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TR3000i Folding Treadmill

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Good Unit (Posted on April 7, 2013)

Review by Dan D.
It was easy to put together. It will take two people.

Delivery was right to the door, the delivery men put inside.

Reasonably quiet.

I have no idea how to set height and weight. It was a frustrating so I gave up.

I do not have a long stride but if you do consider a longer unit.

Everything in description was accurate. No surprises.

happy with treadmill (Posted on June 30, 2013)

Review by Duckman
Bought this treadmill with reservations about putting it together would be a nightmare (other reviews), but no, this was one of the easiest items I have ever assembled. The trucking company delivered to my home, took out of the box and placed it exactly where my wife wanted it.. FYI, another fear was having to lug it inside after them dropping it off at the curb.. The treadmill was started up all within a couple of hours after beginning, which took that long because of breaks to watch the baseball game. So far, I give this item, Amazon and the trucking company a 5 star.

Great treadmill (Posted on March 30, 2011)

Review by Frugie
Nice treadmill. And fairly quiet, too. I just wish that the control screen had a sleep option because it's constantly lit up when not in use. I called LifeSpan about it and they told me that this model's screen does not sleep. Other than that, it's a great treadmill.

Good product at GREAT price (Posted on March 10, 2013)

Review by John "Dr John"
This is a decent mid-level treadmill for home use. Sturdy build, good dimensions for running, and easy to fold up for storing in a home setting. It has limited programs built in, but this was not something my wife and I were looking for in a treadmill. To get a significantly better treadmill you really have to spend close to twice as much - we got it on sale at Amazon for a fantastic price.

exactly what i was looking for, quiet and feature rich (Posted on April 12, 2013)

Review by Joseph P Berglund
My criteria for this was something quiet and programmable for incline/speed variation with enough space for my 225ish pounds.

It satisfies on those counts. For some reason the user-programmed workouts must be divided into 20 pieces, but not a deal breaker by any means.

I've lost about 15-20 pounds on it (now at 203lbs), put well over 200+ miles in the last few months. have not noticed any noise changes.

the only issue i can really think of is sometimes it rattles just slightly if you don't situate the arms correctly after moving it around, but forcing it into position fixes it. keep in mind i am a little anal about small noises so its probably not a big deal.

Great Product and Great customer service (Posted on July 4, 2011)

Review by kree8iv "kree8iv"
Placed an order for the LifeSpan TR 2000i Folding Treadmill in March 2011.
Received a call from LifeSpan a few days later saying they didn't have this version
in stock so they offered to upgrade me to the TR3000i model at no charge!
Thanks LifeSpan!

This machine is extremely quiet and fairly easy to use!
Folds up really easily and is great if you don't have a lot of room.
This machine was also relatively easy to put together.

So far I don't really have anything negative to say about it!
Definitely worth the money!

Great treadmill (Posted on Jan. 12, 2013)

Review by John Dykstra
Prompt delivery. Easy to assemble. Exactly as advertised. One thing to warm you about. We used our old treadmill for 8 years and put about 15 miles per week on it. When I ran on the new treadmill, it was harder for me to run at speeds I was running on my old treadmill. I think the old was a little "gracious" and the new was a little stiff. I did grease the belt as recommend and time has helped. It isn't a problem, but as a runner it's something that you would like to know. Overall happy with this treadmill with heavy daily use.

One Year Old and I Still Love It (Posted on Jan. 5, 2013)

Review by wise1
It's been a year since I bought this treadmill. Because of my unusual delivery situation I did not buy it on Amazon, but directly from LifeSpan with their concierge delivery and assembly. I am very handy with tools but they were in and out in 30 minutes.

I use the treadmill every morning. According to the Lifespan Fitness Club I average 17 miles a month and walked or jogged 189 miles since I've had it. (not sure why the math does not work out) I am the only one who uses it and since I live alone I can't say if the noise would bother anyone. For anyone looking at these I strongly recommend you go to various stores and look at them in person. Feel the buttons, lean on the handles, jump up and down on it. If it feels cheap in the store then it will feel cheap in your house.

I felt this was the sturdiest, best build quality in it's price range. For me the biggest selling points were:
* Build quality
* Button design and feel
* Location of buttons
* Included chest strap
* Smoothness of operation
* Display size and readibility

I am not one to fool around with gizmos so my routine consists of pressing "start" and walking/jogging by using the speed up/down buttons on the handle. There are built-in and customizable exercise programs but I do not have the patience to use them or set them up. The main console LCD is very easy to read and the buttons on the main panel are illuminated. Response to speed or elevation changes are as fast as the best machines I have used. The one gizmo that I do use is the included usb dongle that plugs into the control panel. Every couple of days I plug it into my computer and upload the workout data to the Lifespan website. It took some trial and error to set this up, I had to upgrade some free software on my mac but since then it has worked flawlessly. If you are really into fitness LifeSpan has a way to keep track of every fitness thing you do via the included online Fitness Club membership, but I can't speak to that since I only track my miles.

The treadmill folds up but it takes some strength to do that, so I only fold it to occasionally vacuum underneath. It does not come with a mat but one is recommended. At minimum it will keep the silicone and whatever else is on the belt from staining your carpet. I also recommend installing a TV that you can see while you are exercising. That is the single most important factor that has enabled me to keep up this regimen for an entire year. I always watch the morning news so this way I can combine to activities and save time.

Lastly, because this is the least important, I like the way it looks. It is very low profile and the console is not some huge piece of plastic with ugly graphics. It is designed like a sophisticated piece of equipment and since it's in my bedroom I have to look at it all the time.

Treadmill of my Dreams (Posted on Sept. 9, 2012)

Review by Denis-Mounie
I've run on home treadmills in other people's homes before and found them lacking compared to commercial gym models. My mother's treadmill is so loud I only used it once for three minutes. A friend's treadmill isn't powerful enough. Another one had such cheap plastic on it I was afraid of breaking it as it shook to my weight (normal BMI). But I really wanted my own treadmill after turning the back bedroom into an exercise room (it's very cheery and I'm pleased with my project).

I found this one at $500 off in the Amazon Warehouse. The reviews looked good, the treadmill with its features looked attractive. After I hit the Proceed To Checkout and before I hit Place Your Order, I texted my husband with the deets and gave him the chance to stop me. But no, he said he'd use it too. This thrilled me and I Placed My Order.

I was given the option of when to have it delivered by Ceva and it arrived almost on the dot. Knowing from other reviews that they wouldn't bring it in the house, I sent Dear Husband to get the hand-truck. The man offered to help us in with it though! I was surprised and I hope by writing this he doesn't get in trouble. We tipped him for his efforts and were very grateful. It's a heavy box.

Although it was said to be in "Excellent" condition, there was a small dent in one of the long vertical bars in the front. And the box was seriously damaged. I really hoped I wouldn't have to return it after wrestling it into its small space. In the end, the discount outweighed the small unsightly dent.

I wanted to assemble it myself and for the most part, I did. It took about two hours at a leisurely pace. Mostly it was very easy, but I didn't pay attention to the different types of screws- the wide thread tap ones are for plastic, the narrow thread flat ended ones are for the metal.

The finished treadmill runs smooth and very quiet. I can't be heard from our bedroom next over with the doors closed. Yesterday I ran for half an hour and put it through its paces. My favorite part are the quick speed buttons. When you hit these buttons you can go right to 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 mph. Perfect for manual intervals- I don't use pre-programmed exercises most of the time.

The deck feels a little more unyielding than commercial machines. I'm okay with this as it feels nearer to road running. Also, I don't seem to fly along as easily- it feels there's a bit more effort in the exercise. Again, I like this because it kind of imitates non-moving ground. I say all this based on I don't seem to crank up the speed as high as I do on professional treadmills at the gym.

I like the speakers blowing the music at my face when I run on it- more than I like wearing headphones. This won't work early in the morning while DH is still sleeping, but any other time, look out! It's very motivating. :)

And finally, for funsies, Dear Husband got on to try it the other day and actually stayed on it for ten minutes. He is not an exerciser and naturally slim.

We've had it for four days and these are my thoughts. I will update if I think something should be added later on down the road.

Happy running!!

The Best Treadmill I've Used (Posted on March 21, 2011)

Review by S. Datla
My TR3000i arrived last week, and is the most beautiful and rugged treadmill I've owned or used (at Gym). The construction, frame and console are very sturdy, with careful attention to every bit of detail. I had a few questions, and called Lifespan fitness. The sales and support teams were very helpful (compared to my earlier experience with Icon Fitness/Health Rider -- where support is pretty much non-existent!). In all, I am extremely satisfied with the Company and their product and strongly recommend their product. I exercise very regularly at a local gym, and at home when I cannot make it to the gym; I've used a lot of equipment and this treadmill is very good!

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