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MyStride Activity Monitor

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Excellent unit

Review by Dee
This is the best pedometer I have ever owned: I found it easy to set up and much more accurate than any I've owned before. the belt clip is much more secure the usual small clips found on other pedometers (all of which I've lost sooner or later when they fell off my belt), and the ability to just carry it in your pocket instead is also a great feature. It is very motivating to see how many (or few) steps you've walked, so helps me get in more exercise. I have not used the computer upload feature, as I refuse to spend the extra money for this - and will admit that is my only disappointment with the unit, as I did not expect to have to pay an extra fee to use this feature when I initially purchased the unit (took one point off the rating due to that). But I still think this is an excellent unit, and have purchased other units as gifts since getting my own: the people I've given them to like them just as much as I do, and I'm back to Amazon to buy yet another one for a gift. I strongly recommend this if you are looking for a pedometer: it is worth every penny of the purchase price!

I like it

Review by Ashley
I use it from morning till early afternoon usually, then take it off. There have been a few days that it has been working all day and the only problem I have had is that sometimes it does disconnect from my pocket. Also, if I wear a heavy jacket over it sometimes it doesn't register the steps.
I have only used freebee pedometers before and they didn't have many options. I really like this one

Bought for my wife as gift (Posted on Jan. 21, 2013)

Review by Michiglenn
She said it works very well and deserves 5 stars. It seemed like the best in a reasonable price range.

This is good. (Posted on June 30, 2013)

Review by Dennis G.
This is a simple device that does exactly what it says it will do. If you walk for exercise, you can monitor a number of things.

Easy to set up (Posted on July 12, 2013)

Review by J. Jackson
I appreciated the easy set up of this unit and also the usb port and heavy duty holder with a clip that doesn't easily pull off when I am hiking.

Very Accurate (Posted on July 14, 2013)

Review by L. N. Scott "Laney"
I ordered this product, based on reviews that it was a very accurate pedometer, which I think it is. The first activity monitor I used was the Weight Watchers Activelink Activity Monitor, since at the time I had an online Weight Watchers account. However, I decided to cancel my WW memebership, which meant I could no longer use my Activelink monitor. But I had gotten pretty used to being able to monitor my activity level on a daily basis, which had helped me control my weight, so I decided to order this. I did find it to be very accurate--it picked up on every step and seemed to be very consistent. The only negative thing I would have to say is that, as a girl who likes to wear dresses, it sometimes became difficult to find a discreet place to clip the monitor. And, eventually my clip broke, so it became even more of a challenge for me to find a place to put it. And yesterday, I wore it in the pool, thinking it was waterproof (so, FYI, apparently it's not), and now it doesn't work at all. So overall, I have been happy with the product, based on accuracy, but I have decided a wrist band would be more convenient, so I ordered the Jawbone Up. I think it just depends on preference and whatever is most convenient for each individual. And one more note: it is a pedometer, so it only tracks steps, not overall activity. So it is not going to pick up well on activities like doing dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. That is one thing I liked better about the WW monitor, and something I think I am going to like about the Up bracelet.

Works well (Posted on April 30, 2013)

Review by M. Konopka "kanop44"
This is the 4th step tracker I have purchased and by far the best. It helps keep my fitness goals and weight loss going.

Efficient and convenient (Posted on May 3, 2013)

Review by Renata R.
Good device and fairly simple to use.
It is a bit interesting to try and reset it for daily use.

Lifespan tracker (Posted on March 29, 2013)

Review by Elizabeth M.
After going through many pedometers this one has been by far the best and most accurate. Did not sign up for the computer monitoring which tracks your progress, just wanted a pedometer that kept me on track for my steps. This also tells you have far you have walked, calories burned and has a clock too. Easy to set up you cannot reset it by accident like some others. Just a brilliant pedometer and worth the money.

Excellent way to track your activity! (Posted on May 6, 2013)

Review by Sl Judge "gatormomz"
I'll be totally honest, I wanted a Fitbit, but didn't want to spend the money for one. I loved the idea of uploading my steps each day to see how close I had come to my goal. I have owned the LifeSpan MyStride Activity Tracker only for a few days.

Day one: The first day was to set it up. It is not as difficult as some reviewers are making it sound. Read the directions and you will be fine! I was ready to go within minutes. Be sure you measure your stride. I did it using the directions in the booklet.

Day two: The big test. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. I was curious to see just how much walking I did during my day. I measured my steps throughout the day and was pleased to find that my new nifty gadget was accurate! I came home and uploaded the information!

Day three: Another 12 hour day at work! Here is the amazing part. At the end of my twelve hour day, I had come within 19 steps of the previous days results! How amazing and accurate is that? I uploaded my information and was pleased that I had walked over 4 miles on each of my two days at work.

For my purpose, this does the trick! I don't see the reason that I would need to spend more money just to motivate myself. I found it incredibly accurate, almost to a point where it was scary.

The only problem I had was that I almost forgot to take it out of my scrub pants pocket before they headed into the wash! If that is my biggest problem with the unit, then this certainly deserves a 5 star review!

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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