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TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

Product Review (submitted on August 14, 2012):
I’ve now read the reviews from all the happy, gushing, soon-to-be healthy people using this treadmill desk, but, being an engineer, I look past the personal stuff.

I had researched other treadmill desk components and combinations, and the one thing that struck me was how chintzy most were and what they cost. When I ran across this unit and saw the price, I was skeptical, but the shipping weight (as explained below) and the rating of the drive motor alone convinced me to buy and try.

None in my firm can believe that something with this much iron and weldments– never mind the huge desktop – costs only around $1,300 or so. This thing is stable as a rock, the treadmill is very quiet, and I can write, talk and draft (CAD) while cruising at 1.8 – 2 mph. I’m now averaging upwards of 8 miles per day, or 25,000 steps, give or take. I like that the treadmill stops counting steps when I get off.

A couple of things I would do – and I did.
1. Even though the treadmill has a safety stop that activates after so many seconds when one steps off the treadmill, I marked the belt every now and then on the sides with yellow paint dots so I could see if the belt was still moving when I stepped back on. This took me more time to find the marker than to apply the dots.

2. If the desktop is used properly with all the electronic office stuff we use today, the wires do become a bit of a rat’s nest no matter how hard one tries to neaten the wire tray. So I mounted an industrial grade power strip on the underside of the desk top and everything plugs in there, with all the wires held underneath and up with conduit clamps, out of sight and out of mind. Now, I have only two cords to plug into the wall: the cord from the treadmill itself and the cord from the power strip. This retrofit took me an hour.

3. The fantastic lower cross brace of the desk absolutely begged to be used for some other purpose than just holding up the whole Megillah, so I bought a $19 metal grate shelf from Home Depot, cut it to the proper length and mounted it to the brace with a couple hose clamps. Now I have a 16” shelf for my computer docking station, dedicated treadmill sneakers and field logs. This took me a couple hours, including shopping at Home Depot and figuring out what would work the best.

I recommend this unit. ‘Nuf said.

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