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SP1000 Stretch Partner

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Very Satisfied

Review by PlanMan
I have some chronic lower back issues so I'm often on the lookout for "solutions". I use the Precor 240i stretch machine at the YMCA but the price point is just too high for a collection of aluminum pipes, a seat and handle bars. The LifeSpan SP1000 arrived at my door. Box was a bit beat up...so it was handled a bit roughly by someone along the way. Some smaller parts were scattered throughout the box so I was concerned something might be missing. Assembly was made more difficult by poor instructions but if you have even average mechanical skills its nothing to put together. You may need a helper to hold things for you. All parts, tools were included. The build quality on hardware is as good as Precor, although the seat and knee platforms aren't as well made. However they are more than adequate for home use. With the addition of a torquing joint at the base of the handlebar post you actually can do a few stretches that can't effectively done with the Precor. I can do a circuit of stretching in less than 10 minutes if I'm in a hurray so I'm happy. The design and workmanship are good. I'm 5'11" and have no problem with the size so I'm unsure what the commentary about it being for smaller person is referring to. I had an issue with the cross bar that attaches to the base of the handlebar post...it was welded off-center. I contacted LifeSpan and they sent me a new one after an email, phone call, and photograph I attached to email showing flaw. So, customer service would get a top rating from me based on that action. This is a solid investment in your health. Get one.

Lifespan Fitness sp1000

Review by MIckey F.
I bought this for home use because the Precor was $200. more. Its fine for stretching but I don"t like the movable handle, not necessary, and I feel the padded seats will crack. It's ok but still too expensive for what you get. I should have gotten the Precor Stretch Trainer.

Stretch Machine Review (Posted on Oct. 30, 2012)

Review by C. A. Saccaro "Katie"
I Love the product and customer service was great! I would definitely purchase other items from this vendor. I don't use it as much as I would like to, but, I always feel really good after I do use it.

Great morning stretch! (Posted on Jan. 7, 2013)

Review by thomthom
Didn't know these old joints could feel so good anymore. Found this machine at our chiropractors and liked it so much we decided to buy one for home.

Wouldn't be without it! (Posted on Jan. 26, 2013)

Review by Lorraine M
I have had lower back problems most of my life. I discovered the similar Precor stretching machine at the gym, but it was considerably more expensive on Amazon. Bought this one and it is every bit as good!! I use this every day, and even more if I have been out and come home with a sore back. It stretches just the right muscles and provides great relief. I like the cards with other stretches too and am enjoying good stretches for my hips, legs and upper back as a nice bonus. It will pay for itself with money I won't be spending going for massages or to the doctor. If you have any back problems, believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING - and this is the BEST!!!

So far great. (Posted on June 29, 2013)

Review by Clay P.
Purchased as gift for father (70+) for his home exercise area- he enjoys it a lot. Something to add to his strength / flexibility routine and maybe enhance his golf game. Think mom enjoys using it as much or more and both say how simple it is to use and how great it is have something handy they can use anytime. It has a bit different feel from the similar precor trainer I've used; but I felt the same result / effect with this machine when I tried it. Doesn't take up great amount of space, don't have to lay on the floor to use it, and assembly was simple according to dad. Best thing I can say is my folks like it, they're using it daily - morning / night and when ever they feel the need.

He loves it. (Posted on July 11, 2013)

Review by marja
Bought this machine for my husband, and he absolutely loves it. He claims is energizes him, and gives him the best stretches!

amazing results for simple looking machine (Posted on Nov. 14, 2008)

Review by V. Pydi "redvik99"
I had used this instrument some time back and was suprised by the results. Had completely overcome my backpain with workout followed by use of this machine in two weeks. Searched for it online and finally purchased one.

You will be surprised with the kind of stretches it gives to your back, legs, hamstring, shoulders.

You might try this before/after your work out or just stretch to strenghthen your back muscles using stretch exercizes.

Anyone who has a bachache or wants to avoid pain after workouts, this machine stretches your muscles and could alleviate pain - you could try it if it works for you!

Great Machine (Posted on Sept. 8, 2010)

Review by cadk
My husband and I use our stretching machine everyday. Our flexibility has improved and we love the machine. Although you can do any of these stretches on the floor with a partner, we never did. I highly recommend this machine. It is a great end to our busy days.

skeptical husband (Posted on April 28, 2009)

Review by sharonb "sharonb"
Hi I recently purchased the LifeSpan stretch partner,and absolutley love it,I use to use the one at the gym,and found the only time I wouldn't mind stretching was on their machine so I looked into buying one,and came across this,it was not only cheaper,sturdier,but also had a better range of motion......also the main thing my rather skeptical husband.who always says what is this now,loves it as well,we have brought friends over to try it and they are buying it too....Thank you Sharon Bass

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