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Digital Heart Rate Ring

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Great product, I love it! (Posted on March 26, 2008)

Review by Kristin J. "I Love Otters"
I am SO glad that I bought this heart rate monitor. I wear my heart rate ring everywhere I go, not just during my walks but also running the kids around and running errands. During my son's last doctor visit for his health I had it on and asked the doctor to check my heart rate to compare to the ring. The ring was just a couple of beats lower than the nurse had recorded...so I am quite pleased with the accuracy. I really love the size and how easy it is to use. I get asked often when I am out about what the ring is and am happy to share how good the product has been for me.

So Far... (Posted on Feb. 6, 2013)

Review by TJD "Kara Thrace's Special Destiny"
I just purchased this from a sports shop, since it was the cheapest heart rate monitor that looked practical. It was on sale, but definitely not as cheap as it is here. Of course, if I had done some research here, I probably would not have purchased it anyway.

That said, I am trying it out. The initial setup was frustrating, but only because I didn't properly read the manual. The manual lists the top left button as B and the bottom left button as A. This is counter-intuitive, so I kept pushing B thinking it was A. This did indeed spike my heart rate, and I didn't need a digital gizmo to tell me that :) Once I figured out the mixup the setup went smoothly, so I can't fault them for not reading my mind.

I just took my resting heart rate and compared it to the measurement. It was accurate. Then I walked around the office briskly, and measured again. It was accurate. It seems snug on my finger, even without the extra bit. I flopped my hand around for a few minutes to simulate vigorous movement, and it didn't seem to mess with the reading. I will probably wear the extra bit while running, just to be sure.

good (Posted on June 22, 2013)

Review by Rebekah M. "rebekah413"
Used both by myself and my son. Works as described but can sometimes be a little quirky until it settles in.

Powerful heart rate monitor in small size (Posted on Oct. 31, 2008)

Review by H. D. Renshaw "Howard Ritz"
This is not a good replacement for a more expensive hrm, but it is good for a quick check. I used my more expensive one at the same time I used the ring and was amazed it worked so well.

Heart Rate Ring - love it (Posted on Aug.28, 2008)

Review by K. MacGreygor "Fiddler Owl"
Screen is easy to read, easy to switch between stopwatch and pulse rate.
I suggest you use it before and after exercise (or pause just long enough to get a read), but NOT during, as almost any motion causes highly inaccurate numbers.
For example, when I've used it during workouts, there's no way my heart's going 255 a minute, but if I stop for the 5-6 seconds it takes to get a reading and then keep going it seems to work just fine.
Convenient and useful tool to help make sure your workouts are getting to your target heart rate.

5 Item(s)

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