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S2 Indoor Bike

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Lifespan S2

Review by Jr
Purchased mine about 5 years ago and it's still running well. I've had a few issues but replaced the parts and all has been well. I use it 3-4 times a week and have been very pleased with it.

Decent spinning bike but resistance not consistent

Review by B. Barlow
I purchased this spinning bike a few months ago. I have taken a number of spinning classes and my wife was a novice. We both like the bike in general. She uses CD's on the TV to guide her workouts, I use the CD's or just music.

Pros -
Very easy to assemble (almost completely pre-assembled)
Sturdy, solid feel

Cons -
Inconsistent resistance levels

Okay -
Seat and handle bar adjustments are okay, not great
Seat is a road bike style, a gel cover makes this much better (especially for those not used to a road bike seat)

For the resistance levels, sometimes it changes drastically with minor turns of the resistance knob and other times you have to turn the knob a lot. And it is not consistent within a ride, so trial and error as you ride. Knowing that, you adjust as needed.

Overall I would recommend the bike, but I wonder if there are bikes in this price range with more consistent resistance levels.

Tail of Two S2's

Review by Carey Melcher
We have now purchased two of these spin bikes. One for our home gym and one for our daughter. Easy to assemble. It does take two people to assemble the bike (per their instructions) but one can do it if you don't have to drag the bike to an upstairs room. We bought a slightly wider seat for our bike - just a bit more comfortable since we don't 'stand up' while riding. We've had our bike for around 8-9 months and no issues to report. Our daughter's bike had a small problem: The 'flange' that connects the brake to the main frame snapped off around two minutes into her first ride. A bit frustrating but LifeSpan handled the issue without skipping a beat. Shipped the part within a couple of days and arranged for a local repair service as well. So, all good for now. Good product and good customer support.

Good experience. Bought after fair amount of research (Posted on Jan. 9, 2010)

Review by fitness freak
I am a road biker and was looking for something to train in winter in my gym (basement). I was trying to decide between bike trainers and spin bike. After I researched on the internet and talked to one biker/technician I decided to buy a spin bike. Since, I had no knowledge and was hoping to spend about $500 or so I started researching. I came pretty close to buying a Baldez bike from Sears, but the one I liked did not come with free shipping. I then went to Leisure Fitness in North Wales, PA and checked it out. The sales person there gave me information and told me that LifeSpan S2 is pretty good and he sells a lot of them to small gyms, community centers, and homes. I bought it just after Christmas for $499 plus taxes. I was getting the bikes from Sears for the same price, but the wheel was 30lb, whereas this one had 40lb.

It got into my truck easily and setting it up took less than half hour. I have used it 4-5 times so far and I am quite happy. My wife has also used it one time and seems happy. It has only been 3 weeks, but I think it is a good buy.

New owner of an experienced S2 and LifeSpan's Customer Service

Review by Bill D.
I just bought an experienced S2. I just didn't want to spend a ton of cash for a clothes hanger if I slip into a long decline in my personal motivation.

The S2 I purchased (again, used) and it does have a few issues which need to be addressed. It's becaused it's an experenced stationary bicycle, it needs things such as cleaning, lubing, adjusting, and a few parts.

This is the reason for this review, it's for the customer service. Here's the suprising part. I called LifeSpan on a Saturday. They are not there on the weekends. As reqested, I left a message and the recording said someone will call the next business day. AND they did, Monday morning at 8 AM or so.

I ordered the parts directly from LifeSpan. They were great, customer service was Outstanding. They made suggestions, and I was even sent 2 different manuals directly into my email, for free. The cost for the parts were minimal ($[...] total, with shipping.) I feel that just the customer service alone will eventually have me buying a new stationary bike LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bikein the future, from LifeSpan.

Once I get everything fixed up, cleaned up, and tightend up, I will let you know how this works out.

LifeSpan S2 Indoor Cycle Trainer (Posted on Aug. 4, 2011)

Review by Jon
First, I am 6'5" and I weigh 250 lbs. I am able to set the bike to the highest settings and I can pedal effectively. When I get out of the saddle, my knees hit the handle bars. I don't need the gadgets. I used to ride a lot when I was younger, so I can pace myself fairly well. It is very sturdy and quiet, and I really don't have much to complain about with this machine. I bought it from Costco, so I know if I have any problems they will take it back.

Great workouts

Review by Chivas
I bought this two years ago and have enjoyed it tremendously! Unfortunately the axle to the pedals completely broke off. I'm not sure if it was a product defect or what. Very odd that this occurred and will see how well the company responds to this. I miss using by cycle.

Nice spin bike for use at home

Review by Jen C
I bought this spin bike to use at home, and it has been great so far. It is well-built, sturdy, and serves its purpose quite well - to get in a solid cycling workout at home. I mainly do intervals at a pretty intense clip for about 25-30 minutes, both sitting down and standing up on the bike. It's not quite as smooth a ride as the spin bikes at a studio/gym, but it is worth the price and I would definitely recommend it to others!

Easy to assemble

Review by Kathy D.
The Packaging was excellent. The bike was easy to assemble and I appreciate having 'real' wrenches and tools to do the assembly!

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