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RW1000 Indoor Rower

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Easy, effective workout (Posted on Jan. 23, 2011)

Review by Hap
This was officially my first home fitness equipment purchase. I researched many, many rowing machines for a period of 3 weeks. i noticed at my old gym that they used this brand and saw good reviews on it, so i purchased it. The unit seems to be very sturdy. The seat is fairly comfortable and the velcro foot straps securely hold my feet during the workout. Probably one of the biggest things i noticed during my workout is how relatively quiet the machine is. My workouts thus far feel very good. I'm only at resistance lvl 1, but i feel as though i'm getting a very effective workout after every use. A slight drawback is the screen for the machine. It is very inaccurate in counting calories burned, but it does have a timer on it, which is really all i wanted.

Assembly of the machine was not as easy as i would have liked. The instructions lacked in detail and the pictures provided were very lackluster. I will compliment PCE though. I gave them a call when i was having difficulty assembling the machine and they were very polite and courteous to walk me through it. I didn't even have to provide them with a serial number or anything, they just helped me.

If your a novice to rowing such as me and are wanting to find a very effective machine to get a solid workout i would recommend this one. I would of liked to of gotten a concept 2, but i just couldn't justify giving that much money for my first rower. For the price, this machine is the best bang for your buck.

Not durable or reliable!

Review by Ned
I bought this rower 2 years ago and it's been broken twice now! It broke after I'd had it less than a year and the warranty covered the repair, although it took 2 months to finally get a service person to show up and fix it. Now less than a year later it's broken again and my warranty is expired! I simply have not gotten anywhere near my money's worth out of this equipment!

Five stars for sure

Review by Darren
We had a very good experience with the delivery and assembly and the machine is working well for our needs. It's providing the full-body, low-impact, supplementary workout that we were looking for.

Thanks for an excellent product and excellent customer service.

Best rower for the money

Review by Dan
I researched rowing machines for over a month and decided on the LifeSpan rower. I've been using it every day now for the past two weeks and love it. Smooth, quiet, easy to fold up...its the best thing for the price hands down. It has a knob that allows you to adjust the difficulty and I wish it could be adjusted even tighter, but it's still pretty good. Great low impact exercise. I just set it up in front of my TV and hop on for 30 minutes each morning and it's been fantastic. Similar machines online were all nearly $1,000 a more. To get something similarly priced I would have had to get Stamina or Marcy, two brands I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Glad I bought this one, no regrets!

Items 21 to 24 of 24 total

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