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Great video for older people. I would recommend it to many of my friends. Easy, quick and not too stressful. Review by Judy Van Aelst
Easy to do. Not too stressful on older backs and knees. Great way to keep fit during the winter months.
LifeSpan Fitness Forever DVD Review by Harrie M.
This is an outstanding fitness DVD, especially for us seniors. You are encouraged to work out at your own pace and each exercise can be done in a chair if need be. The instructions are easy to follow and the doctor's comments are very helpful. I am looking forward to using it several times a week. I think it will help me a lot and at 70, it is not always easy to find an exercise routine for me.
Lifestyle change (Posted on Dec. 7, 2011) Review by Beast
I originally found this DVD at another store but they were unable to ship it to me.
I was looking for a video that I could do a workout without hurting my knee.
When I couldn't buy it from the store directly, I searched and found the DVD.
Not only could they ship it but it was for a lower price than the advertised store.
Once again I was pleasantly surprise at how quickly it arrived.
Move It! Seniors (Posted on Aug. 15, 2011) Review by J. K. Witt
Great for keeping shape in winter up north here in Wisconsin. Once you get started, you will feel better and want to do it several times a week. Fine for all levels of senior abilities. Aerobic section is sufficient, more strenuous options for lifting and stretching are included, too. I was planning on a winter trip to warmer AZ and CA involving some canyon hiking, so I used this exercise CD to prepare for that. The aerobic program is comparable to one I had in a senior jazzercise class sponsored by my school district.
Senior exercise (Posted on Dec. 22, 2008) Review by S. Jones
I have been too sedentary for too long, so I'm taking this program slowly, but what I've done with it so far has been enjoyable, informative, beautiful to watch (filmed at Lake Tahoe) and it has gotten me up and moving!
Good overview Review by C. Nielsen
10 minute warm up. About 30 minutes of mild aerobics. About 20 minutes of strength, stretch and balance. An option to do the entire series seated. No complex choreography. Good pace for seniors. Has you monitor pulse and perceived exertion. Each area has extensive explanations of modifications and what is safe. Sports medicine physician gives his input. Set up for frail elders with possible heart problems to the moderately fit.
Outstanding - Just what i needed to keep moving! Review by Grandma
I love this DVD! My doctor kept telling me to start walking but I live alone and wasn't comfortable walking by myself. Plus in the winter it is too cold outside to walk. I also started noticing my balance is not as good as it use to be and I knew that the amount of sitting I was doing was not good for me. My friend recently bought this DVD and showed it to me and this I must say is exactly what I needed. I have been doing the DVD for a few weeks now and I feel so much better. I have more energy, feel like my balance is improving and the strength training I am convinced is definitely making me stronger. I also love how Nancy leads the class and it is so wonderful to look at beautiful Lake Tahoe throughout the entire program. Thank-you for making this great program available!

7 Item(s)

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