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Treadmill Lubricant

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Cheap and easy to use (Posted on Jan. 3, 2012)

Review by J. Pearson
Amazon has the best price on this...was going to buy from the company direct but Amazon price is better. I use this on my LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2011 Model) every 3 months, as I am using my treadmill almost everyday now. I have found that it is easy to apply when you remove the left and right end caps and squirt the lube into the rollers as the belt goes around the rollers at a very slow speed. Just like a car, plus my treadmill has an icon on the display which reminds me to lube.

The treadmill is really happy now. (Posted on May 27, 2009)

Review by tammarackjack
This is the slipperiest stuff I've ever seen, and it seems to last for quite awhile. I used it under the track on the deck of a treadmill which had started whining, it almost runs without being plugged in now. It doesn't take nearly as much as they recommend. With a non-absorbent glove, a few sprays can be spread by hand over a large area. I expect the bottle will last for years.

Great Stuff (Posted on Feb. 28, 2008)

Review by D. R. Brower Jr.
I almost threw out my treadmill. Decided to give this a try. Works like new. Cheap, perfect solution! Only took about 1/6 of the bottle.

A must-have for manual treadmill users. (Posted on Feb. 8, 2009)

Review by C. Dimarco "music lover"
After reading reviews, I decided to purchase this at the same time that I purchased my manual treadmill. It does help the belt to glide more smoothly. My only complaint is that there was some leakage in shipping--the box was pretty oily when I opened it and the level of the spray was down about 1/4". Since it's kind of expensive, that was a bit frustrating.

Worked like a charm (Posted on May 9, 2008)

Review by L. Richardson
Liked the product... didn't come with instructions however, but learned online that you spray underneath the belt... I suppose I did it correctly since I no longer felt the jolting after I applied it... Would definitely recommend for those who have a similar issue and have already tried tightening their belt to no avail.

It works! (Posted on May 7, 2010)

Review by Trend "Jewelry nut"
My treadmill is old and the belt was continually dragging and jerking. At times, it would just come to a halt. I thought it was a problem with the motor and was resigned to having to trash it, but decided to try this product first. Now the belt runs very smoothly and evenly.

I bought my treadmill over 10 years ago and since that time, the prices of motorized treadmills have really gone up. I don't want to have to buy another, until I absolutely must. Just before discovering this product, I purchased an inexpensive manual treadmill. It's good to have as a backup, but I prefer the motorized. This lubricant is great. It even helps the manual treadmill run more smoothly. Before you trash your motorized treadmill...try this. I'm glad I did. It really works. You just spray on the underside of the belt. I was able to do this easily by locking my treadmill into it's upright position before applying. As others have said, the LifeSpan lubricant has no odor.

Very Pleased (Posted on March 12, 2007)

Review by C. P. Berry "Chris"
This product seems to work well and does not have an odor. I used this on an Image 10 treadmill that had begun to fluctuate in speed quite badly, but now after applying this it's steady as can be.

Best and Easiest Treadmill Lube (Posted on Aug. 8, 2006)

Review by Bobby from PA "Bobby from PA"
I use my treadmill 4 times a week and noticed that their was friction building up...I tried silicone from an auto parts store but the odor was unbearable and later learned that their are propellants in the aerosol cans that actually cause more harm than good!

I came across the LifeSpan treadmill lube, as I was looking for a product that was 100% silicone. It is easy to apply and I felt immediate results...I also like the fact that it provides me with a (1) year supply!

Best Quality Lubricant

Review by Laught
This is the best quality treadmill lubricant I've found. It is odorless (unlike many cheaper silicone lubricants that have a pungent, lasting smell that you really don't want in your workout room), it holds up well, and the spray nozzle makes it easy to apply. Check out Treadmill Doctor's product as well. I recently posted a revised review of that product too.

Items 11 to 19 of 19 total

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