Welcome to the Club

The USB data system uses a standard USB drive to
collect your exercise data from compatible LifeSpan equipment.
Your results are then stored in your included LifeSpan Club account.

Creating an Account

  1. Enroll here.
  2. Enter the word FREE in the Enrollment ID section, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Continue.
  3. Enter your name and e-mail address, along with a password, and click Continue.
  4. Log in using your e-mail address (or last name) and password.

USB Drive Requirements:

Any capacity drive will work; the data file size is a small number of kilobytes.

The USB drive needs to be formatted in FAT32, which is the default for all USB drives. This format works with both Windows and Mac. The Mac-specific format, called Mac OS Extended, will not work.

Console Settings

If the console’s date and time aren’t correct, your results might get posted to the wrong day.

Press and hold one of the Quick Speed keys on the right part of the keyboard. The display will show Update Calendar.

Press Enter. Adjust each of the Date and Time settings. After you adjust minutes, the display will return to its normal standby mode.


Treadmills & Ellipticals

The easiest way to operate the USB data system is to insert a USB drive into the console before you start using it. However, you can actually insert a USB drive at any time.

If a USB drive is inserted before you press Pause, when you do press Pause, the display will show Workout Saved after it shows you some workout summary information.

If there is no USB in the console when you press Pause, the display will prompt you with Insert Drive to do so. Then press Save, and your data will be written to the drive.

Do not power off the equipment or let it enter its power-saving sleep mode before saving data to a USB drive, or else you will lose data.

Now, use the Jump app to sync your data to your online account. There is no need to sync this exercise data after each exercise; we have had some users record six months of daily exercise data before they sync!

C3i & R3i

Insert a USB drive into the USB port on the console. Data is written every 20 seconds to the drive, so you must keep the drive in the console for your data to be recorded.


The Jump app runs on your computer to transfer the activity data on your USB drive, which you insert into your computer, to your online Club account.

How to use the Jump app:

  1. Download the app for Mac or Windows.
  2. Run the installer to install the app.*
  3. Insert the USB drive with some activity data on it.
  4. Launch the Jump app.
  5. Log in with your LifeSpan Club credentials.
  6. Select the name or drive letter of the USB drive that contains your activity data, then click Upload.
  7. Your results will be synched to your profile.
  8. To view your results, simply select Dashboard from the Jump interface, or use the Active Trac phone app.

*The Windows operating system or Mac OS may show a warning message when you try to install the Jump app.

On Windows, the message says running the Jump app might put your PC at risk; Windows displays this message for developers it does not recognize. LifeSpan is a reputable developer; go ahead and click More info and then click Run Anyway.

On Mac OS, the message says the Jump app is not from the Mac App Store, and you have to change a security setting to install it. This is normal, so go ahead and change this setting

How It Works

When the treadmill or elliptical is running, it writes activity data to an internal computer memory every 20 seconds. When you insert a USB drive, the console copies this data to a comma-delimited text file on the USB drive, then deletes this data from the computer memory.

Note that this memory is not flash or other non-volatile memory, so data will be lost if the power is turned off or the equipment enters its power-saving sleep mode.