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MyStride Activity Monitor

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I wear it every day (Posted on Feb. 25, 2013)

Review by raptar
It works perfect for me. I wanted to monitor and increase my daily activity. It is simple to use and fulfills my expectations. I don't use the USB part though so I cannot speak for that.

Great product for the price! (Posted on Feb. 19, 2013)

Review by Jennifer
I loved this so much, I ordered one for my mom too. It is super easy to set up. It fits easily in your pocket or comes with a clip for your belt so there is no excuse not to carry it! It is accurate and the USB makes it very easy to track results. I would HIGHLY recommend this!

LOVE IT (Posted on March 8, 2013)

Review by G. D Palmer
I have hit my goal every day. Love that it keeps me accountable. Great product. Very easy to use. Love that it is computer compatible

Pedometer review (Posted on March 4, 2013)

Review by Charlotte C.
Better than any pedometer I have tried in the past. Secure. The others would fall off at some point in the day. A bit hard to program for the first set up but nothing that we couldn't deal with. Seems to be extraordinally acurate. I have clocked mileage with the car and it always comes out the same. The only down side is that when we bicycle or when I use the stationery bike it doesn't record any steps. All in all, I would purchase again as it has accomplished what I set out to do which is to increase my steps. When I started, I was logging between 600 & 900 (can you say couch potato?) steps a day. Although I am not up to 10,000 (my goal) I am routinely doing between 5,000 & 7,000 steps a day and that is in about 8 weeks.

Works Great- Easy to Use (Posted on March 19, 2013)

Review by E. t ward jr
Love the unit and it is very easy to set up. I use it all the time. One item I was disappointed with was the $49.00/year membership fee if I wanted to track my results via computer. I bought it based on the USB capability to see my progress, etc. I was not aware of the additional fee. Currently just use the unit and do not track results via USB.

Great little device (Posted on June 5, 2012)

Review by JD McNeal
Really like this for a couple of reasons:

#1 - The USB feature really makes it simple to upload my info
#2 - I can put it in my pocket instead of having to clip to belt or shoe
#3 - Very accurate
#4 - The online club is great for logging steps

Well worth the money.

Helps me get my steps in each day (Posted on June 7, 2012)

Review by Steve K.
I have found this product to really help me in getting my 10k steps per day in. It is motivating to watch the steps increase and the feeling at the end of the day when you succeeded in your goal. It was very easy to program and the owners manual was straight forward. I do use the USB everyday to upload my steps but it does have memory too to store days of walking. The little case/holder is nice as it is on a springed hinge so when you lift the pedometer up it is easy to read instead of having to take off your belt. Very accurate and love that you can also put it in a pocket and be just as accurate. Would strongly recommend if you are looking to track your steps or add more activity into your day.

Never walk without it

Review by Colin
I purchased my pedometer about 2 months ago and I never looked back. I had never worn a pedometer before but after reading all of the studies on inactivity I told myself that I needed to stay active during the day and what better way to track yourself. It's suggested to walk 10000 steps per day and with a sedentary lifestyle I found that I was only walking about 2000 steps daily! Now I always know where I am on my step count (whether I need to get moving or not!). Once I incorporated the treadmill desk into my workplace I easily hit 12000 steps daily and am usually ranked in the top 10 in daily steps (nationally) on the LifeSpan Fintess Club. This little device also tracks my daily Calorie count! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a little more health conscious.

I like it

Review by Clem
I am loving this little pedometer. I have been using it for about a week now and I am surprised at the accuracy, it even counted when I just hooked it to a lanyard and wore it around my neck, I paced off 300 steps to check and the numbers were within a few steps. I haven't used the USB to log the results yet, that's next, but so far so good..

Items 11 to 19 of 19 total

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