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TR5000-DT5 Treadmill Desk

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Really thoughtful design

Review by Ryan
Just received my TR5000 treaddesk today. Really impressed with the quality and robustness of both the treadmill and the table.

Obviously a lot of thought was put into the design of both. The desk was thoughtfully designed to assemble easily and strongly. Little things like a little lip on the arched brace to hang it in place until screws can be attached show attention to detail and give me a very good impression of the overall product.

I am about 225 lbs (with hope to drop below 200 soon) and the treadmill is smooth and never jerky even at the slowest settings.

I purchased an Ergotron monitor stand and am using an old 22" HP monitor I have which really helps to keep my head up and easily focused on the screen. The desk is nice and strong and thick so the Ergotron stand seems really stable on it. I was worried the monitor was going to shake and thus make me lose focus. But I had nothing to worry about. Monitor sits very still while I am walking at 1.6 mph.

Starting off slow today but will eventually get up more time and faster speeds. I think this product is expensive but the quality shows its expense and if I stick with it (and there is no reason I shouldn't - I gotta be at work everyday programming for 8+ hours) this is going to be a life changing product for me! Therefore, the value in this product has huge potential!

Thanks Lifespan for building such a fine product.

Use Tracpad instead of Mouse to work at higher speeds

Review by Wadood
Before commenting on my experience with this new line of product, I will point out few things which hopefully will help someone improve his or her experience with it.
1. Run and get a Trackpad like Apple Magic Trackpad if you have an Apple, otherwise Logitech trackpad or something similar that works for Windows. It will help you walk at much faster speed. Point and Shoot with a regular mouse gets progressively more difficult (and frustrating) as you approach the speeds of 2mph. I can easily do 3mph with trackpad but found difficult to handle mouse at 1.5mph.

2. Get a Keyboard without a wrist pad. There should be minimum distance between treadmill's armrest and your keyboard. I have found that if you keep your palms firmly on treadmill's armrest, they absorb most of the shock and your fingers remain steady for the most part. That is why the mouse does not work as well as say a track-pad because hands while operating a mouse are not pinned to a solid surface and are constantly in a flux.

3. Memorize keyboard shortcuts. Again the idea is to restrict your hand movement as much as possible. You'll find that there are shortcuts for nearly everything.

4. If possible invest in a bigger screen. Initially, I tried to work off my laptop but found it hard. Small screen and keyboard not close to body makes working more difficult because your body is also moving. I then got a 25 inch monitor and it has really made a difference.

Remember, chances of your using this are directly proportional to how much stress-free you make this for yourself; therefore improving you input devices or even getting a bigger monitor is not a bad investment to protect your much larger investment in the treadmill.

I have done about 100 miles in about 40 hours on this one, so I cannot say anything about its durability but it has already started producing a new noise and I am going to call support to find out what it is.
But I must say that this machine seems to have a potential of what you call a life-changing product, like an iPhone or a GPS. Let's see how far it goes in getting the weight of the nation down. From day one I found it easy to work on. Now after a month I can easily do 2 hours (500 calories) without feeling any real strain (mental or physical), although I am breaking sweat by that time.

But you have to start slow. Start with 30 minutes sessions.

Of course, it is not a perfect machine. It is definitely less noisy and runs more smoothly than your average run of the mill treadmill but it is not noise free by any means. Also, it does not have an easy way to adjust the desk's height, so if there is more than one treadmill walker in house, then it could be a problem. Your next best option is to put your monitor(s) on height adjustable stand(s).

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