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TR1200i Folding Treadmill

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A Good Deal! (Posted on Feb. 17, 2013)

Review by A. J. Perash
Many others have given this detailed excellent ratings and I can only 2nd those.
Assembly was a bit of a headache getting some of the screws to fit. Others have
commented on the handles not quite lining up. Now this is actually referenced in
the manual<grin>. It tells you to jiggle it or somesuch. It wasn't really all that big a
deal. Why? Because once you have this machine up and running it is awesome.
VERY quiet. VERY sturdy. Plenty of running deck room. The fold-up option is
a snap and the ladies could do it with ease (no offense intended). It does NOT
come with a Mem Stik but they are so cheap - just buy a 4 or 8 gig cheap stik
as you won't need more - it doesn't seem to store info once it is uploaded to the
web-site. The on-line Fitness Club is good or bad depending on how much you
use it. I like it but mostly I just like to record progress rather than read all the
health literature blah, blah.

In summation: This machine is the BEST treadmill deal on Amazon if you get the
999.99 price. It is the newest model (2013). Smooth functioning with decent extras.
Both Incline and Speed options change seamlessly and the pre-loaded programs
cover about all levels of fitness so Beginners & Pros can use it. Or you can just
hop on it & go. My 1st Treadmill and I am very happy !

Solid B+ very functional (Posted on May 22, 2011)

Review by H. Head
The ordering and delivery of this treadmill was very easy, and description did not disappoint. It was very easy to assemble and every bit of 250lbs! Can't imagine if we had to move up or down stairs! It arrived exactly on time and was well packaged (crate and boxes were a challenge to dispose). The length of the belt is long enough for just about any height, the handles are very sturdy but wish it were a tad wider. The controls are simple to operate but entering personal height/weight/age information is clumsy and the online fitness program is worth what you pay for it (free)! The motor is very quiet and the speaker system for your iPod or MP3 is nice and plenty loud enough for workouts (you must buy your own cord to connect). The operation is also smooth enough to read while running or walking. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend to a friend.

Even when it was not great, I still loved it (Posted on March 14, 2011)

Review by Dox1000
I will keep this short, as the other reviews are spot on. I was upgraded to the 3000i because they 1200i I ordered was not available, and they wanted me to be happy. This makes for a great review as I love a company that wants the client to love them as much as the product. The treadmill is silent, has a ton of programs, and works perfectly. I have loved using it and all of the features are as advertised. Even the speakers that are built in sound great for audio books while working out. Additionally, since the unit is almost silent (my footfalls are the loudest thing in the room), I don't have to blast the volume. Watching TV is nice now, as the volume is normal, not extra loud like it was with the old treadmill I replaced.

On some versions of this product, people mentioned a shock issue. This is like when you rub your stockinged feet on a rug and then go and touch your sister to shock her. The same thing happens here. Turns out my shoes (brooks) seem to be one of the type that have this insulation issue. After running for a minute, I can get a small shock by touching any of the metal parts. Frankly, it is not painful, but it is annoying. Since I can fix this by changing shoes, or adding a mat to the unit, I don't think that I blame the company for this, but I wanted to at least post that it can occur. The bad is that when unplugging the iphone from the speakers one time, I shocked the unit, and it was strong enough to reset the computer. This was not good. Everything seemed to work just fine afterward, until I tried to use the interval heart rate setting on the unit. The unit would not adjust the speed anymore when my heart rate went above or below the heart limits I had set. Mind you, all of the other heart rate programs still worked just fine, and I don't know if this was a problem before the unit got shocked, as I had not tried it before then, but I wanted to report the problem as it occurred, not as I suspect. Of course, I suspect that the shock screwed it up, but I cannot prove that. Regardless, I called the company and the sent me out a new display right away and all is good.

There is a fitness system that comes with this that is nice, but while I will admit that it works well, I am happy just setting a target heart rate and going for an hour more than anything else. With regards to that though, I use a polar chest strap to monitor my heart rate. Polar makes a smaller and a larger unit (one has greater distance than the other). Make sure that you purchase a larger unit. The smaller one does not put out enough juice to get a reading from the display unless you are at the front 25% of the treadmill, and that is not how I like to run. With the larger unit, I can run in the middle of the treadmill and the system picks up my signal just fine. I would assume that the one that Lifespan sells is a stronger unit, but I don't own one, so I cannot report on that. Maybe they will read this and comment (hint).

Quality build, excellent features, excellent customer support, excellent customer focused business model, fast problem resolution. Buy it, ignore the other units, enjoy. It took me a year to decide on this unit, and I got more than I paid for on all levels!

Great Treadmill ! (Posted on May 27, 2011)

Review by Yoko
* Assembly is very easy. I am a woman, but I could assembled it by myself in an hour.
* Operation is easy, too. You can change speed and incline level up/down at grip so easily.
* Display is simple and very easy to see.
* It has wireless function to check heart rate, and it needs additional equipment.
But you don't have to purchase it. It is enough only by original equipment(at grip).
* It's so heavy. Although I asked deliveryman to put this treadmill inside house(entrance), he left it at the garage.
So I and my husband had to carry and move it, but it was very very hard. I think it needs 2 or 3 more person.
But thanks to its weight, it is stable. You can exercise comfortably.

I love this treadmill. I can recommend to you.

best purchase of my life (Posted on Jan. 12, 2012)

Review by Maneybe
This is a great in-home treadmill; it was delivered earlier than I thought and was extremely easy to put together. The online workout tracking is really cool and it's nice not having to enter my height and weight every time I want to use it. I like how it displays your name every time you get on. The music station is really nice and the cup holders are deep so my iPhone didn't jump around while running. It's exactly what I was looking for in a treadmill. I very highly recommend this treadmill for purchase.

Great Treadmill (Posted on Jan. 16, 2012)

Review by UG
I purchased this treadmill in November 2011 when Amazon was offering a limited time free installation, so I took advantage of that offer which saved me $200 and the machine was installed by pros in less than 20 minutes (no left over screws and all the holes and screws aligned perfectly). As usual Amazon's service was great and the installation was done few days after the delivery without any problems. (you might have to "tip" the delivery guys if you want the treadmill delivered in a location other than your doorstep.)

Thus far the treadmill is performing surprisingly well, very quiet and stable, even at the highest speed or incline. USB port feature works well, although it could be better: after the initial setup, just plug in the USB storage device into the console and all your workout information will be recorded. The information can then be uploaded to their website so you can monitor your progress. The owners manual lacks some details, but the customer service is excellent and provides all the missing information.

Overall, I would highly recommend this treadmill to everyone, based on its performance and price. Like others, I had some reservations spending $1,000 for something that I've never tried, but so far I'm very pleased. If you buy this treadmill, don't forget to buy the lubricant (it's recommended to lubricate the belt before the first use).

I will provide performance updates in the upcoming months.

1/25/2013 Update :
I have been using this treadmill for over a year (about three times a week). Still going strong and no problems to report (I have lost 25 lbs). Still five stars, still highly recommended.

Solid treadmill (Posted on Jan. 17, 2012)

Review by lsls
We received the treadmill before Christmas (expected 29 Dec) ... great start! This a well packaged treadmill and fairly simple to assemble. The only issue was assembling the two arms. There is a 3" bolt that threads into a pre-threaded hole. The issue is the hole was drilled on a rounded surface and the bolt did not properly thread into hole. I was able to force it but if I had to pull the bolts I'm sure the threads would be stripped.

Only other issue is with the workout program. Found out that any additional person would cost $99 to sign up and use the program.

The treadmill works well and I'm very pleased with the product.

absolutely awesome- best buy for your money (Posted on March 5, 2012)

Review by marcelh
I actually bought this at a local fitness store, but I did months of research prior to the purchase. I couldn't be happier with this treadmill. At my gym, they have precor (read: expensive) treadmills. When you set them to incline the console and platform shake violently when walking fast, let alone running. This is not the case with the Lifespan Tr1200i. Build quality is outstanding. It is rock solid stable at any speed I have gone to (so far I've only taken it up to 7, mind you). Haven't used the Lifespan Fitness Club USB drive thing yet, but I will update the review once i do. The controls are well placed, and I reallly like the duplicate incline and speed controls on the handles. It makes adjusting speed without throwing yourself off balance easier. Additionally, the information display is easy to understand and switches to display alternate info by simply pressing the "enter" key once. The one complaint I have is that the heartrate monitor handles don't work well, a common problem with treadmills of any price. However, the installation technician told me that the treadmill will receive signals from a polar heart rate strap, so I plan on purchasing one of those so I can take of the heart rate boundary programs. Overall, very satisfied. Now I wish I had another one so we can stop fighting over who gets to use it first = ).

love it..... scared to order but don't regret it at all (Posted on Oct. 1, 2012)

Review by Jippywoman
This is by far the most expensive item I have order solely on reviews. I was very nervous about ordering it but most of all the reviews were good and I didn't want to buy a cheap treadmill. I wanted something that was going to last. It has all the bells and whistles and than some. I haven't used all of them but they are there if I need them! It is a fairly heavy item so definitely have a couple extra people to help! My husband put it together with no problem maybe took a half hour. It is very quiet to run on I can have the tv on and hear it to problem over the treadmill, absolutely content with my purchase. I almost love it more than running outside!

Shipping is FAST (Posted on April 30, 2011)

Review by GaryM
This thing is solid as a rock. The deck absorbs shock very well and doesn't cause any foot fatigue. This machine is unbelievably quiet.

The tread surface is nice and wide - as am I. The motor runs effortlessly despite my 260 pounds walking on it.

What sold me was the controls. Its concise and laid out in a way that is intuitive and user friendly. There are redundant controls for speed and lift on the side rails as well. Heartbeat monitor and pedometer functions all built in. It has speakers for your IPOD/Phone/MP3 and a USB interface for either saving your personal workout data or charging a handheld device. Oh yeah you get a free membership to an online health club. Comes with a removable thumb drive to store your workout data too. Very nice.

The killer feature is the buttons. IT HAS REAL BUTTONS!! Fat, silicone, Nerf-style buttons that depress with a pleasing tactile feel. What membrane style buttons they do use aren't for critical functions.

When you have to stop in a hurry, a fat stop button is important. How many times at the gym did you have to stop in a hurry only to find the plastic film was worn off where the word "Stop" was once printed on it?

Sure, membrane controls are real easy to clean but they have an arguably shorter lifespan than the machine does. Plus my safety is worth more than an easy wipe in this case.

This is actually the second one of these I've owned. I bought the first one from a local store who I believe dropped it - hard. They wanted to charge for delivery (about 5 miles) and they made me wait 5 weeks. After the umpteenth time the store manager told me "its not his fault...", and, "...I can't help that..." I had them come get the machine and give me a refund.

Amazon has free delivery, and the guys called ahead to schedule at MY convenience, and got here DAYS earlier than expected. They offloaded the machine carefully and placed it in my garage like it was a baby. I didn't have to pay any sales tax, either. I could have had this up and running two months ago FOR LESS MONEY, if I had gone to Amazon first.

I'll get a video up here at some point soon. Too many other features to talk about.

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