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TR1200i Folding Treadmill

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Simple (Posted on March 7, 2011)

Review by Michael G.
Not exactly quailty, but very functional, easy to put together but not all the holes lined up. Not a big deal though because the one hole that didn't line up is non weight bearing. Easy to use. I'm 210lbs and my knees don't hurt on this treadmill, never really had knee problems before either though. Very happy with this product. haven't used the usb port for tracking mileage yet but I will start doing that soon in the future. I would buy this product again.

Great product, works well for me! (Posted on March 22, 2012)

Review by Matthew S.
This product sat in my Amazon Cart for about 18 months. The reviews indicated that it was a great product but I am always skeptical, especially of exercise equipment. I finally bit the bullet and purchased the treadmill for my personal Christmas gift.

I've been very pleased with the product so far. It is fairly quiet and runs like a champ. I have yet to encounter an issue which makes me very happy with the purchase.

Couple of quick notes:

This item was a large delivery so even if you have Amazon Prime, a specialty company will have to deliver the product.

Installation was not bad, but I did run into the problem not recognizing that the screws were already pre-inserted into the places they needed to go. Just make sure to look at the pieces and notice the screws are there before spending 5 minutes searching for the "missing" screws.

Definitely have another person help you install the treadmill as it is heavy.

Solid treadmill (Posted on May 11, 2012)

Review by mc
I've had the TR1200i for a few months. I wanted to wait until I tried all the features and take it out for a shake test.

a) solid frame
b) quick-access buttons for incline/decline and speed on the handles
c) simple easy-to-use controls
d) emergency stop
e) automatic shut-off
f) no roughness/shaking at higher speeds
g) the motor is more than adequate
h) the console layout is clean and also practical
i) will fold up easily, but use of space vacated by raised running board requires that the front be facing a less-used area?

Neither here or there--
a) the running board is somewhat stiff
b) the plastic cover seems somewhat hard to clean (sweat against regular cleaner)
c) the music port/speakers are adequate (don't use it that much)
d) the training usb storage device/Lifespan Fitness Club is at most a curiosity for seasoned athletes

a) stops the workout at 99 minutes
b) incline setting does not reset automatically
c) no wheels underneath/not portable
d) pretty heavy and assembly required
e) no cool down setting/button
f) you have to press the mode button to get the pulse measurements
g) the initial pace should be set at 1mph, not 0.5 (too slow)

About me:
3:20 marathoner. I usually do easy runs on the TM at around 6mph, 2 times a week, 3 hour total. I sometimes do speedwork on the treadmill. I used to own a Pacemaster Gold Elite.

Very happy with the TM so far. My GF is happy with it as well. I bought it to keep myself healthy, since I work from home. While it can't do the heavy work that my Pacemaster used to do, I can easily achieve the same results on this TM if I'm smart about it. A great buy. Thanks for the earlier reviews--the reviewers did not disappoint.

Lifespan TR Quality with Safety (Posted on March 16, 2011)

Review by SamH
I am most impressed with the quality of the construction of the TR 1200i Folding Treadmill. Folding treadmills have come a long way since I had my first. It weighs 250 pounds but folded, pivots well to change direction. I also like the safety features. Time will tell how well all of what I said will hold true. I will revisit this issue in a few months.

Great treadmill (Posted on June 26, 2011)

Review by Chung-yi C. "Chiang"
This is my first Treadmill at home.
1. Delivery: couldn't be better.
I ordered it from Amazon. After placing the order, the freight carrier scheduled a time with me to deliver it. It was delivered to the room where I was going to set it up.

2. Installation: simple but heavy.
It is better to be installed by two people. I was doing it all by myself, but I did it slowly. Two people can get it finished in 15min.

3. Performance: excellent.
Compared with the other treadmills I ever used at gyms, this one is relatively quiet. There is nearly no noise below 3mph. you may think the noise it generates at 6mph is too loud. It is actually quieter than the feet stepping on the belt. I usually runs a 6.5 to 7mph, and the machine certainly has no problem to reach that.
After using 15hrs, I noticed the motor or belt generating some laud noise. So, I spread the lubricant oil on the belt as instructed, and then the noise disappeared. I guessed it was just because the belt dried out while sitting in the warehouse. In fact, the manual does suggest users lubricate the belt after the installation. So, it's better to lubricate the belt before you use it for the first time.

4. Control panel: Nice, but could be better.
That USB included in the box give you a membership to upload your exercise record so that you can track your own progress. Great values.
To start, I have to press Start button, which starts at 0.5mph. I couldn't press 3mph or 6mph button to start engage at higher speed right away. I guess this is for safety sake, but not very convenient for me.

5. Heart rate: pick up and get steady slowly.
It took me a while to figure out how make the measurement correctly. Can't grip it tight. Just place the palms on the sensors. It takes almost half minutes to show on the screen and longer to get the right reading. It is always lower than the actual rate a lot at the beginning and takes about 1 min to become steady and correct. But, this is just a minor problem.

6. Belt alignment: not sure.
My belt is not completely aligned. I always can see a small gap at left front side, but not at the left back side (the end). That seems to suggest the belt is not parallel to side rim. I spent a lot time to adjust it according the manual but couldn't make the gap even (at front and back) or smaller. I don't bother to try it any more since the gap is not affecting my exercise and the belt is not drifting at all. There got to be a way to align it. I just don't know how.

Overall, I love this treadmill. It's a great product with a wonderful price.

Good treadmill with some annoyances (Posted on March 5, 2012)

Review by Michael
Have had this treadmill for about a week and used just a few times so far.
Very quiet - night and day compared to my 15 year old Proform from Sears.
Nice feature set for the most part
Ability to log runs via USB and Online Fitness Club Membership (included) is nice
Turns out to be compatible with my Polar Wearlink heart rate strap - an unexpected plus. Didn't have to buy one from Lifespan.

As others have noted, there is a definite issue with alignment of holes for bolts during setup. And similar to others I had to grind slightly larger holes and really torque the bolts in to get through, possibly damaging threads. I can't imagine why Lifespan hasn't fixed this given the number of reviews complaining about it. Frankly, if I hadn't had a good ratchet wrench, a power screwdriver, and a rotary tool with grinding bit, it would have been a big problem. A real shame given that it seems to be a high quality unit otherwise.
The assembly instructions were just fair - there was some confusion about where to find some of the screws (you have to unscrew them first from the pieces - this is noted in some cases, but not in others). Assembly took twice as long as it should have due to the issues. Once together though it's nice.

More Cons:
The built-in programs are all very similar to each other. There are three sets of programs - Sports training, general health and weight loss. Each of these groups has very similar programs with barely any difference that I can detect - unless there are differences that are not explained in the manual. Which is a shame again because it would have been really helpful to have some true variety and greater range of challenge. But you do still have a couple custom programs you can create.

The USB logging with the online club isn't very well explained - in general, the online fitness club has a lot of potential and some nice features, but again, it's very hard to figure it out - the interface is awkward and not very intuitive.
Strangely, even though Lifespan sells an indoor rowing machine with the Online Fitness club membership, the online fitness club does not have a way to log that kind of exercise. Hopefully they will improve it.

One general complaint that is not just about Lifespan - I have several pieces of equipment that have various forms of online logging, including a polar heart rate monitor. I wish there was way to import/export data from them so I could pick one online logging/planning system rather than having my data scattered. But that isn't just a lifespan issue.

Overall - I still give it 4 stars because in the end, it's the treadmill hardware that matters most and that seems to be very good. I would certainly buy it again (so far). Most of the complaints could be fairly easily addressed by Lifespan - I hope they will do that.

Money Well Spent (Posted on Feb. 17, 2013)

Review by Shane W.
After having purchased a really terrible manual treadmill, followed by a few used treadmills, finally dropping the money on this product and having it turn out to be wonderful was, well... wonderful! There are a great many features to be found with this machine, though you could easily just ignore them all and still have a good piece of equipment. It's quiet and I had no issues with delivery.

In hindsight, assembly was very simplistic. This thing is almost completely put together when it arrives. I decided to take the setup of this treadmill on by myself and that did increase the difficulty; getting it out of the box was the hardest part for me. Since the manual it comes with covers several different models, there were some directional errors with regard to setup (such as discussing self-tapping screws which were actually screws that needed to be removed and re-placed in order to assemble, misnaming screw types, etc). Also, the upright locking feature caused me some real frustration at first when I realized I couldn't unlock it based on the manual. Luckily there was a sticker on the machine itself which helped clarify; you'll have to give the machine a light pull toward you after kicking in the tension bar in order to get the belt back on the floor. As mentioned though, looking back at the setup frustrations, there were really only 5 or six small cover pieces to screw to the machine, and the panel to attach. I've never encountered a piece of exercise equipment this easy to assemble.

My advice to those thinking of looking for something cheaper would be to avoid that at all costs. Not only is this machine worth the money, it also looks and runs better than most any treadmill I've ever encountered in my time spent at a number of gyms, hotel exercise rooms, and so on. This thing comes damn near ready to use, runs amazingly well, will support the norms of workout desires (places to store bottles, MP3 player compatibility, even a bar for placing a Kindle above the display), and looks fantastic. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a treadmill.

One Year On and REALLY LIKE THIS MACHINE!! (Posted on Sept. 1, 2012)

Review by SureallyReal
Got the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill a year ago and have loved it ever since! This machine is used 3-6 times a week and it works as well as the day we bought it. Of course we've maintained the machine with treadmill lubrication and cleaning, BUT this is a HIGH QUALITY machine that works well, holds up to 200 lb people using it regularly. It was delivered professionally and was SO easy to set up. The digital electronics work like a charm and are accurate and stable. I've used weaker machines at a $60/mo health club, so save some money, and tell yourself you'll only watch TV IF you are on the treadmill - walk, run, get moving! This is a great machine and after a year of use I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill!

I LOVE this treadmill! (Posted on April 10, 2011)

Review by Book Lover "I love to read"
I ordered this treadmill from Amazon.com. We put it together yesterday, it was fairly easy to put together, but it is HEAVY! Be sure you have more than one person to help get it inside and get it out of the box.

I absolutely love it already and I am so glad I made the choice to go with this particular treadmill. I did my research for quite a while before I made my decision. Being that it did not have one single negative review on Amazon, helped to seal the deal for me as I know that the people giving these reviews are the ones actually using it and not just some so-called "expert" giving their opinion, but not really using it.

It is very user-friendly, with good sized digital readouts making it so easy. The thing I love the most about it, is that it is so unbelievably quiet! I kept reading that in other people's reviews, but I didn't really think it would be as quiet as it really is! I have it positioned in front of my big screen TV and I didn't even have to turn the volume up to screaming mode to hear it! Last night I worked out on it for an hour and 15 minutes while I watched some of my DVR'd shows and I hardly even noticed that I was working out because it was so quiet and I was absorbed into my TV show. It is just fabulous! I love the magazine/book holder on the dash too, as that has always been my biggest complaints about other treadmills. I love to read while I am working out and this gives me the opportunity to do so without holding on to anything! I also love the i-pod hookup, that is another nice bonus!

I also LOVE the pause feature! On my old treadmill, if I had to stop for any reason, I lost all my settings (time, speed, etc.) and had to start all over. With this one, you just hit the stop button and it pauses right in the middle of your workout... you go do whatever and come back and hit start and it picks right back up on the time you had already completed and goes right back to the speed you were at.

Another great feature is the countdown. When you start the treadmill, it starts "counting down" to let you know it is going to slowly start. It doesn't just catch you off guard and start suddenly! I love that. This treadmill really has it all for a fabulous price!

The one and only complaint I have about it thus far is that it does not turn off on the dash! This is a bit puzzling to me, I have no clue why the engineers would not put the on/off switch on the dash! That is the first time I have ever seen that on a treadmill. You either have to unplug it or turn it off by the switch on the front of the belt down by the floor. Very odd to me. Overall, I highly recommend this treadmill! I do not think you can go wrong with this purchase!

UPDATE: A year and a half later, I still love this treadmill!! If you are like me, you realize that most people review items within days of receiving it and therefore you do not get the review from "tried and true" usage, so I wanted to add my year and a half later update that it is still wonderful and I have not had one single problem from it!! I still highly recommend it!

Very great treadmill, reviews spot on (Posted on May 11, 2011)

Review by Z. Cavaricci
I bought this treadmill based on the reviews here. I assembled it with a little help from my gf to get it out of the box, and it took me a bit longer than I had planned due to my mistakes and bad luck. I thought I could save time by removing all the screws from the console part at once (they are put there pre-assembled and need to be removed to attach other parts), but didn't realize that not all of them are the same. So don't make that mistake! The little screws are slightly different depending on what they are to be used for. Also be careful not to bungle up the wires between the console and the panel you screw it into on the treadmill.

I ended up not being able to put on the last piece which covers the wiring in the back, not sure but the screws wouldn't go into the holes. I don't think this was my fault this time, must be the holes were not properly drilled through. Anyway, this is purely a cosmetic piece and doesn't affect the functionality.

As for using it, it is pretty straight forward. The display is nice and big, shows all the important metrics. I am not sure how to make it show pace instead of speed since I run based on that as opposed to speed, I'll have to read the manual some more. There are pre-planned programs, but I mostly just like to do my own thing, so that's what I did for the first run. The thing is very quiet, I was very surprised. It is super sturdy, I am of average weight and height for a male (5'10, 155) so I don't foresee it ever breaking down on me due to wear and tear I am hoping. The controls on the handles are a very nice bonus, it is like the really nice treadmills at the gym and allows you to stay more in "the zone" as opposed to trying to reach forward and finding the speed/incline buttons. This way you can run more in the "middle" of the treadmill as opposed to toward the front.

I did a 3 mile run, around 7 speed, and since I'm a heavy sweater, I know I will now need to invest in some heavy duty fans. The speakers were actually not as bad as I thought they would be based on some other reviewers. I couldn't find any volume buttons though, had to use the volume on my iphone, I'll have to read the manual some more. I haven't tried the online club that comes with the treadmill, I am letting my gf use it since she has goals of losing weight whereas I am just doing it to get in shape. It comes with a usb device that will record all your data and let you upload it, from what I hear.

The treadmill folds up very nicely after use, and isn't too heavy on that side; the hydraulic release is a nice touch. All in all, this is a great purchase, and I look forward to running on it, as will my gf.

Very sturdy, well-built
Buttons on the rails are very useful
Easy to read display
Extremely quiet
Good warranty
A good value
1 Free membership to online tracker

No fans
Very heavy

No volume control?
Show pace instead of speed?

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