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TR1200i Folding Treadmill

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love it..... scared to order but don't regret it at all (Posted on Oct. 1, 2012)

Review by Jippywoman
This is by far the most expensive item I have order solely on reviews. I was very nervous about ordering it but most of all the reviews were good and I didn't want to buy a cheap treadmill. I wanted something that was going to last. It has all the bells and whistles and than some. I haven't used all of them but they are there if I need them! It is a fairly heavy item so definitely have a couple extra people to help! My husband put it together with no problem maybe took a half hour. It is very quiet to run on I can have the tv on and hear it to problem over the treadmill, absolutely content with my purchase. I almost love it more than running outside!

Shipping is FAST

Review by GaryM
This thing is solid as a rock. The deck absorbs shock very well and doesn't cause any foot fatigue. This machine is unbelievably quiet.

The tread surface is nice and wide - as am I. The motor runs effortlessly despite my 260 pounds walking on it.

What sold me was the controls. Its concise and laid out in a way that is intuitive and user friendly. There are redundant controls for speed and lift on the side rails as well. Heartbeat monitor and pedometer functions all built in. It has speakers for your IPOD/Phone/MP3 and a USB interface for either saving your personal workout data or charging a handheld device. Oh yeah you get a free membership to an online health club. Comes with a removable thumb drive to store your workout data too. Very nice.

The killer feature is the buttons. IT HAS REAL BUTTONS!! Fat, silicone, Nerf-style buttons that depress with a pleasing tactile feel. What membrane style buttons they do use aren't for critical functions.

When you have to stop in a hurry, a fat stop button is important. How many times at the gym did you have to stop in a hurry only to find the plastic film was worn off where the word "Stop" was once printed on it?

Sure, membrane controls are real easy to clean but they have an arguably shorter lifespan than the machine does. Plus my safety is worth more than an easy wipe in this case.

This is actually the second one of these I've owned. I bought the first one from a local store who I believe dropped it - hard. They wanted to charge for delivery (about 5 miles) and they made me wait 5 weeks. After the umpteenth time the store manager told me "its not his fault...", and, "...I can't help that..." I had them come get the machine and give me a refund.

Amazon has free delivery, and the guys called ahead to schedule at MY convenience, and got here DAYS earlier than expected. They offloaded the machine carefully and placed it in my garage like it was a baby. I didn't have to pay any sales tax, either. I could have had this up and running two months ago FOR LESS MONEY, if I had gone to Amazon first.

I'll get a video up here at some point soon. Too many other features to talk about.


Review by Michael G.
Not exactly quailty, but very functional, easy to put together but not all the holes lined up. Not a big deal though because the one hole that didn't line up is non weight bearing. Easy to use. I'm 210lbs and my knees don't hurt on this treadmill, never really had knee problems before either though. Very happy with this product. haven't used the usb port for tracking mileage yet but I will start doing that soon in the future. I would buy this product again.

Solid treadmill

Review by mc
I've had the TR1200i for a few months. I wanted to wait until I tried all the features and take it out for a shake test.

a) solid frame
b) quick-access buttons for incline/decline and speed on the handles
c) simple easy-to-use controls
d) emergency stop
e) automatic shut-off
f) no roughness/shaking at higher speeds
g) the motor is more than adequate
h) the console layout is clean and also practical
i) will fold up easily, but use of space vacated by raised running board requires that the front be facing a less-used area?

Neither here or there--
a) the running board is somewhat stiff
b) the plastic cover seems somewhat hard to clean (sweat against regular cleaner)
c) the music port/speakers are adequate (don't use it that much)
d) the training usb storage device/Lifespan Fitness Club is at most a curiosity for seasoned athletes

a) stops the workout at 99 minutes
b) incline setting does not reset automatically
c) no wheels underneath/not portable
d) pretty heavy and assembly required
e) no cool down setting/button
f) you have to press the mode button to get the pulse measurements
g) the initial pace should be set at 1mph, not 0.5 (too slow)

About me:
3:20 marathoner. I usually do easy runs on the TM at around 6mph, 2 times a week, 3 hour total. I sometimes do speedwork on the treadmill. I used to own a Pacemaster Gold Elite.

Very happy with the TM so far. My GF is happy with it as well. I bought it to keep myself healthy, since I work from home. While it can't do the heavy work that my Pacemaster used to do, I can easily achieve the same results on this TM if I'm smart about it. A great buy. Thanks for the earlier reviews--the reviewers did not disappoint.

good treadmill, has issues I can live with

Review by CG
I bought this treadmill a little under a year ago and decided to wait this long to review to give an accurate review on its reliability. To be fair if I could I'd give it 3.5 stars but not quite ready to give it 4. From memory, I remember the thing being heavy as I had to drag the box from the front yard into the garage. The packaging was put together well and the parts were all intact. Assembly took a little over an hour but one had to pay close attention to the wiring so as not to mistake the speed for the incline. Since putting it together I've probably put nearly 400 miles on it. In that time it has had a solid feel with little to no wobbling. However I am fairly light for a guy at 150 lbs. My gripes are with the following:
1)Heart rate sensors, from day 1 they've never given a good reading. Apparently I can run until my lungs are about to explode or go for a leisurely walk and my heart beats constantly at 82 beats per minute. Either I am built like Rocky/lance armstrong or this thing just plain doenst work...minus 1 star
2)The speakers are not loud enough and dont have volume control. At running speeds its difficult to hear over the sounds of the machine. minus 1/2 star
If you bought this for running, are no frills about menus and are more interested in a solid built machine I think you will be quite happy with this treadmill, if on the other hand you bought it for the bells and whistles and are more interested in this thing as a gadget rather than as an exercise machine look elsewhere.

April 2014 Updates:
My treadmill has earned a star back thanks to great customer service at Lifespan. Sometime last winter I got on my treadmill and nothing, no lights no power or anything. I went to the lifespan website and got their support email. I emailed their tech my issue and he responded within 24 hrs,
"Check this, does this light up? etc etc."
"Nope nothing, cant get it working"
"ok no problem we'll send you another power board, and I see you've had this for a couple of years and so that the warranty remains valid I'll be sending you a new belt and lubricant as well all free of charge"
the whole transaction took two emails and in less than a week I had the thing running again and with a new belt. Awesome service!

Great treadmill

Review by Chung-yi C. "Chiang"
This is my first Treadmill at home.
1. Delivery: couldn't be better.
I ordered it from Amazon. After placing the order, the freight carrier scheduled a time with me to deliver it. It was delivered to the room where I was going to set it up.

2. Installation: simple but heavy.
It is better to be installed by two people. I was doing it all by myself, but I did it slowly. Two people can get it finished in 15min.

3. Performance: excellent.
Compared with the other treadmills I ever used at gyms, this one is relatively quiet. There is nearly no noise below 3mph. you may think the noise it generates at 6mph is too loud. It is actually quieter than the feet stepping on the belt. I usually runs a 6.5 to 7mph, and the machine certainly has no problem to reach that.
After using 15hrs, I noticed the motor or belt generating some laud noise. So, I spread the lubricant oil on the belt as instructed, and then the noise disappeared. I guessed it was just because the belt dried out while sitting in the warehouse. In fact, the manual does suggest users lubricate the belt after the installation. So, it's better to lubricate the belt before you use it for the first time.

4. Control panel: Nice, but could be better.
That USB included in the box give you a membership to upload your exercise record so that you can track your own progress. Great values.
To start, I have to press Start button, which starts at 0.5mph. I couldn't press 3mph or 6mph button to start engage at higher speed right away. I guess this is for safety sake, but not very convenient for me.

5. Heart rate: pick up and get steady slowly.
It took me a while to figure out how make the measurement correctly. Can't grip it tight. Just place the palms on the sensors. It takes almost half minutes to show on the screen and longer to get the right reading. It is always lower than the actual rate a lot at the beginning and takes about 1 min to become steady and correct. But, this is just a minor problem.

6. Belt alignment: not sure.
My belt is not completely aligned. I always can see a small gap at left front side, but not at the left back side (the end). That seems to suggest the belt is not parallel to side rim. I spent a lot time to adjust it according the manual but couldn't make the gap even (at front and back) or smaller. I don't bother to try it any more since the gap is not affecting my exercise and the belt is not drifting at all. There got to be a way to align it. I just don't know how.

Overall, I love this treadmill. It's a great product with a wonderful price.

Good treadmill with some annoyances

Review by Michael
Have had this treadmill for about a week and used just a few times so far.
Very quiet - night and day compared to my 15 year old Proform from Sears.
Nice feature set for the most part
Ability to log runs via USB and Online Fitness Club Membership (included) is nice
Turns out to be compatible with my Polar Wearlink heart rate strap - an unexpected plus. Didn't have to buy one from Lifespan.

As others have noted, there is a definite issue with alignment of holes for bolts during setup. And similar to others I had to grind slightly larger holes and really torque the bolts in to get through, possibly damaging threads. I can't imagine why Lifespan hasn't fixed this given the number of reviews complaining about it. Frankly, if I hadn't had a good ratchet wrench, a power screwdriver, and a rotary tool with grinding bit, it would have been a big problem. A real shame given that it seems to be a high quality unit otherwise.
The assembly instructions were just fair - there was some confusion about where to find some of the screws (you have to unscrew them first from the pieces - this is noted in some cases, but not in others). Assembly took twice as long as it should have due to the issues. Once together though it's nice.

More Cons:
The built-in programs are all very similar to each other. There are three sets of programs - Sports training, general health and weight loss. Each of these groups has very similar programs with barely any difference that I can detect - unless there are differences that are not explained in the manual. Which is a shame again because it would have been really helpful to have some true variety and greater range of challenge. But you do still have a couple custom programs you can create.

The USB logging with the online club isn't very well explained - in general, the online fitness club has a lot of potential and some nice features, but again, it's very hard to figure it out - the interface is awkward and not very intuitive.
Strangely, even though Lifespan sells an indoor rowing machine with the Online Fitness club membership, the online fitness club does not have a way to log that kind of exercise. Hopefully they will improve it.

One general complaint that is not just about Lifespan - I have several pieces of equipment that have various forms of online logging, including a polar heart rate monitor. I wish there was way to import/export data from them so I could pick one online logging/planning system rather than having my data scattered. But that isn't just a lifespan issue.

Overall - I still give it 4 stars because in the end, it's the treadmill hardware that matters most and that seems to be very good. I would certainly buy it again (so far). Most of the complaints could be fairly easily addressed by Lifespan - I hope they will do that.

Solid Choice

Review by Misha Harris
We purchased this treadmill from Amazon based purely on the many positive reviews. Before making the plunge we compared to:
1) The ProForm Power 995c @ S.A. - $999.00
2) The NordicTrack C900 Pro @ Sears - $979.88
3) The Sole f63 @ Sears - $999.88

I believe all the above treadmills were rated pretty strongly by consumer reports and treadmill dr. But, after trying them out in person I wasn't really impressed. My wife is going to be the primary user and, due to needing a soft running surface, we were leaning toward the NordickTrack. But, it almost seemed too spongy. Hard to imagine getting used to the almost buoyant feeling it creates.

A kind gentlemen delivered the treadmill. He wheeled it in to our garage and that was about it. The sucker is heavy so I didn't even try to move it in the house on my own.

My father-in-law came over and helped me move the treadmill to our guest room. Thank God, because it was heavy and unwieldy. I found the assembly to be simple and the directions easy to follow. Everything fit together pretty well and I'm happy with the finished result. It looks nicer in person than in some of the pictures and feels really sturdy. Everything works (the console, speed and incline buttons, etc.). All-in, it took about an hour to install.

Overall Impression:
This will definitely be sturdy enough for my wife (5'4" and 106lb) and, based upon the other reviews, should be plenty sturdy for me too (6'1" and 180lb). We haven't had a chance to actually give it a good test run. After we've tried it out for a couple months I'll try to update my review and provide more hands-on feedback. But, overall, this looks like it was a good purchase.

Other Misc. Items:
- I think the running deck on this unit is a little smaller (20"X56") than its competitors. But, first impressions leave me thinking this won't be an issue.
- It also appears the motor is 2.5HP, or about .5HP less than it's competitors. Because my petite wife will be the primary user, that doesn't really concern me.
- The competitor units try to entice you with some gimmickry (e.g. fans, speakers, big consoles). I like that LifeSpan appears to compete by providing what I was really looking for-a quality frame and motor without the bells and whistles.
- I like that the edges of the belt fit just under the plastic guards along the running deck. This is a clean look and way better than the Proform (the belt almost looked frayed and the edge was basically exposed).
- I like that this unit is fairly streamlined. Most of it's competitors have huge displays and consoles. They make the treadmill dominate a small room. This one is much more to my liking. It's just aesthetic. But I noticed it so I figured I'd mention it.

That's about all for now. Initially very pleased. Will update the review once we've had a chance to really give it a test over the next 2-3 months.

I am shocked at how great this treadmill is! Very little, if any difference from an industrial one.

Review by RW
We have had this for about 5 weeks now and because of it, I have run about twice as much as I normally would have with the convenience of having it in my house. Read below for the entire experience:

I looked around some and was able to find Lifefitness and other top brand refurbished treadmills for about $2,000 to $2,500. These are the large ones you find in the gym. Note that these are supposedly around $7000-$7500 new! The reason I was looking at these is because they are a known quantity and I was worried about something like a treadmill being cheap and not lasting or feeling rickety. I looked at Costco and locally at a few fitness stores and $1,000 was about the best price I could find for something that at least appeared decent. After looking at the many helpful reviews of this product, I decided I would go for it as this was a price point I was comfortable with.

I had read that the delivery date they give you when you order online will not be accurate, but that was not my experience. Immediately when I ordered it took my personal information and gave me a date and a 4 hour time window for delivery. They send me at least one email reminding me of the delivery window so that process was very seamless. I could be different for rural areas, but this part was great as I could plan to ensure I would be home ahead of time and just all done through the ordering process.

It was delivered my Ceva Logistics which delivers a lot of large shipments, but was done so about 2 hours outside of the window. They did call that morning just to confirm I was going to be there, but did not make mention of being late. The man who delivered it does not have another person with him, so my father in law who is in his early 60's had to help him lug it out of the truck and in to the garage. Not ideal, but please keep that in mind if you are going to purchase. Others have said that they asked the delivery man to help them take it to it's landing spot in the house with no success, and others have said that they tipped the guy $20 and he helped them take it wherevery they wanted. It's tough to know what you are going to get here.

The box is as long as the treadmill with the upright portion folded on top. It's generally impossibly for one person to really move this box, no matter how strong as it is just so long. I recommend keeping the item in the box and moving it in to the spot you will use it so you can slide the box on the carpet or floor. Possibly put towels or something underneath to help it slide. My wife who is 120 lbs and I amazingly were able to drag it out of the garage and in to the main room and down stairs and in to the basement. It wasn't easy but we were able to maneuver normal corners, etc. Certainly two normal sized men could do this a bit easier but it takes some effort.

We cut it out of the box and I must say the instructions were excellent and left no room for error. By myself it took me maybe 1 hour 15 minutes to set everything up. It's not complicated at all as I am the furthest thing from being handy so I believe anyone could do it. It's also not physically demanding.

The Experience:
There is a power switch in the back lower part of the unit to turn it on and off and after being on, there is a brief set-up of the time and date, etc. The unit includes everything you would expect out of a treadmill you would see at a gym. You hit Start and it just begins to move at a .5 MPH pace. There are buttons to automatically go at certain speeds such as 4 or 6 MPH or of course you can just arrow up or down in tenths like others. Of course there is an incline that can be set as well and the incline only goes in whole numbers, so no halts there. I think that is normal. There is a USB function where you can track how much you are running, but really the only function my wife and I have used is just turning it on and running for however long and changing the speed and incline.

There are two large spaces for water bottles (one on each side) that are well thought out and very deep and the actual monitor has little slats at the bottom so you could place an iPad or a Book on the front without it sliding down. Again, very well thought-out.

Upon going for my first run, I was shocked at the stability and experience being the same as on the Lifefitness treadmills at the gym! The cushion was something I wasn't sure about, but it is excellent with this unit and it is also very quiet. Much more quiet than I anticipated. The speeds all appear to be very accurate, although the 1 incline seems more like a .75, but that's not a big deal as you can always adjust up to compensate. So far, I have run approximately 30 miles on this treadmill and my wife about the same. So 60 miles in and it's functioning just as planned. What a great running experience!

It's much slimmer than an industrial treadmill and actually does not take up that much space. Although we do not use the folding function, I did test it and it folds VERY easily creating very little footprint. You would not want to consistently move this unit, but if you wanted to fold it up every day I can't imagine that would be a problem.

If you are on the fence of whether or not to buy a treadmill, I can't recommend it highly enough. In the Pacific NW where I am and the weather being so unpredictable, I know I can get a run in any time, any day. It feels great to get in even just a mile or a mile and a half if that's all the time I have. I take my iPad with my and use my Slingbox app so I can watch all my TV's shows on my DVR, or I just listen to music. I have been shocked at how for $1,000 you can get an awesome in home treadmill. My wife has run marathon's and is as thrilled as I am to have this. Durability will be a question moving forward, but I have no reason to believe that will be a problem. We did buy the Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant and it's a must to do that. I wish this were included with the unit, but I had seen it in enough reviews to know it should be purchased along with the unit.

Had problems with assembly. Console plastic could be better..!!

Review by Emron
Bought this treadmill after reading reviews at Amazon. Was delivered on time. Packaging was a little damaged without harming the contents. I could not insert one of the screws on hand rails because holes were not in line. Customer service kept on telling me to try again in different way. Finally they had to send a technician who used his powerful tools to get the job done. I use it about 5 to 7 times a week and its working as advertised so far.

The quality of the plastic on the console could have been better. It has some marks which I was told are from factory molding machines. They are more visible if the light is falling on the console from an angle (e.g. if you have a window on your side and light is coming through it).

I gave it 3 stars because of the hassle I had to go through due to screw problems and relatively cheaper looking plastic of the console. However, LCD looks good.

Adding volume control and displaying heart rate on the same screen is something that can be done to improve the current features.

Items 41 to 50 of 52 total

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