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TR200 Compact Treadmill

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Review by DDevlinJr
I had the TR100 and liked it. This one I LOVE. I run 30 minutes every day and needed a treadmill with a little more speed and with incline capabilities. This one works fantastically well and gives me everything I need. I love that it came fully assembled and how easy it is to store. Highly recommend

So far, everything I hoped for - but buy lubricant here when you order!

Review by Fortuna
I am not a runner or jogger, just an overweight, late middle-aged woman who needs more exercise but doesn't want to walk on rural roads where I live, or join a gym.

Delivery was fast, set-up was easy (it's heavy - if you are a woman alone, you WILL need help getting it inside). The instruction manual left something to be desired, but there's an URL to a pdf file with a more thorough one. I haven't begun using any of the pre-set programs; I'm just trying to work my way gradually to better condition at this point.

If you decide to buy this treadmill, be advised that you cannot walk into Lowe's or Home Depot and find 100% pure silicon to lube the belt -- all I could find available were aerosol products containing petroleum distillates, which are contraindicated. Place an order for it here when you order the treadmill! I bought mine just after Christmas (busy time!), didn't get around to setting it up for another week or so, then couldn't find the lube and had to wait for shipping. In the meantime, since I hadn't been able to use it yet, I forgot to register the purchase. Hope it will be covered if anything goes wrong, even though it's slightly more than 30 days after purchase!

Serves its purpose

Review by Sue
Treadmill works well - I did have to get used to the narrower belt than standard gym models.

Hard for me to tighten, but it is still new. I CANNOT lift the treadmill to store it. Too heavy for me.

Great for small condo or apartment

Review by Paula
I love this treadmill. I've had it now for 2 years, and it works as well as the 1st day I bought it. It fits in my condo without taking up too much room. I walk briskly for 30 minutes every other day as I watch DVD movies, and it fits my lifestyle perfectly. Exercise without any hassles!

Small and powerful

Review by T. Ryan
I am very satisfied with the TR200 Treadmill. I live in a small apartment and it's compact size works perfectly for my lifestyle. The different programs fit my fitness regime and it is very user friendly. I had never purchased a piece of fitness equipment and lifespan.com made it very easy to do. This machine helps me maintain and achieve my fitness goals . I would recommend it to anyone searching for fitness equipment that doesn't take up a lot of room but still gives a complete workout.

5 Item(s)

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