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TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk

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Excellent electronic treadmill desk

Review by Maliburacer
After a tremendous amount of research on treadmill desks (type A personality) I purchased the 1200 DT-7 electronic treadmill desk. This has to be one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I knew I was going to get a lifespan treadmill because they build the best for this application. If you are the only one that will use your desk, then the manual adjustible desk should work just fine. With two of us using this at home, the electronic version is very helpful as the desk rises with a touch of the pre-set buttons. The desk surface area is large and stable. It holds my laptop, Ipad, drink, lamp with room to spare. The arm rest is very comfortable when I am typing as I am now. I highly recommend this treadmill desk!

Outstanding treadmill desk

Review by John
I purchased TR1200-DT7 after countless hours of research on treadmill desks. With only 1 previous review on the site about this one I was a bit skeptical. I also was not sure if I wanted to spend the extra $500 for ther electronic desk height adjustment but I am glad I did. I currently have this unit at home and my son uses it too. Changing the height with multiple users is a breeze with just the push of a button. The memory pre-sets are a nice feature. The desk area is large enough to hold my laptop, magazines,,Ipad, light and drink with room to spare. The treadmill itself is quiet and I could not be more pleased. Most all my computer time, emails, and e-books are read while walking. Weight loss is a bonus too as I have shed a few pounds. I highly recommend this unit and plan to buy another for my office.

Great investment! (Posted on June 8, 2013)

Review by Alexis K.
Pros: Large Worksurface; Easy To Adjust; Quality Construction

Great investment for our small company. We have the treadmill desk in the foyer area and staff can use it when they want. Most find that phone conferences and webinars are great times to use. The height adjustment is easy to use with a push of a button and the desk goes up or down. We have been testing this for almost 6 weeks now and the staff love it and we will be looking to add more in a conference room next!

Assembly was fairly easy and my lone criticism to date is the tools that are provided --- use your own when assembling! Trust me...it made probably a one hour job almost 2 hours.

Also we learned after the fact that there is a way to turn off the beeping from the console that occurs when you turn on the treadmill or adjust the speed. The console is now quiet as the treadmill!

Strongly recommend for anyone tired of sitting and looking to get more energy during the workday!

3 Item(s)

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