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Treadmill Desk and Bike Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work can be done on a treadmill desk or bike desk?

Most of the tasks you normally perform at your conventional desk can be done while using one of our workstations. We recommend you start with the easiest tasks first such as talking on the phone, participating in conference calls and surfing the web. You will find that resting your forearms on the desk will keep you centered and stable. At first you might find that typing is more difficult, but after about 2-3 sessions typing becomes natural as well. On a treadmill desk you can also touch the Pause button at any time to write notes or other tasks requiring less movement and your treadmill desk becomes a stand-up desk.

I'm very tall or short, can the height of the desktop be adjusted?

Absolutely, our manual height adjustment desk and electric height adjustment models are designed to accommodate people requiring a wide range of adjustments. Anyone between 4'10" to 6'8" will comfortably fit within the adjustment range of our desks.

What should I do if I hear a rubbing noise toward the front of the treadmill?

The most common reason for this is the walking belt has moved toward one side of the treadmill and is rubbing on the side rail. First check to be sure the treadmill base is level as the belt will always move toward the low side when someone is walking on the belt. The other reason for the belt drifting would be from leaning on the desk in a way that the user is causing the belt to go to one side. Check to see which side the belt is rubbing on and use your foot to push the belt toward the center again. This is the most common issue as it is easy to start focusing on work and not realize you are walking in a way that is causing the walking belt to slide to one side. See running belt adjustment for help with centering and adjusting the running belt.

If you’re using your own adjustable height desk with the DT-3 console, remember that the treadmill adds roughly 4.5” to your height. Make sure the adjustable height desk you select will work with this additional height.

Can the max speed be reduced for business use?

We have built a 2 and 4 mph max speed setting into the firmware for our treadmill desks. The default max speed setting is 4 mph, but can be changed to 2 mph by going into personal settings and making the change.

Can I go back to the speed I was walking prior to pausing the treadmill without pressing the speed up button several times?

A new feature has been added to the console firmware that allows the user to restart the treadmill to the speed the user was walking prior to pausing the treadmill. When this feature is turned on, the treadmill will automatically restart at the same speed being used prior to pausing or stopping the treadmill.

When I step off my treadmill for 20 seconds to do something why does my treadmill pause or stop?

The treadmill has an option built in called Intelli-Guard™. This feature automatically pauses the treadmill when the user stops walking for 20 seconds. This is a built in safety feature to keep someone from accidentally stepping on a moving belt. This feature can be turned off by going into personal settings and manually turning it off.

What does the hours of use mean? What happens if I walk more than the recommended hours of use?

Hours of use is a general rule of thumb on how many hours of regular daily use the treadmill or bike is designed to handle. Components like motors, walking belts and bearings tend to wear over time. To support higher daily use we incorporate higher quality and of course more expensive components. Don’t be concerned about occasionally walking more than the recommended daily use, but if you expect to do this on a regular basis you may want to consider a higher end model.

What maintenance is required on a treadmill desk?

For a treadmill desk we use a 100% silicone treadmill lubricant on the bottom of the walking belt. This is to reduce the friction between the back of the walking belt and the top surface of the deck. Over time, and depending on usage and environmental circumstances, the silicone tends to dissipate and dry out. We recommend lubricating the TR800-DT and TR1200-DT models every 3 months. The TR5000-DT is designed to require minimal maintenance but lubricating once a year will help reduce friction. Periodically we recommend inspecting the walking belt to make sure the belt is properly centered on the deck. If the belt is off center and starting to rub on either side, adjust the belt position.

Can I purchase an extended warranty for my treadmill desk or bike desk?

Yes. LifeSpan offers Safeware extended warranties on all of our treadmill desks and bike desks for U.S. customers. This covers 100% of the parts and labor for services related to: no lemon guarantee, manufacturer defect, mechanical failure, electrical failure, power surge and failure resulting from normal use.

A three or five year warranty can be purchased from the treadmill desk or bike desk product pages. If you purchased a product from LifeSpan in the last nine months you are still eligible for a Safeware extended warranty. For more information or to purchase a warranty, please call 801.973.9993 x 128 for assistance.

Can I add a shared or seated ConfigureDesk to my current bike or treadmill desk?

If your current bike or treadmill desk has the mounting brackets (normally covered by a LifeSpan Placard) then you will be able to attach a LifeSpan shared or seated desk to your treadmill or bike desk. See attached picture to verify whether your current desk is set up for different configurations. For more information on purchasing a shared or seated desk separately, please call 801.973.9993 x 128 for assistance.

Where do I find the serial number for my treadmill desk?

You can find the treadmill serial number on the front of the treadmill on the left side of the frame rail. See treadmill picture. The desk serial number can be found underneath the desktop surface, on the back side of the cable management bracket. See DT-7 desk, DT-5 desk, or DT-3 console picture.

Where do I find the serial number for my bike desk?

You can find the bike serial number on the back of the bike drive system covers. See bike picture. The desk serial number can be found underneath the desktop surface, on the back side of the cable management bracket. See DT-7 desk, DT-5 desk, or DT-3 console picture.

Is a treadmill desk quiet?

Yes. We designed the treadmill desks to be used in an office with co-workers nearby and we never hear that the noise from the treadmill is an issue. The decibel level depends on the speed: 1 mph is 47 dB, 2 mph is 50.1 dB, 3 mph is 54.2 dB and 4 mph is 59.8 dB.

Picking the right shoes, however, is important. Walking in heels or shoes with hard soles in not recommended. The sound from the foot strike on the deck can be distracting when heels or hard sole shoes are worn. Walking style will also have an impact. If you don’t pick your feet up properly and drag your foot on the belt with each step you will hear a distinct sound that can easily be eliminated by paying attention to how you walk.

How do I turn off the audible safety alert (beeping) on my treadmill desk?

Our treadmills have an audible safety alert to notify the user when the treadmill is starting, as well as when the speed is being adjusted. You may find this alert distracting in an office setting. To turn this feature on and off, get into engineering mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the Stop button first and then the speed Up button until F001 shows in the display. Press the down arrow on the console until F015 shows in the display. Next, press enter until either “on” or “off” appears in the display. Now press the down arrow to turn the audible alert off or the up arrow to turn it on. To finish, press enter and remove and re-install the safety key.

Note: Turning the audible safety alert off will also disable the alert for Intelli-Guard.

What should I do if the console doesn’t turn on?

If the console just blinks when you press the start button, the console is in sleep mode. Press and hold the On/Start button for 4 seconds and the console should turn on. If the console does not turn on, unplug the treadmill for 10 seconds, then plug the treadmill back in.

Do treadmill desks have an incline feature?

The treadmill desks do not have an incline feature. If they did, then the correct desktop height would be altered during incline and would affect the user's ability to productively work. Remember, the treadmill desk is not a substitute for daily exercise. It is designed specifically to combat the hours we spend sitting.

What shoes should I wear?

Find shoes that are comfortable that you would normally use for walking or biking. Also consider that hard sole shoes and shoes with heels tend to make more noise when the heel hits the treadmill deck. If you’re around others we really recommend a good soft sole shoe.

How fast should I walk on a treadmill desk?

Each person is different so there is not a single recommendation for walking speed. We recommend speeds between 1.4 and 2.2 MPH. Start slow and as you get more comfortable you’ll find you naturally want to increase the speed.

How much should I walk or bike each day?

We don’t have our own recommendations for daily activity but we do support the 10,000 steps a day recommendations by the US Surgeon General, American Heart Association, and many other organizations. This is one of the reasons we’ve built a step counter into every treadmill desk and also count total revolutions on our bike desk fitness app as an equivalent to steps. Step counting is a simple measure that everyone can relate to and measure.

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