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Strap Works Great. Atrial fibrillation Causes Minor Problems (Posted on March 24, 2012) Review by Christopher K.
The strap sends the heartbeats that it receives to the treadmill computer. If you have Atrial Fibrillation as I do, the computer seems to have a difficult time interpreting the erratic data received. Using the Chest Strap, my Heart Rate monitor tends to hover around 100 beats per minute. When I use the handlebar sensors, my rate will climb above 120 bpm (my target). I also take beta blocker at 5 am which keeps my morning Heart Rate below 100 bpm no matter what. Identical exercise in the afternoon allows the rate to climb to 120. I believe that the chest strap is an important part of the overall treadmill purchase. It is a small % of the treadmill price. Even if you have Atrial Fibrillation, it might work perfectly for you.
Mostly works, but a few problems (Posted on Dec. 5, 2012) Review by D. Wood
It worked right out of the box, but then I left town for a week and it didn't seem to work when I got back. I eventually got a brand new battery, and it still didn't seem to work, but while I was trying to get it to work, I noticed a faint LED flashing every once in a while. So I pressed it pretty hard to me chest, and it started working, and I eventually got it to work by cleaning it carefully and tightening the strap. So far, it has been pretty good - accurate and reliable. Should be noted that it ships without any sort of documentation, so I felt like I was on my own. It is very simple to use though - when it works. It was especially nice that it immediately talked to my treadmill with no setup of any kind (but it is a LifeSpan treadmill, so that would be expected).

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