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TR1200i Folding Treadmill

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Love it! (Posted on Feb. 25, 2013)

Review by L. K. Taylor
Love It! It's quiet and I use it daily! I don't think my neighbors can hear it (I live in an apartment).

Very happy! (Posted on March 4, 2013)

Review by Laura R.
Shopped around for the best pricing on a good quality treadmill. I went to fitness shops by me as well as shopped on line. we are very happy with the Lifespan TR 1200i. Got a great deal on a new one. We received it within one week of ordering. The packaging was not in the best shape, but the treadmill inside was untouched. The delivery was just to our door, but fortunately it was easy to unpack and carry in pieces down the stairs to the basement where set up was a breeze. The directions were very easy to follow. The treadmill is very user friendly, quiet and extremely sturdy!!

Super sturdy reliable treadmill (Posted on April 16, 2013)

Review by S. M. Lupton
I run on it two times a day...3 mile each time at 7mph and I'm 6'2" 220lbs and this thing is as sturdy as it gets...easy setup.....great price....I'd recommend this to anyone

BEST TREADMILL FOR PRICE (Posted on Jan. 29, 2013)

Review by Fuzztharts
I have been a runner for over 15 years. I now run 30 to 35 miles a week. I have gone through several mid-priced treadmills that fell apart. I saw this treadmill and did a little research. The independent reviews were excellent. I was skeptical but decided to order the TR 1200i. It arrived regular carrier and the driver helped me get it into my garage. It is very bulky packaging and was expertly packed. Hard to maneuver through the house by myself since it was bulky and weighed 219lbs. I found assembly to be quick and easy. It took about 1hr. I ran about 7 mils to test it out. The most quiet treadmill I have ever had. The only thing I could hear were my feet hitting the belt. Very sturdy construction and a pleasure to run on. I have had several treadmills that rattled and were very noisy. Not so with this excellent machine. I have only had it since Jan 7, 2013 but feel it will really hold up well.. I would highly recommend this product. Best I have seen in this price range of 999.00 through Amazon.

I think it's fantastic. (Posted on Feb. 15, 2013)

Review by S. M. Garrett
I bought this treadmill in Jan. 2012, and I absolutely love it. When it arrived I asked the delivery guys if they would take it across the living room into the back room, and they agreed in exchange for a soda. Small price to pay, though I wish I would have had them lay it all the way down -- they left it on its side. I'm a small woman (5'0", 115 lbs), and when I rolled it over it was heavier than I thought, and nearly fell and landed on my foot. Once I got it open I was able to assemble it myself, but couldn't lift it out/off of of the box & styrofoam packaging and had to recruit help.

I have since moved twice, and while the thing is cumbersome (I had movers), it easily survived and has a permanent home in my new house. No damage to it, so I think it's pretty sturdy. I've had no problems with the treadmill itself. Only two quirks:
1) the USB automatic update to their "fitness club" doesn't work with Chrome, and I must have spent hours uninstalling/installing the software, reading FAQs (it's not mentioned on their troubleshooter), and had to send an e-mail. It took a few days to get a response, but once they told me to use IE it worked fine.
2) I purchased a New Balance heart rate chest strap based on some others' comments about different brands working with this treadmill, but I would say the treadmill only reads it about half the time. I know the chest strap functions, because it came with a watch, but you have to be uncomfortably close to the console for it to pick up the signal accurately. When you drift further back it cuts your heart rate in half, like it's only picking up every other signal, or not at all. If you want the heart rate tracking, it might be worth it to buy their proprietary chest strap -- if it doesn't work maybe they'd give you your money back for it.

Otherwise I think it's amazing -- I run/walk on it probably 3 times/week in the winter, and maybe once a week in the summer.

Great purchase! So happy! (Posted on March 17, 2013)

Review by Laura88
This was well worth the $. The treadmill was delivered in the box with no damage. Unfortunately, the shipping company (not related to amazon) only sent one man to deliver the 260 lb box. Thank goodness my husband was home to help the poor man bring it into our home. Otherwise I'm pretty sure the box would had laid on the sidewalk. Anyway, between the two of them and the dolly they brought it into the house into the front door. Mind you, this box is HUGE, be sure you have adequate space to unpack it. We unpacked it in the living room and between him and I were able to carry it up to the second floor spare bedroom (this was NOT easy). Assembly was a breeze, everything is already put together accept for some hardware and covers. Took about half hour to do this, in which my husband did most of it. I've used it multiple times since. Very sturdy piece of equipment. It's gym quality. The console with the information can be a little confusing at first to navigate, but if you've used other treadmills, you can figure it out. My only gripe is you cant change the height in the information without going to the website they provide you and putting your info in and then putting it into a USB that transfers it into the console. It's set at 5'7, which works for me, but had to use the USB and website for my 6'0 husband. I haven't lubricated the mat, but I will purchase this in the future.

Perfect for 'headless' operation in a treadmill desk (Posted on May 19, 2013)

Review by Mjolnir
You can see my other review about the Sole f63. I'm not going to repeat all that here. They are both good machines, but i like the 1200i better, at least for initial impressions.

I got this as a second (!) treadmill because my employer lets me have a standing/treadmill desk at work. At home, I just have a piece of finished plywood strapped to the handlebars of the f63, with about 10 inches of rigid foam block spacers in between to raise it to a usable level. At work, I wanted something less jerry rigged, so I wanted to be able to remove the uprights/handlebars to put it under a desk.

I picked the 1200i because other reviews said it is quiet. They are correct. It is much quieter than even the f63, at least for walking. Up to 1.2 mph, you can barely hear it. The majority of the noise at those speeds comes from your footsteps and the sliding of the track on the bed under your footsteps.

I also looked at the LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Standing Desk Treadmill. I think it is based on the same fundamental design. However if you read the reviews for that product, it's controller seems pretty annoying to the reviewers and inflexible, and beeps like an out of control 50's sci fi movie robot. Plus it has a weaker motor, doesn't do incline, and doesn't fold up for storage. And--it's more expensive! Really, guys?

I figured I could just get the 1200i folding treadmill and take off the uprights/handrails. It was a gamble, you can't really tell whether this will be easy from the description. But I did it, it was pretty easy, and it works great.

First, the 1200i is shipped with the handrails lowered to the bed. The are attached by two bolts; the idea is, you lift the uprights into place and attach two more bolts. I just unbolted it completely, and voila.

Well, you do have to remove the control cable which is threaded through the uprights. There are two challenges. One, where the cable comes out of the upright at the bottom, there is a rigid plastic grommet holding it to the metal upright. You can see the grommet forms a circle from a tab and a C shaped piece. Get a small vise grips and grab the tab. Work it back and forth a bit and the grommet will pop out. Next, you need to pull the control cable through. The problem is there is a plug at the top end of the control cable. It is difficult to pass through the crossbar portion, and won't go through the grommet hole at all. So, you need to cut the control cable. Do it at least 4 inches below the plug so you have some wire to work with. Then the cable pulls right out of the uprights and you can remove the uprights.

Now, you need to reconnect the plug to the control cable. Invest in a wire stripper and a pack of butt splice crimp connectors. Get a pack of 10 or so, you'll need 7 and you'll invariably mess up at least one of them. Get the thinnest ones available since the control wires are pretty thin. If this step bothers you at all just find a friend who has worked with electronics a bit. It is straightforward. Just connect the right colors and you'll be fine.

You can silence the beeper on the 1200i very easily. Look in the back of the controller through the opening in the housing. Right in the center of the circuit board is a round can about the size of a fat pencil eraser. That's the beeper. Get a hot glue gun, let it heat up good and hot, then force some hot glue right into the hole in the center of the beeper can. That's it. My beeper is completely silent now. I suppose you could use epoxy or silicon adhesive if you don't have a hot glue gun. But the hot glue sets in a minute or so, very convenient. Wax might work too.

For a desk, I got the powered geekdesk. You'll have to search for it, don't think amazon sells it. But if you use that product or another desk, be aware that the 1200i's motor housing sticks up a fair bit, and more when the incline is all the way up. I'lll measure the height and edit my post later. But the top of the housing is probably about 16" off the floor when fully inclined, so the bottom of any crossbrace on your desk has to be higher than that (or, don't plan on inclining the treadmill so much).

General comments about the 1200i: In some of the other reviews, people complained about a lack of durability. Now, I just bought this, so maybe it will fall apart in six months. But I doubt it. This thing is S-O-L-I-D. You could take one of the uprights to a medieval battle reenactment and not feel outgunned. Seriously, you could probably beat a cave troll into submission. Second, the top ranked review at this moment is complaining about the durability of the motor housing. Here's a helpful hint: Tread on the treadmill belt, not on the housing. You'll be fine. Seriously. I don't get why some have such trouble with perfectly adequate products. If amazon sold full size M1 Abrams battle tanks, you can be sure someone would say they threw a track just driving around the cul de sac.

Some other stuff for the 1200i vs the Sole f63.
-The 1200 i feels a little more compact and lighter, or at least easier to move around.
-The cup holders are placed where they should be (if you don't want to remove the uprights as I did).
-The controller is a lot more compact and thus better suited to operating without the uprights--this controller is about the size of a large book, whereas the Sole f63 is like the bridge of the Enterprise.
-The 1200i is much quieter.
-Strangely, the 1200i does not enclose the underside of the belt like the Sole does. Not sure if that would be a problem, but if you had a small pet and the pet liked to sleep under the tread deck, things could get ugly when you turned it on.
-I like the operation of the Sole controller a bit more, but I'm used to it.
-The 1200i has more features, including the USB port, which I've yet to use.
-The safety key for the 1200i seems more likely to pull out inadvertently.
-The Sole has a fan, the 1200i does not. But the fan on the Sole is a joke.
-The 1200i shuts off at 99 minutes and 59 seconds. So if you are walking all day like me, you have to reset every so often.

Excellent treadmill! (Posted on June 22, 2012)

Review by A. Austin
I purchased this treadmill in April 2011 and am extremely happy with it - definitely well worth the price. I love all of the features that this treadmill has, especially the USB and membership with Interactive Health Partner (a website that you can upload all your workout data to). You can customize the USB with your info and pop it into the treadmill, so the calorie burn can be a little more accurate - the USB automatically keeps track of your time, distance, calories, etc, then you pop it into your computer when you're done and upload the data to the website. Absolutely love that feature - it's so motivating and it makes it much easier to keep track of your progress. One thing I would recommend is to get the chest band heart rate monitor that LifeSpan has (I bought mine directly from the LifeSpan website since Amazon didn't have it)- the heart rate monitor on the handles of the treadmill never registered very well for me and I found it awkward to keep my hands on the handles when jogging/running so that it could register heart rate.

Very Solid Machine (Posted on Sept. 14, 2012)

Review by C. Schutze
Like many of you, I spent days reading reviews about treadmills trying to decide on the brand. I had not heard of Lifespan before my research, but nothing came up with better reviews than this company. I needed a smaller machine and was tempted to go with the model lower for that reason, but the TR1200i was actually less as it was on sale! I have been using the machine almost every day for a month and I have found it to be very quiet and well built. I am planning on buying the oil for it, however, as it is squeaking already.

I will say that one of the benefits of buying this machine was the membership to the Interactive health club. I have to admit that I am not all that impressed. I was hoping this would be much more motivating, but the programs are hard to understand and don't give specific details regarding the workout. Plus, I assumed the information would be more streamlined off of the memory stick, but it holds this information in a separate part of the site and therefore you have to manually enter it anyway. Maybe I am not smart enough to figure it out correctly! Not a big deal to me, just a bit of a disappointment as I like to chart my progress but gave up within a week. For those that need more motivation, it might be more useful for you.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality.

Extremely pleased with purchase! (Posted on Jan. 14, 2013)

Review by Kathleen
Very hesitant to order a treadmill online and never having tried it out in person.
Purchased this one to replace an older model Gold's Gym model.
I was NOT disappointed.
Delivery was prompt; son assisted in getting HUGE & HEAVY box through doorway and into house.

PROS: VERY well built - son and I had NO PROBLEMS assembling; holes lined up perfectly, instructions easy to follow.
All necessary tools for assembly were included.
Had it up and running in just over an hour.
Very intuitive console; easy to use and understand; everything nicely placed.
Extremely quiet! (Can't stress this enough!)
I have mine setup on a LifeSpan mat over very thick carpet and pad - no issues.
Machine doesn't wobble or shift; seems very stable and secure.
VERY heavy, but we had no problem, once assembled in the hallway, of folding it up and moving it to final destination room.
Hydraulic mechinism worked exceptionally well and smoothly.
I purchased a small surge protector in which to plug this treadmill into.
Have walked and jogged on it many times so far, both with shoes and socks, and have had no issues with "shocking" or household electrical issues. Son has run on it, nearly max speed and max incline with no issues.
I couldn't be happier!

CONS: For the price of this machine, one would EXPECT the USB and a bottle of lube to be included and not have to be purchased separately.

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