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TR800-DT3 Treadmill Desk

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Getting my Exercise while I work (Posted on July 4, 2013)

Review by Stephen B.
I have had no issues. Works as advertised. You can set it slow or faster. I find that 1.2 mph works best for me.

walk and work (Posted on April 17, 2013)

Review by Bill N.
As advertised. We built our own station for my computer work.... Even when I do not have it on... I am standing at my computer rather than sitting. Much healthier. No problems using it. worked into my work situation seamlessly.

Walking & Writing (Posted on Feb. 20, 2013)

Review by Shar M.
I'm in the middle of writing another book and found myself sitting long hours at the computer. This treadmill saved me. Now I am walking, often for two hours a day, and still getting the writing done. It is a life saver.

Works beautifully. I've had it over a month and use it every day.
Shar McBee
Author of "To Lead is to Serve"

perfect fit

Review by Jadams
I got this treadmill to go with my stand up desk that I have been using for about a year. I figured that if I could make the move from sitting to a standing desk then going on to a treadmill wouldnt be that big of a leap. I am using an Uplift desk and the tr800 fits under it perfectly.
The console was surprisingly heavy and stays put on the desk better than I thought it would, also the treadmill does not touch the desk at all so no vibrations from me walking are transferred up to the desk. I was concerned that the movement of walking would really mess up my workflow, which it did but just for a few days. I quickly got used to typing while walking at a slow pace and now that I have been using the treadmill for over a month and I am now typing just as well as before. The treadmill is also very quiet, another good surprise.
I had to raise my desk to the max height to accommodate for the thickness of the treadmill though. I am 5'10 so if you are taller, you had better check how high your desk will go to make sure this will work. Plan on the treadmill taking up about 5 inches.
Overall, I am liking this and recommend it, especially if you are already used to a standing desk, it's an easy move.

4 Item(s)

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