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TR1200-DT3 Treadmill Desk

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Better than I expected...

Review by bjm
I was worried about the noise and positioning on an existing desk. It's relatively quiet, I'm in an open area and so far seems to be ok. Speed adjustments are fine, can configure the display (and silence it). There are some options I haven't used yet (USB charging and bluetooth)

Like others have mentioned each time you restart it, it starts on the lowest speed. It would be nice to have it resume the previous speed and ramp up slowly.

Love it!

Review by Leslie
I bought this treadmill because after years of sitting while I work, I started to develop a lot of aches and pains in my legs, back and butt. On the weekend, or on vacation, these went away, so I knew the sitting was the culprit. I tried standing for a while, but I tend to lock my knees so it put too much strain on them. The second I started walking on the treadmill, all my pain went away. The cost is high, but I consider it an investment in my health and future.

The pros: My body feels great, and everything is easy to do while you are walking. I thought there would be some sort of adjustment period while I learned to type and walk, but it was instantaneous. I basically just forget I am walking. No one I speak to on the phone can tell I am walking. If my feet didn't get tired, I could easily walk 9-10 miles per day, but I have settled into a pattern where I walk about 5 (about half my day) and then sit the rest of the day. It's a good balance.

Cons: As other reviews have noted, the console is lame, but I didn't buy it for the console, so my expectations were low and it's not that important to me. I had to build myself a higher desk, and make sure I also had a sitting desk for those times when my feet need a rest, which was a big commitment of time and money, but again, worth it to me. The biggest con for me is that I live in an apartment and even though the treadmill is very quiet in my room and people on the phone can't hear it, my downstairs neighbor can definitely hear me walking. Luckily I have a section of my apartment that is over the vestibule and so I can put the treadmill there and it doesn't bother her, but it could have been a significant problem. I called the company and they had no solution for this.

Overall, I love this thing!

works great.(Posted on March 7, 2013)

Review by annoyed
I really love working on my treadmill. I use a computer while I walk on it. solidly built. easy to move around. would be nice if it was less expensive.

Would Buy Again (Posted on May 24, 2013)

Review by A. Millard
I've been using this constantly since I bought it. Allows me to walk several miles every day while I'm working at my desk. The only irritant: you can't jump to a particular speed. After you press Start, if you want to walk 2.0 miles per hour, you have to press the "Up" speed arrow 16 more times to get up to the desired speed. You get used to it, though.

Really great product (Posted on June 13, 2013)

Review by klm
I have owned this product for a few days and I love it. The treadmill seems to be of good quality construction, of course time will tell if the treadmill continues to work well in the coming months/years.

I spend 10 to 12 hours per day at my desk, mostly writing software. But I also do tech support and manage a network remotely. I find that the treadmill is a little too distracting at this point to write software while walking. But I love the treadmill for doing tech support and other administrative tasks. I have a sit-stand desk, and I roll the treadmill into place under my desk whenever I want to walk while working. Then I roll the treadmill away from my desk when I want to lower the desk to work seated in a chair. The treadmill weights about 115 lbs, so moving it back and forth might be challenging for someone who is slightly built. This treadmill weighs much less than other treadmills though.

Some of the other reviews mention frustration with the control panel. I do not feel frustrated with the control panel - I think it works well. The control panel does not remember the last speed entered, so that would be a nice feature for the next revision. Perhaps a slow acceleration to the last speed, I know the manufacturers are concerned about lawsuits from starting at high speeds (spoke with them on the phone).

Overall this seems to be a great product.

It's good NOT to be idle at a desk job (Posted on July 7, 2013)

Review by James M.
Loving the treadmill. I had a standing desk already and I love walking a few hours at work each day. Would highly recommend.

If the manufacture were to want to improve on this model, you have to single tap on the speed up button for each .1 MPH you want. It would be nice if you could hold it down. Also, I've had to tape the cord to the back and side for when I slide it in and out.

Walking while workin

Review by Claire B.
I've had this treadmill for over 2 mos now. At the time I purchased it Lifespan didn't have an electric desk, so I purchased a ConSet electric desk to use with this. The Conset desk is super solid and I'd buy it again separately even though Lifespan sells their own now -- I would not like having the console where my body rests against the desk cut-out.

Onto the treadmill: little to no shock absorption. Yes, its very important to me even though I'm not running on it. It also came with two diagonal 3/4" lines that reach across the entire belt. I haven't had time to call Lifespan about it but it works fine thus far.

My biggest gripe about this unit is its console. It sucks. I rate the console 1 Star merely because it turns on. It only has a 4 digit readout (I had over 10k steps by the second use). You also have to start from a speed of zero *every single time* you un-pause it. I have to jump on and off of this thing all day long, and this is driving me berserk. It also will not up or down-increment unless you push the button each tenth of a mile. So you have to push the button 20 times to get to a speed of 2.0 MPH, which is the minimum that I walk at while working. It also does not sync -- ever -- to the online Lifespan Fitness Club so that you can track your data and progress. They also have no smartphone apps so that you could sync it that way.

The treadmill is quiet and thus far none of my clients has noticed that I'm on a treadmill (although the console does have loud, annoying beeps when buttons are pushed). There seems to be only one other major competitor in this market right now, and I did seriously consider them as their treadmill is a lot shorter than this one. This one could easily be 1.5' shorter than it is. But they seem to have quality-control issues, severe delays on delivering their machines, and various reviews I'd read stated that their machines were quite loud. So I am overall pleased with this unit, the treadmill is good quality, I just sincerely hope that they come out with a console that functions as though it were not created the same time as my old Atari.

I do love walking while working and will never stop. After 25 years of sitting most of the day doing computer work (and becoming very damaged from such) I was forced to either stand up to work or quit working. I discovered treadmill desks from searching for stand-up desks. I currently walk 50% of the time and stand 50% . I purchased a Wellness Mat to put on top of my treadmill while just standing on it, again because the deck on this thing is rock hard. I also purchased a Varier Move Stool, figuring I might use that on it as well, but haven't yet. I do have a little desk in my kitchen and I'm using my Move Stool there and had I been sitting on one of those things the past 25 years I very likely wouldn't have problems I'm having now. I also purchased the Contour Free2 rollermouse and that has been instrumental in walking while working.

Great Investment!

Review by Jennifer
If you've been thinking about getting a walking desk, do it!! I bought this TR1200-DT3 treadmill base and got a standing desk from another company and am loving the combo. (The standard LifeSpan desk that can be bought with the treadmill wouldn't work for me without lots of addition$ to raise up computer monitors to eye level, etc.) The treadmill is solidly built, super quiet (my footsteps make more noise), and as sturdy as anything I've used at the gym.

Working and walking felt a tiny bit awkward for the first 30 minutes or so and after that I kept forgetting I was on a treadmill. I'm typing this at a leisurely 1.1 MPH pace and can pretty much do everything walking that I can when sitting at a desk.

I'm a grad student and work part time from home for a software company and was sitting way too much. I don't have as much time to go to the gym these days, so this is a great low-impact way to stay active, sneak in exercise, and help beat the mid-day energy slump. I'm really happy with the treadmill and am looking forward to using it for years to come.

Wonderful, Lifechanging Product

Review by Steve
I've been using the TR1200-DT3 for about 1.5 months, and I absolutely love it. It's built very, very strong and is extremely quiet. I bought this version of the treadmill because I have a built in desk that doesn't move and because I have four monitors--so I can't simply plop a laptop or single monitor up on a desk such as the one that comes with the TR1200-DT5. Also, I want the option to sit when I want to, because I don't think I'll ever be walking 8-10 hours per day (and, in fact, these treadmills only support 6 hours a day).

The treadmill really is quiet. I often participate in conference calls and I use a Polycom speakerphone right from my 11' x 13' home office. No one on the call can hear that I'm walking. The motor itself is virtually silent and the only sound you hear is the belt slipping along the treadmill track (very quiet) and your feet hitting the treadmill. Because you'll be walking slowly, your feet don't make much noise at all (or at least mine don't). I walk barefoot on mine.

Also, it's easy to move. There are wheels on the front end, and all I do when I want to switch between sitting/walking is lift up the back end a bit and roll the treadmill away from my sitting area. I don't even unplug it, so it's easy to do.

I'm currently walking at 1.3 MPH. This may not seem like much, but for me it's a sweet spot because I have to do a lot of thinking for my job and a lot of typing, and this is a comfortable speed. The thing about a treadmill desk is that it's not really about speed--I get speed workouts in when I run and therefore tax my cardiovascular system heavily at that time--it's really about moving your body throughout the day. Walking at a slow pace accomplishes exactly what a treadmill desk is for--getting your body moving. There are a lot of muscles involved in walking at a slow pace. These muscles are all over, too: your feet, calves, thighs, hamstrings, groin, hips, glutes (your butt), obliques...honestly, all the way up to your head. Pain that I used to experience while standing up, say, in a long checkout line has vanished. I've got a pretty strong back but for some reason standing up in a still position would really bother me after even five minutes (and I'd be forced to stretch), and now that pain is gone.

Another thing that I notice in my situation is because I work in the downstairs portion of my home, which tends to be cooler than upstairs. During the colder parts of the year (I'm in the Boston area) I would have to wear a heavy shirt and heavy socks to stay warm, and even then I'd be a little on the chilly side. While walking on the treadmill I wear nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, with bare feet, and I'm plenty warm.

The biggest hurdle for me was that I have four monitors and a built in desk, and though I was hopeful it wouldn't be difficult, while walking my monitors were a little bit too low for me. This became annoying after walking for a while. I had to stare strongly downward at my main monitor and even my upper monitors were below my line of straight-vision. What I ended up doing was building a monitor stand that can raise/lower at the press of a button. I wrote a detailed blog post about it here, for those that are interested: http://steveseymourblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/BuildingTheUltimateTreadmillDeskPartOne.html#!/2012/11/BuildingTheUltimateTreadmillDeskPartOne.html. It's a seven part blog post, so hang in there if you think my situation applies to you. I hope my posts inspire someone to go for it, because now I truly love my treadmill desk configuration. Honestly, it's not that hard to do even if you don't have a ton of carpentry skills. I purposefully kept the building of mine simple with the hopes of leading someone else to a great treadmill desk configuration.

Don't hesitate: start walking while you work!!!

Great product

Review by Lynn
I've had my TR1200-DT3 for about 6 months. I should have bought one of these a LONG time ago! It's easy to set up and use. The treadmill is super quiet and I generally go 1 mph while I work. A very easy pace. I walk for half my work day and stand through the other 4 hours. My health has improved greatly and this machine has worked flawlessly. I have no idea how long it will last, but when it eventually wears out (whenever that might be), I plan to buy another. I highly recommend this product.

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