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LifeSpan Treadmills


LifeSpan Fitness offers a full-range of treadmills for every fitness level, including weight loss treadmills and treadmills for the serious runner. For nearly two decades, LifeSpan has been an industry-leader in home fitness equipment and the reviews agree. Consumer Guide, Treadmill Doctor, About.com and Runner’s World have all ranked our products high in their reviews of treadmills year-after-year. Our signature Homes Series line of top treadmills for the home continues that tradition as well as our Pro Series treadmill, the TR5000i, built as a running machine. Which treadmill is best for you? It depends on your goals. But whatever they are, LifeSpan Fitness has the treadmill that is right for you.


Our compact running treadmill is perfect for smaller spaces such as apartments and condos. Our TR200 Compact Treadmill folds to a mere 11 inches and stands vertically or folds horizontally so you can store it under the bed or against a wall.


For more intense workouts, look to our Home Series. These home use folding treadmills are loaded with intelligent features that set them apart from the competition. Our Intelli-Guard, Intelli-Step and Intelli-Key are based on years of research and development to make treadmill workouts safer, easier and more user-friendly. The Home Series has variable treadmill speeds and inclines to increase calories burned on a treadmill. Our built-in deck suspension system reduces impact stress to your joints with compression shocks that provide support and cushioning with each step.


For the most serious runners, we offer the TR5000i, our Pro Series treadmill. The improved treadmill belt, more powerful motor, and aluminum side rails support the most rigorous workouts. The TR5000i is a commercial quality, non-folding treadmill that is an absolute workhorse.


Both our Home and Pro Series come standard with our 17 pre-programed workout routines that were designed by exercise physiologists to improve your workout and make it more effective. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your overall health, or training for an upcoming race, Life Span has the treadmill program that is right for you. Also with any Home or Pro Series purchase, you get a lifetime membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club that allows you to upload your workout data from your treadmill to this online health management program using any USB device.


Compare our models side-by-side to find the perfect one to fit your fitness level and goals.



Walk and Work Treadmills

Designed from the "Ground Up" is a term we use to describe our Treadmill Desks. To define this term we need to first have a brief discussion on how treadmills work from a mechanical perspective.

Treadmills are designed with a drive motor that is connected to the front roller via a belt. The pulley on the drive motor is smaller than the pulley on the front roller to create a mechanical advantage. In other words, this allows the motor to spin multiple times around for every time the front roller spins. This works like the gears of a car. The higher the ratio between the front roller and the motor, the more power the motor can transfer to the treadmill belt and the easier it is for the motor to pull you, as a user, while you're walking.

LifeSpan Treadmill Desks Workstations are used differently than traditional exercise treadmills. The average treadmill desk user will walk between 1.2 and 2.0 MPH. As a result, treadmill desks need very high torque at slow speeds and they don’t need to reach running speeds at all.

This gives us the opportunity to modify the pulley ratio on our treadmill desks to create more power at low speeds to support hours of walking without overheating or adding stress to the motor and electronics.

This is only possible by reducing the maximum belt speed. The maximum speed on all of our treadmill desks is 4 MPH which you can adjust down to 2 MPH if preferred for safety reasons.

Deck Suspension:

A good deck suspension reduces the impact on your knees and other joints as your foot hits the walking belt. LifeSpan treadmills use 3 independent dampeners on each side of the deck to hold the walking deck above the frame and absorb impact when your foot strikes the belt. If you plan on walking 10,000 or more steps a day, which we recommend, a good deck suspension will allow you to walk longer with less fatigue and without causing joint pain or injury. We also recommend using walking shoes with arch support and a soft sole to complement the benefits of the deck suspension.

Quality and Service

Treadmills and upright bikes, unlike office furniture, have moving parts and electronic components. As a leading manufacturer of exercise equipment, at LifeSpan, we know how to make quality exercise equipment that is reliable and durable. Our equipment has been rated as best in class by Treadmill Doctor, Runners World, Consumer Reports, Health Magazine and many other review groups. We understand what it takes to make the product that will hold up to years of use. We certify our products to pass standards in the United States, Canada and Europe including CE, CSA, and ETL. If you should have a problem, which we admit does happen when moving parts and electronics are involved we have a customer service, parts inventory and service network in place to solve your problem quickly. In fact our customer service is also rated as highly as our products.

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