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Treadmill Desks

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Workplace SolutionsTM – Rethinking How We Work

We won't take credit for inventing the Treadmill Desk — we'll give that credit to Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic. But we will take credit for making a better mousetrap.


The Treadmill Desks were designed around how you work. They include a sturdy work surface to easily support your laptop, printer, computer display and other electronics devices. The treadmill console is conveniently located in the front of the desk so it doesn't take space away from the working surface. For comfort and convenience, the TR5000-DT5, TR1200-DT5 and TR800-DT5 includes padded arm rests to ensure lasting comfort, and clean cable management with a cable tray tucked under the desk to store your cables.


Designed from the "Ground Up" is a term we have used to describe our Treadmill Desks. To define this term we need to first have a brief discussion on how treadmills work from a mechanical perspective.


Treadmills are designed with a drive motor that is connected to the front roller via a belt. The pulley on the drive motor is much smaller than the pulley on the front roller to create a mechanical advantage. In other words, this allows the motor to spin multiple times around for every time the front roller spins. This works like the gears of a car. The higher the ratio between the front roller and the motor, the more power the motor can transfer to the treadmill belt and the easier it is for the motor to pull you as a user while you're walking on the belt.


One of the challenges in designing a quality treadmill is having strong torque at low speeds without causing the motor to run too fast at high speeds. Most treadmills typically have maximum speeds in the 10-12 MPH range. If the gear ratio is too high, this will cause the motor to spin at an RPM that will wear out the motor quickly, and this is where the discussion on treadmill quality is often centered. Better quality and larger motors will typically be able to have high torque at low speeds and then more easily run within its recommended RPM at the maximum speed.


So when we say the TR5000-DT5, TR1200-DT5 and TR800-DT5 is designed from the ground up to be a treadmill desk, mechanically this means we focused on optimizing the torque of the motor at low speeds by increasing the pulley ratio between the motor and the front pulley. In return, we reduced the maximum walking speed to 4 MPH.


The result is a treadmill that can easily operate for hours at a time at low speeds without over-heating or creating excessive stress on the motor and electronics.






Health Benefits

Spending too much time at your desk sitting (even if you do get the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise) leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. This is a bold statement, but the reality is that our bodies simply are not designed to sit for extended periods of time.


Sitting all day while we work, or more commonly called "having a sedentary lifestyle," has only recently become a trending topic in health and fitness, but studies of the effects of sitting while working vs. standing (and moving) while working date back to the mid-twentieth century. In an article by Maria Masters (Men's Health) she recounts a British study published in 1953 where scientists examined two groups of workers: bus drivers and trolley conductors. The bus drivers were more likely to sit down for their entire day, the trolley conductors were running up and down the stairs and aisles trolleys. As it turned out, the bus drivers were nearly twice as likely to die of heart disease as the conductors were.


Marc Hamilton, Ph.D. from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center has labeled this area of science "inactivity physiology." He found that when the leg muscles are not used for a few hours, our levels of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL) drop off severely. This protein's main role is to break down fat in the bloodstream to use as energy. He states simply, "humans sit too much... the cure for too much sitting isn't more exercise. Exercise is good, of course, but the average person could never do enough to counteract the effect of hours and hours of chair time."


Increased risks of heart disease and obesity are just a couple of the health hazards related to a sedentary lifestyle. Lower back and hip pain, poor balance and mobility are also associated with prolonged periods of sitting. The list of ailments caused by too much sitting goes on to include higher risks of diabetes, depression and even cancer. Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services/Cancer Care suggests that her research has found that inactivity is linked to an additional 37,000 cases of cancer. The research that has been done in the last few years on the dangers of sitting is nothing short of alarming. Sitting has become the new smoking.


According to the WHO (the World Health Organization), 60 to 85% of people in the world lead sedentary lifestyles. This inactivity has created one of the more serious public health problems today. They also estimate that nearly two-thirds of children are also insufficiently active, with serious implications for their future health (full article). Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, WHO’s former Director-General, announced a call to action to individuals, families, and communities o start moving for health.

The treadmill desk is allowing us all to do just that - move for health. The solution is that easy and natural, just reduce the amount of time spent sitting. Finding additional time in a hectic work day for more exercise can seem impossible, but with the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk taking the place of an office chair, not only can you eliminate the inactivity in your workday but you will find that you will have an increase in energy as well as productivity.






Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to set up?

     No. In fact, it is quite easy. The Treadmill Desk is actually two separate units: a treadmill and a desk. The treadmill comes completely assembled and ready to plug in. The desk is semi-assembled and can be finished with just a few simple tools that are supplied. Attach the cross-members to the legs, attach the desktop and plug into the treadmill. That's it and you are ready to go. Complete assembly should take about 15 minutes.


What type of work can be done on the Treadmill Desk?

     Most of your daily tasks that you would normally do at a conventional desk can be done while using the treadmill desk. The padded armrests support and stabilize the upper part of your body in a way that makes typing and web browsing surprisingly easy. Talking on the phone is also an easy task and with a bit of practice, hand-writing feels quite natural as well. You can also touch the Pause button on the treadmill desk at any time to write notes or other tasks requiring less movement and your treadmill desk becomes a stand-up desk. When you are ready to continue walking, touch the Start button again and your treadmill desk picks up right where you left off without losing any of your data.  


I'm very big and tall, can the height of the desk be adjusted?

    Absolutely, we designed the treadmill desk with 18 different height adjustments to ensure proper fit for anyone between 4'10" to 6'8" tall. Besides the table height supporting taller users, we also made the treadmill sturdy enough to support users up to 350 lbs. to support people using it for weight loss.


Is the treadmill desk quiet?

     Yes. We designed the treadmill desk to be used in an office with co-workers nearby. It only makes sense that you could carry on a conversation with the sound of a machine getting in the way. The decibel level depends on the speed: 1 mph is 47 dB, 2 mph is 50.1 dB, 3 mph is 54.2 dB and 4 mph is 59.8 dB. To give an example, at 2 mph the treadmill desk makes less noise than a refrigerator and at 4 mph it is still quiter than an air conditioner.


Does the treadmill desk have an incline feature?

     The treadmill desk does not have an incline feature. If it did, then the correct height of the desk would be altered during incline and would affect the user's ability to productively work. Remember, the treadmill desk is not a substitute for daily exercise. It is designed specifically to combat the hours we spend sitting. Sitting, or being sedentary, for extended hours has been linked to numerous health risks. Our bodies were made for movement and our goal in designing this was focused on just that.






"My employer recently purchased a LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk for our office to encourage employees to move more. The table is stable, large and perfectly positioned so that I can walk in a comfortable, upright manner while I'm working the mouse and keyboard on my computer. The treadmill is sturdy, quiet and is easily controlled by the well-positioned user panel. I like that the machine keeps track of the time, distance and calories burned during my walk."- Barbara V.




"As an orthopedic surgeon, I see every day the repercussions of a sedentary lifestyle, weight control problems and lack of physical conditioning. Busy schedules can be to blame, but simply changing the way you manage your day can be the solution. Moving more at work can help manage the imbalance of physical activity and work schedules. I don't sweat more. I can type and read without problems. I am not short of breath on the phone. And most importantly, I have more energy at work. Yes, I do get chuckles from people who see the desk. The laughs are quickly followed by questions. And the questions are almost always followed by requests to give it a try. My office staff is lining up to use my desk when I am at the hospital!"- Jonathan C., M.D.




"I can already tell that this is the perfect device for my lifestyle. I am a relatively new older mom (I have a 16-month-old) and hold an executive position with a non-profit foundation. I work from home when I am not traveling and needed to find a way to integrate activity into my day — besides chasing my toddler. This is the ticket. I can already tell that my energy level is up (and I'm high energy anyway) and I am looking forward to starting my work day even more."- Teresa B.

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