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S2 Indoor Bike

The S2 Indoor Bike is a mid-level bike for anyone looking to increase their cardiovascular health. The S2 is easy to move with the built-in transport wheels, large, soft-grip handlebars allow for multiple exercise positions, toe strap pedals for safety, chain drive for durability and an interchangeable seat. The simple resistance knob lets you quickly and easily change intensity levels, and standard components allow you to interchange your own favorite seat and pedals.




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 Heavier Flywheel

The 40-pound heavy flywheel improves traction, produces more power at a steady rate and makes movement more controlled. It allows mechanical energy to be stored so the pedals continue to move even after the pedaling action has ceased.

Comfortable, Adjustable Seat

The cushioned seat adjusts up, down, forward and backward in any combination for a perfect fit and comfortable ride.

Multi-Position Handlebars

The PVC dipped, no-slip handlebars are easy to grip and adjust up and down to fit your size. Ride with hands comfortably in place for support using the handlebars designed for the three standard riding positions.

Flywheel 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Tension Control Micro-Adjustment Knob, Felt Pad Friction Control
Seat Standard Mount, Two-Tone
Seat Adjustment Height and Fore/Aft
Handlebars Multi-Position, PVC-Dipped
Pedals Alloy with Sealed Bearings
Transport Front-Mounted Wheels
Footpads Four, Adjustable Leveling
Dimensions 48" L x 45" H x 21.5" W (121.9cm L x 114.3cm W x 54.6cm H)

Residential Warranty

Frame: 5 Years

Parts: 1 Year

Labor: 1 Year

Wear Items:  90 Days (friction pad/seat/pedals)

Available Warranty Options

  • 3 Year Warranty Plan
  • 5 Year Warranty Plan

Get the most out of your product with our no-hassle extended warranty. At LifeSpan we know our high quality products will last you for years to come, but we also understand product wear and tear and want you to have peace of mind. Choose the plan that works best for you from three or five years of protection. This covers 100% of the parts and labor for services related to: no lemon guarantee, manufacturer defect, mechanical failure, electrical failure, power surge and failure resulting from normal use. View warranty details.

  1. New owner of an experienced S2 and LifeSpan's Customer Servic Review by Bill D.

    I just bought an experienced S2. I just didn't want to spend a ton of cash for a clothes hanger if I slip into a long decline in my personal motivation.

    The S2 I purchased (again, used) and it does have a few issues which need to be addressed. It's becaused it's an experenced stationary bicycle, it needs things such as cleaning, lubing, adjusting, and a few parts.

    This is the reason for this review, it's for the customer service. Here's the suprising part. I called LifeSpan on a Saturday. They are not there on the weekends. As reqested, I left a message and the recording said someone will call the next business day. AND they did, Monday morning at 8 AM or so.

    I ordered the parts directly from LifeSpan. They were great, customer service was Outstanding. They made suggestions, and I was even sent 2 different manuals directly into my email, for free. The cost for the parts were minimal ($[...] total, with shipping.) I feel that just the customer service alone will eventually have me buying a new stationary bike LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bikein the future, from LifeSpan.

    Once I get everything fixed up, cleaned up, and tightend up, I will let you know how this works out.

  2. Decent bike, great customer service Review by Manica

    I bought this bike and set it up according to the provided instructions. However, when I got on the bike and started pedaling, I started to smell a burnt rubber smell. An internal part of the bike was not adjusted properly. The belt was not centered and rubber bits of the belt were being shaved off as it rubbed against another part of the bike. I went to the website from the instruction manual and left a message about the problem along with my contact information. I made my comment on a Sunday and Monday morning a person from the Life Span fitness company sent me a response. They diagnosed my problem based upon my description, ordered a replacement belt for me, and had a local bike repair place in my area call me to set up an appointment to fix the bike.

    Now my bike is working very well. I have taken several spinning classes at gyms and this bike is pretty decent for my first at home spin bike. I am extremely pleased with the customer service provided by Life Span fitness.

  3. Good Bike Review by Vcox

    Would give it a 5, but the handle bars do move a bit when raised. The seat is uncomfortable, so we will have to get a gel seat. However it is super quiet. It was easy to put together. There really is no need to spend a lot of money for a spinner. Just make sure it has a 40lb fly wheel......Great workout.

  4. Great exercise bike. Review by rlboz

    We love the bike. It arrived quickly and was everything we were expecting it to be.

  5. good bike for a good price Review by Star

    I like this bike so far i have rode 40 min on it and no problems, I really like this bike I wish I would have bought one sooner!

  6. Lifespan S2 Review by Jr

    Purchased mine about 5 years ago and it's still running well. I've had a few issues but replaced the parts and all has been well. I use it 3-4 times a week and have been very pleased with it.

  7. Solid bike with a few caveats Review by Christopher C.

    I bought this to replace a Proform exercise bike that I had for a couple of years that finally fell apart. I wanted to go with a spinner bike not because I'm into spinning but because I wanted something solid that would last a long time. This bike is definitely a lot more sturdy than the plastic-covered bikes that you see at most sporting goods stores. There are a few things that I'm changing on the bike and a couple of areas I wish I'd paid more attention to when buying it. Overall though I'm pretty happy.

    -Extremely solid. This thing feels like it was forged from one piece of metal. It doesn't move when I ride on it.
    -Super quiet. I can bike while my girlfriend sleeps across the room and it won't wake her up.
    -Fore/Aft adjustment on handlebars. This may not seem super important but it is and I don't believe the lowest end Spinner brand bike has this.
    -40 lb flywheel is as heavy as those at the gym. Some bikes have a smaller weighted flywheel which can't give you as good a workout.
    -Quality parts. The levers and knobs are all very solid for a home use piece of equipment.

    -The seat. It's made for someone that either plans to really use this for spin classes where they won't be on it the whole time, has a very narrow rear or is looking to get a road bike feel. This is fine for some but I think most people would appreciate a wider seat with more padding.
    -The handlebar height. Again, I think for someone looking to emulate a road bike this setup is fine but for someone who might occassionally want to sit up while riding (at least if you're 5' 10" or taller) it's impossible. The adjustment only goes so high. After a while my hands start to hurt from supporting my upper body. I've remedied this by placing a thick towel across the handlebars to provide more cushion for my hands and arms.
    -Lack of accessories. This is not a LeMond or Spinner brand product and so getting accessories like computers or different handlebars is not possible. You can replace the seat and the pedals but that's it.
    -The smell. There is an oil smell that this thing is producing. I think it may be from where the wheel touches the tensioner. It's not super bad but if you're riding in a confined place you will notice it.

  8. Too short-lived! Review by Shopper

    Had it for two years and it has died already. -- It's making a lot of cranking noise, so much so that it's pretty much useless for us. We used it on average 3-4 times a week, about 35 minutes each time. Such an expensive model for such a short life, that's quite unacceptable. To be fair, when it lasted, we had no issue with it.

  9. Good experience. Bought after fair amount of research Review by fitness freak

    I am a road biker and was looking for something to train in winter in my gym (basement). I was trying to decide between bike trainers and spin bike. After I researched on the internet and talked to one biker/technician I decided to buy a spin bike. Since, I had no knowledge and was hoping to spend about $500 or so I started researching. I came pretty close to buying a Baldez bike from Sears, but the one I liked did not come with free shipping. I then went to Leisure Fitness in North Wales, PA and checked it out. The sales person there gave me information and told me that LifeSpan S2 is pretty good and he sells a lot of them to small gyms, community centers, and homes. I bought it just after Christmas for $499 plus taxes. I was getting the bikes from Sears for the same price, but the wheel was 30lb, whereas this one had 40lb.

    It got into my truck easily and setting it up took less than half hour. I have used it 4-5 times so far and I am quite happy. My wife has also used it one time and seems happy. It has only been 3 weeks, but I think it is a good buy.

  10. Over one year and still holding up strongly! Review by Jen R.

    I purchased this spin bike in January of 2009 and have been absolutely thrilled with its performance. I am a certified fitness trainer and workout at home regularly. This bike has been ridden by me about 3 to 4 times a week for the past year and it still works very well.

    The bike setup was simple enough for me to handle, but I did elect the help of a friend just in case I needed an extra set of hands. His hands did come in handy while putting this together. So, if you have a friend to help put this together, super! If not, you might be fine on your own.

    The seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally and works perfectly for my 5'5" height. The handlebar is customizable in position also and works well with my frame.

    The pedals have straps on them so you may use your typical gym shoes rather than purchasing spin shoes.

    There is a bottle holder on the right side of the bike that does not get in the way of your legs and is easily accessible while riding.

    As with all spin seats, your rear-end needs to adjust. I've built up resistance to spin bike seats and this one is fine for me. However, I do have a gel pad that I purchased a few years ago (before I bought this bike) for when I was a newbie at spin. If you are new to this, you may want to invest in a gel-pad cover for your seat. Your bum will thank you.

    The bike comes with two wheels on the bottom front part of the bike enabling you to move it around the floor easily. As a result, my bike lives in my living room half of the time and in my office the other half. I enjoy having the flexibility to move my bike from room to room, in front of a mirror, television, or window.

    I really love this bike (so much that I put an "I love this bike" sticker on it)! I find it to be an attractive piece of furniture. It was a wise investment.

  11. LifeSpan S2 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review by Jon

    First, I am 6'5" and I weigh 250 lbs. I am able to set the bike to the highest settings and I can pedal effectively. When I get out of the saddle, my knees hit the handle bars. I don't need the gadgets. I used to ride a lot when I was younger, so I can pace myself fairly well. It is very sturdy and quiet, and I really don't have much to complain about with this machine. I bought it from Costco, so I know if I have any problems they will take it back.

  12. Wonderful Spin Bike Review by GF

    "Great value for the price! It is a very quiet and very smooth spin bike. The seats and handlebars have nice adjustments. The only difference I have found in the bike I use at my club and this bike is the seat itself...my club spin bike has a higher end seat but that bike also costs almost double what I paid. (while assembling the bike I found the components to be standard bike components like the seat and pedals which I guess you could either purchase or swap from your own bike) The bike has a good warranty and the packaging included all tools needed and assembly took me about 20 minutes all said and done. I am very pleased with my Christmas gift to myself!"

  13. Great spin Bike Review by Tina

    I have been looking for a while for a quality spin bike BUT did not want to spend a $1,000 on up and defeat the purpose of cancelling my gym membership to save money....all that to say I bought this and really like the bike as I already own a treadmill and my husband has an uopright bike. the spin has a very smooth ride, it was easy for my husband to assmeble and it is very quiet. I am 5'3" and the bike adjusts to my height. It is alos easy to move around as I wheel it in front of my tv when watching my spin videos. Great purchase and will update after a couple of months.

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