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  1. c3-dt7 bike desk category thumb

    C3-DT7 Bike Desk

    Regular Price: $2,199.00

    Special Price $1,699.00

    The C3-DT7 Bike Desk combines all the same features of the C3-DT5 in addition to our electric height adjustable desk making it ideal for community settings where the bike desk is shared by more than one user. The two desktop height memory presets let you quickly and easily return to your previous height without having to fumble around to find the perfect height each time you switch between users.

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    C3-DT5 Bike Desk

    Regular Price: $1,699.00

    Special Price $1,199.00

    The C3-DT5 Bike Desk is a great way to add activity into your workday, perfect for those who would rather pedal than walk, or where office space is limited. This bike desk combines our upright bike with our manual-height adjustable desk for a compact, quiet, lasting solution. Easy to maneuver, simply roll the bike out from under the desktop when not in use to create a traditional stand-up desk. Ideal for single users or small groups of users where desktop height adjustments are infrequent.Learn More

  3. Bike base side view

    C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike

    Regular Price: $1,199.00

    Special Price $699.00

    The C3-DT3 is perfect for those looking to add activity into their workday through gentle pedaling. The compact upright bike is small enough to fit under most standing desks, letting you use your existing standing/height adjustable desk. Additionally, the C3-DT3 is Bluetooth-enabled, letting you wirelessly sync and track your activity data to your smartphone with LifeSpan Club.

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  4. bike desk configuredesk category thumb

    C3-DT5T Bike Desk & Seated Desk

    Regular Price: $2,799.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

    The C3-DT5T office workstation combines our C3-DT5 Bike Desk with a seated desk, allowing you to easily change between active work and traditional sitting. The desktop height adjusts manually and should be used in settings where height adjustment is infrequent. Additionally, the desktop is Bluetooth-enabled, letting you wirelessly sync and track your activity data to your smartphone with LifeSpan Club.

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Bike Desk Features

A bike desk is the perfect option for people who prefer to pedal and work. You can can pedal at your desk while on conference calls, typing, answering emails or surfing the web. To allow comparison with the recommended daily step count of 10,000 per day, a LifeSpan bike desk counts each pedal revolution, or “rev,” as a step. The bike positions you upright while your arms rest on the desk, without the need to lean forward. If your space is limited, this bike is no larger than a standard office chair. It is a great choice for anyone who would like to quietly add physical activity into their workday.

Our Workplace bike desks include many unique features to support a lifestyle change and promote long-term use.

Online Club Memberships: Each bike desk includes one free LifeSpan Club account. This account lets you set goals and track progress against those goals, whether for yourself or a team.

Apps: All Workplace products include free downloadable apps that communicate via Bluetooth to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled Windows or Mac computer. These apps wirelessly sync with your Club account so that all activity is tracked and stored in one place.

Pedal Counting: This is a great way to measure and motivate yourself. LifeSpan treadmill desks include the exclusive “Intelli-Step” feature that counts each step automatically. A similar feature is offered on our bike desk models, counting pedaling revolutions–”revs”–which provides an easy comparison to steps for office challenges and team competitions.