Review by vyk_2000 "vyk_2000"

    I purchased a self powered treadmill and after putting it together the belt felt a little rough. I sprayed some of this solution under the belt and it solver the problem. The belt runs smoothly. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  4. It Works! (Posted on July 8, 2013) Review by BigAl64

    Lube helps the belt from sticking which makes my run go smoother. This product works perfectly. Win win. Buy it.
    (Posted on 7/18/13)

  5. Great for manual treadmills (Posted on Jan. 26, 2012) Review by Bay View

    I have a small manual treadmill that I use myself as well as my Beagle. However, he doesn't quite weigh enough to get the belt moving without his walking harness on and a leash attached to a fixed location for him to "pull" against and get traction/movement on the belt. A few sprays of this product and he can step on the treadmill and the belt begins to slide freely so he can walk whenever he wishes. Very helpful! (Posted on 7/18/13)

  6. Avoid unnecessary service repair expenses! (Posted on Sept. 17, 2012) Review by H. Rosenberg "H"

    Avoid unnecessary repairs!!! I have a 15 y.o. Precor 9.1 treadmill that started heating the electrical wall plug, and eventually tripping the electrical circuit breaker after a few minutes at my usual speed of 1.7. Called local Los Angeles area treadmill services for advice. Other than "you can buy a new track and/or support platform"....there was never any mention of a treadmill belt lubricant. Until after spending $400 for a service call that did nothing but make me spend money.....did I discover that there existed a treadmill belt lubricant. I hope that this saves you unnecessary repairs. This belt lubricant quickly solved the problem. I tilt the treadmill on one side and sprayed the lube under the belt, and tilt it to the other side and did the same. Instead of turning on the treadmill, I then manually pushed the belt back and forth until I could feel that the lube was evenly spread. You don't want to spray it too much just before it goes around a roller because it could start slipping. It's back to just like new... A lesson learned the expensive way...... (Posted on 7/18/13)

  7. Works great (Posted on Feb. 3, 2013) Review by Verified Purchaser

    Used it for my treadmill. It helps tremendously to keep the tread belt from wearing out.
    I also have used it on several other items in the house

    Received promptly and product just as described. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  8. It works (Posted on Feb. 7, 2013) Review by Searcher

    We applied this to the belt, let it run on slow to distribute, then away I went taking a much needed walk! I would suggest putting a plastic cover over the floor when applying for over spray. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  9. Keeps my treadmill going smoothly! (Posted on May 13, 2013) Review by J. C. Cobb

    This is a great product. I use it sparing every three months. So far so good. I would highly recommend this product to other treadmill owners. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  10. Treadmill Belt Lubricant (Posted on Jan. 28, 2009) Review by Velani F.

    I thought my treadmill was done for. It is a self propelled used treadmill I picked up for $30 used. I bought the silicon lube as alast resort after I found out it kept getting stuck and after using it the treadmill has been working like new. I couldn't be happier with this product. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  11. Cheap and easy to use (Posted on Jan. 3, 2012) Review by J. Pearson

    Amazon has the best price on this...was going to buy from the company direct but Amazon price is better. I use this on my LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2011 Model) every 3 months, as I am using my treadmill almost everyday now. I have found that it is easy to apply when you remove the left and right end caps and squirt the lube into the rollers as the belt goes around the rollers at a very slow speed. Just like a car, plus my treadmill has an icon on the display which reminds me to lube. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  12. The treadmill is really happy now. (Posted on May 27, 2009) Review by tammarackjack

    This is the slipperiest stuff I've ever seen, and it seems to last for quite awhile. I used it under the track on the deck of a treadmill which had started whining, it almost runs without being plugged in now. It doesn't take nearly as much as they recommend. With a non-absorbent glove, a few sprays can be spread by hand over a large area. I expect the bottle will last for years. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  13. Great Stuff (Posted on Feb. 28, 2008) Review by D. R. Brower Jr.

    I almost threw out my treadmill. Decided to give this a try. Works like new. Cheap, perfect solution! Only took about 1/6 of the bottle. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  14. A must-have for manual treadmill users. (Posted on Feb. 8, 2009) Review by C. Dimarco "music lover"

    After reading reviews, I decided to purchase this at the same time that I purchased my manual treadmill. It does help the belt to glide more smoothly. My only complaint is that there was some leakage in shipping--the box was pretty oily when I opened it and the level of the spray was down about 1/4". Since it's kind of expensive, that was a bit frustrating. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  15. Worked like a charm (Posted on May 9, 2008) Review by L. Richardson

    Liked the product... didn't come with instructions however, but learned online that you spray underneath the belt... I suppose I did it correctly since I no longer felt the jolting after I applied it... Would definitely recommend for those who have a similar issue and have already tried tightening their belt to no avail. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  16. It works! (Posted on May 7, 2010) Review by Trend "Jewelry nut"

    My treadmill is old and the belt was continually dragging and jerking. At times, it would just come to a halt. I thought it was a problem with the motor and was resigned to having to trash it, but decided to try this product first. Now the belt runs very smoothly and evenly.

    I bought my treadmill over 10 years ago and since that time, the prices of motorized treadmills have really gone up. I don't want to have to buy another, until I absolutely must. Just before discovering this product, I purchased an inexpensive manual treadmill. It's good to have as a backup, but I prefer the motorized. This lubricant is great. It even helps the manual treadmill run more smoothly. Before you trash your motorized treadmill...try this. I'm glad I did. It really works. You just spray on the underside of the belt. I was able to do this easily by locking my treadmill into it's upright position before applying. As others have said, the LifeSpan lubricant has no odor. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  17. Very Pleased (Posted on March 12, 2007) Review by C. P. Berry "Chris"

    This product seems to work well and does not have an odor. I used this on an Image 10 treadmill that had begun to fluctuate in speed quite badly, but now after applying this it's steady as can be. (Posted on 7/18/13)

  18. Best and Easiest Treadmill Lube (Posted on Aug. 8, 2006) Review by Bobby from PA "Bobby from PA"

    I use my treadmill 4 times a week and noticed that their was friction building up...I tried silicone from an auto parts store but the odor was unbearable and later learned that their are propellants in the aerosol cans that actually cause more harm than good!

    I came across the LifeSpan treadmill lube, as I was looking for a product that was 100% silicone. It is easy to apply and I felt immediate results...I also like the fact that it provides me with a (1) year supply! (Posted on 7/18/13)

  19. Best Quality Lubricant Review by Laught

    This is the best quality treadmill lubricant I've found. It is odorless (unlike many cheaper silicone lubricants that have a pungent, lasting smell that you really don't want in your workout room), it holds up well, and the spray nozzle makes it easy to apply. Check out Treadmill Doctor's product as well. I recently posted a revised review of that product too. (Posted on 9/16/12)

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