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SP1000 Stretch Partner

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Different than the Precor, but still nice (Posted on Nov. 17, 2010)

Review by Carol
After reading other reviews about this piece of equipment, I expected it to be more like the Precore I have used at the gym in the past. This is a nice piece of equipment, but I was surprised to find that the front piece moves. It is not bad, it is just different. Also, I read that it might not fit a tall person- my boyfriend is 6'6" and he uses it just fine.

Excellent equipment at fair price (Posted on March 8, 2009)

Review by Basic sense
Before purchasing this, I did look at the "Precor" stretcher but found LifeSpan stretcher to be of equal quality but with better feature (Front structure has a tilt feature which allows for a smooth and easier stretch) and at a much better price.

Installation was fairly simple. In summary, do not hesitate to purchase this equipment.

GREAT Product (Posted on June 12, 2009)

Review by P. D. Jones
After using this machine or device as you may call it, at my local gym I decided to buy one for my home. I have lower back disc problems and found the stretcher to be very beneficial for not only lower back but upper-back and shoulders as well. Do watch the enclosed video that comes with machine. It has very useful tips and advice.
W.Monroe, LA

Easy to use exercise equipment! (Posted on July 7, 2009)

Review by Mary S.
I first tried this machine when I was in therapy for my neck, shoulders, and back. It assisted my workout sessions and brought relief to sore muscles in just a matter of a few weeks. Therefore, I purchased one for my home. Not only was it convenient, but also much less than buying one at an exercise store. Great product!

Love My Stretch Partner (Posted on Dec. 22, 2009)

Review by Charles B.
I had been using one at the gym for some time and thought it would be beneficial to have one at home so I could use it every day. I was so right. Now I use it every morning shortly after getting out of bed and I am so much more loose and relaxed during the day. When I play golf I use it after my round and never feel any soreness or tension in my muscles like I used to.

Oldie But Goodie (Posted on Feb. 2, 2010)

Review by Ken T.
I'm 68 years old and have engaged in various sports since childhood. Age takes its toll. This Stretch Partner has reignited flexibility in my muscles that hasn't been there for years! It's extremely easy to use, comfortable and fun. My 49 year old wife....(soon to be 68)....loves it too! We have it in our home "mini-gym" and it's become a real favorite. We've recommended it already to several friends.

LifeSpan Stretch Partner

Review by Ann M.
The LifeSpan Stretch Machine SP1000 has been a great Birthday gift for my 60 yr. old husband. They have truly become Partners. I did have a concern about his being over 6 ft. tall that it would work. There was no problem there.
The product is steady and sturdy; for sure nicely put together. And, the salesmen are definately on their toes! Thank you guys.

Simple and Exceptional (Posted on Dec. 11, 2011)

Review by R. Spell "raspell"
58 y/o playing sports all the time adds to someone always sore and always with stiff parts. Not to mention my extremely tight hamstrings. I receive at least one massage a week many times more. This machine is a good addition to my body wellness.

I recently purchased one after taking a bike fall and my back has remained "bound up". This machine has done wonders! I played a tennis tournament this weekend and was very sore/stiff. I hopped on this daily and felt much better. I've been using it one week and can already tell a difference.

Do you really need this? No. But this machine makes the stretches quickly and with better pressure. Assembly was pretty easy even for a village idiot like me.

I recommend this machine for those needing a good stretch with limited time or interested in better instruction and technique.

Best stretch ever! (Posted on Feb. 28, 2008)

Review by Falguni D.
I bought this machine because I used another one made by Precor at my gym and loved it!! I started a home gym and had to have this piece of equipment as part of my gym. The Precor model was outside of my budget so I purchased this one instead.

Stretching after a workout is somewhat of a chore for me and I would sometimes forget muscle groups that I had worked out. This machine comes with a chart of all major muscle groups and walks you through a program. I stretch for about 10-15 minutes after each workout and feel great afterwards and much less sore the following days after a workout. My lower back and glutes are the areas the needs the most attention and this works so well there!

Best stretching machine on the market (Posted on Aug. 22, 2007)

Review by Geoffrey F.
I have been using a model for a couple of years at my chiro and decided to buy one for myself to stretch and adjust between sessions. I came across this unit when I bought my treadmill and not only was this unit cheaper BUT also gives me a deeper stretch because the handlebar comes towards you than what other units offer. The video and flip book are nice and gives me more stretching options than the unit at my chiro's. I really enjoy my daily stretching routine!

Items 11 to 20 of 28 total

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